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Marshalling flights is one of the coolest jobs one could have. Check out how this works in this video showing a guy with his marshalling techniques.
29 Nov 2017
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What if God chose someone to clean up the earth before he sent his son Jesus Christ and we all know what will happen if he sends his son. Who would you send? A mild-mannered office worker? Knowing the villains that you have to face, it would have to be only one individual. He is a tired old truck driver that loves the Lord more than his own brothers. Just like the Scriptures of old, God sends his chosen that can do the job and gives him an name that will be respected in the ages. “Marshall Minister” The law man With a no nonsense in the ability of God. You have to be rough and you have to be tough. To preach the gospel and be the Marshall you have to be. But the loving kindness of the family man that he is.
29 Nov 2017
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Distilled Water – Dr. Kenneth Sutter recommends drinking lots of distilled water for radiation poisoning. A tiny pinch of good quality sea salt in several glasses of distilled water each day will provide one with all the minerals and trace elements they need to stay healthy. N-acetylcysteine – A glutathione precursor. As a source of sulfhydryl groups, NAC stimulates glutathione (GSH) synthesis, enhances glutathione-S-transferase activity, promotes liver detoxification by inhibiting xenobiotic biotransformation, and is a powerful nucleophile capable of scavenging free radicals. Studies at the Louisville School of Medicine have shown that Glutathione possesses a unique ability to slow the aging process. While Glutathione aids in the protection of all cells and membranes, a study at Harvard Medical School found that glutathione is especially able to enhance immune system cells, protecting against damage from radiation and helping to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, x-rays, and alcohol. As a detoxifier of metals and drugs, glutathione also aids in the treatment of blood and liver disorders. SSKI – Super Saturated Potassium Iodide. Protects ONLY the thyroid from radioactive idoine. If it is radioactive cessium that is being released, potassium iodide will not be effective for the areas where cessium will accumulate – mainly the reproductive system, kidneys and liver. (see potassium recommendations above) FDA – “It is also notable that the thyroid radiation exposures after Chernobyl were virtually all internal, from radioiodines. Despite some degree of uncertainty in the doses received, it is reasonable to conclude that the contribution of external radiation was negligible for most individuals. This distinguishes the Chernobyl exposures from those of the Marshall Islanders. Thus, the increase in thyroid cancer seen after Chernobyl is attributable to ingested or inhaled radioiodines. A comparable burden of excess thyroid cancers could conceivably accrue should U.
10 Dec 2017
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Can't You See? Cover of Marshall Tucker
22 Feb 2007
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2005 Lemar Marshall Highlights
12 Mar 2007
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Hi, in this video I present my guitar gear: two John Geloso 227 A power amplifier, 2x12 Marshall JCM 900 Lead and PODxt live! This video is a tribute to John Geloso and my uncle (zio Atto:
13 Jun 2007
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"John Woo's Once a Thief" - This is Peter D. Marshall's Demo Reel using clips he directed from episodes of the TV Series, "John Woo's Once a Thief."
1 Aug 2007
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Marshall's Jackhammer stomp box provides a distortion fix for old school metal purists. Expect nothing but heavy gain and scooped mids from this little beast. See it here with more at www.gearwire****!
11 Sep 2007
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Marshall's new Echohead delay pedal will never be accused of being short on features. Visit www.gearwire**** for more info!
11 Sep 2007
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The Marshall Regenerator pedal combines six separate modulation effects within one compact stompbox: vintage chorus, modern chorus, flanger, phaser, step phaser--even a Univibe-like effect for those Jimi Hendrix moments. Visit www.gearwire****!
14 Sep 2007
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The Guv'nor is one of Marshall's most famous stomp boxes for a reason. Intended to replicate the sound of a Marshall JCM800 amplifier pushed to the max, this pedal delivers some truly classic distortion tonage. www.gearwire****
11 Sep 2007
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Marshall's Reflector reverb stomp box boasts six different reverb modes: large hall, plate, room, reverse and two different types of spring reverb. Visit www.gearwire**** for more info!
12 Sep 2007
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Some pretty tasty SRV-esque tones emerge from the Marshall Bluesbreaker II, as well as a fairly convincing Eric Clapton "woman tone." As far as blues overdrive effects go, this one's on the high-gain side of the spectrum.
18 Sep 2007
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As the name suggests, Marshall's ED-1 Compressor squashes your tone, increasing sustain and bringing out the subtle nuances of your playing in the process. Most compressors do that but the ED-1 has a unique extra function: emphasis. control.
17 Sep 2007
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We Are Marshall movie starring Matthew McConaughey.
29 Sep 2007
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Tabouli Salad by Chef Stephan Marshall
4 Oct 2007
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