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Our first flight of our 4 meter wingspan powered glider which we are using for development of our navigation systems for UAV. Sponsored by www.2CLight****. We took off on a very windy day and you can see the disastrous effects of wind shear. We will repair and be back again though, moving from remote control to self sustained autonomous flight soon
9 May 2007
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would say this pretty over the top.The Dingo and Danny Kass wanted to purchase the flat black murdered out UAV and I said I would sell it to them for $26,000 in one dollar bills.Of course I was joking.They took it very serious and showed up the next day with a giant bag of money.Seeing that many one dollar bills put me in a frenzy...I have always had this fantasy of just having a room filled with cash for no good reason..There is just something about cold hard cash.In these modern times it is so rare to actually be around the physical form of the root of all evil...oh and say good buy to Murdering Out cars and hello to Stormtroop'n them!!!
17 Aug 2008
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OFFICE OF NAVAL RESEARCH (March 5, 2009) The U.S. Navy is converging two separate research efforts — unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) and fuel cell systems — to significantly improve battlefield surveillance capability. The Ion Tiger is a hydrogenpowered fuel cell UAV in development at the Naval Research Laboratory, the corporate laboratory of the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Previously flown with battery power, it has demonstrated sound aerodynamics, high functionality, and low-heat and noise signatures. When the final test flight of Ion Tiger lifts off, it will demonstrate how an enduring surveillance solution can operate at a low cost with less possibility of detection. The trial is expected to exceed previous flights seven-fold, from a duration of over three hours to 24 hours, while carrying a payload of 5 lbs. (U.S. Navy video/Released)
3 Apr 2009
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AeroVironment video showing progress with testing of a tiny flapping-wing "nano air vehicle" (NAV) designed to hummingbird. unmanned aircraft AeroVironment DARPA UAV
3 Jul 2009
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Izraeli UAV of Georgia army was shot down by MiG-29
1 Oct 2009
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the UAV was off of the intended flight path and approached from the SW instead of S as the Boeing traveled. It may have been late to the target and in order to catch up, it cut the angle and projected the laser just moments before impact. Also, this UAV drone likely equipped with a Williams Research turbine jet has a max speed of approx 250mph and the Boeing was traveling at least twice that fast. Because of the laser appearing on the building in the foreground (appears to be next to towers) I have estimated that the UAV must be at a much higher altitude and actually out over the bay at the time of the targeting operation. "" From youtube - ***********/watch?v=dr4BJ89Df5Q ""
17 Aug 2010
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Download file here: *******holdlinked****/Fulghamlottall6/Hack Hello! This isn't a tutorial on how to put UAV hack onto your system (which needs jailbroken if you want to), but just a "how to" if you're invited to a lobby. NOTE: I am a fantastic bossly player and I get nukes ALL DAY w/o hacks, so haterz get blocked!
14 Oct 2011
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24 May 2013
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Flight testing of the so-called Polecat is expected to reach increasingly higher altitudes this summer.
11 Oct 2006
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Change of Direction- The operation for the return of the two kidnapped IDF soldiers and for the removal of terror aggression from Lebanon against Israeli territory
6 Apr 2007
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Change of Direction- The operation for the return of the two kidnapped IDF soldiers and for the removal of terror aggression from Lebanon against Israeli territory
10 Apr 2007
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Could they be the final phase in the evolution of the combat aircraft? Taken from the documentary: "21st Century War Machines: The High Ground - Stealth Versus SAM". Learn more about the history of air combat. Download legally in full from: *******
18 Oct 2007
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Utilizado por las fuerzas Armadas Argentinas
14 Feb 2008
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1 May 2008
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Selections from the film Leading To War. Watch the Bush administration press for war in Iraq. Even if you watched the news at the time, you'll be surprised. Further discussion can be found at *******www.LeadingToWar****
19 Jan 2009
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we trying to do aircraft ground test..!
29 Apr 2009
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