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Funny "commercial" from an awesome movie!
23 Dec 2013
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*******www.thousanddollarprofits****/118425 This is my 100% homemade robot, if you wish to learn how to make one just like it let me know! :) This was for my course (IT) final project...It goes wherever you want, films and broadcasts the signal so you can watch it on a TV with UHF receiver. It's totally directionable and the camera turns to both sides. It works with wireless technologies, like UHF for video broadcast and simple radio frequency transceivers and receivers (home made). There are 2 stepper motors of 1 amp, one for each back wheel. The whole chassis and assembly parts were all either home made or recycled. When I made this movie, it still had some bugs on frequency adjustment between the camera signal and the remote signal, witch is the reason why i sometimes lost control of the camera/robot, leading it to work uncontrolled (like when the camera popped out). I would make a new movie with everything working correctly, but now I don't have it with me anymore. The school kept it, to take to presentations and that sort of stuff! :) lol Power supply - 12volt 7amp/h battery For my 2nd project, I'm really proud of it...even thoe now I would do a completely different and more ambitious job. Thanks for watching!
20 May 2009
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UHF, Joel Miller (Adam Maras) find the marble and wins the prize.
17 Aug 2008
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Just a simple mix, again.. well, hope you enjoy it anyway :) and please reply, even if you think it sucks ;D tracklist: Manian feat Aila - Heaven [Breeze Mix] Lasgo - All Night Long [Sy & Unknown Remix] Double Dutch - Turn Out The Light Lee UHF - Extreme Power (Kevin Energy Remix)
1 Jan 2009
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Wanted to make my Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna (***********/watch?v=EWQhlmJTMzw ) able to pick up VHF. By using the guts if my previous antenna (RCA ANT585 Amplified uhf/vhf hdtv antenna) and attaching them methodically to the original 'coat hanger HDTV antenna' i was able to make VHF/UHF happen. this is a vid my working antenna. Now i can watch PBS, which in my city is a VHF channel. i know i didn't explain this very good. sorry. i might make a more in depth video if people want.
24 May 2009
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This is a PDQ Laserwash G5 S-Series car wash, installed with the equipment off in a seperate equipment room at the back of the bay, instead of under a fiberglass enclosure inside the bay. The end result is a much less cluttered wash bay with a more user-friendly appearance, and less chance of someone bashing the pump cabinet! Here, the clear coat protectant smells like Orange Dreamsicle. This is a lot nicer than the first machine I used, where the clear coat protectant had an offensive chemical odor. Unfortunately, this kept making me want a milkshake whenever I got in or near my car for weeks! In case you were wondering, the boinky sound is a 5/8 wavelength dualband vhf/uhf antenna just touching the bottom of the L-arm. I don't usually take it off the roof when using this type of machine...
13 Feb 2009
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Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic (pronounced /ˈjæŋkəvɪk/; born October 23, 1959) is an American singer, musician, actor, satirist, parodist, songwriter, music producer, accordionist, and television producer. Yankovic is known in particular for his humorous songs that make light of popular culture and that often parody specific songs by contemporary musical acts. Since his first-aired song parody in 1979, he has sold more than 12 million albums—more than any other comedy act in history—recorded more than 150 parody and original songs, and has performed more than 1,000 live shows. His works have earned him three Grammy Awards among nine nominations, four gold records, and six platinum records in the United States. Yankovic's first top ten Billboard album (Straight Outta Lynwood) and single ("White & Nerdy") were both released in 2006, nearly three decades into his career. In addition to recording his albums, Yankovic has written and starred in his own film, UHF, and his own television show, The Weird Al Show, and directed music videos for himself and other artists including Ben Folds, Hanson, and The Presidents of the United States of America. He has also made guest appearances on television shows such as Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, The Simpsons, Behind the Music, Johnny Bravo, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Sabrina, the Animated Series, Square One Television, Robot Chicken, and Transformers: Animated in addition to starring in his own Al TV specials.
21 Feb 2009
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O conceito deste video foi recriar um pouco o espirito que era vivido no já extinto Johnny Guitar, por ser um local onde ia-mos muito ainda antes de formar-mos os Fonzie, e juntar vários amigos músicos, de várias bandas portuguesas, que por várias vezes, lá passaram a tocar, e fazem parte da história da música rock em Portugal. Entre os convidados do video, podemos contar com João Nobre dos Da Weasel em representação dos Braindead, Kálu dos Xutos & Pontapés, Tó Trips dos Dead Combo em representação dos Lulu Blind, João Pedro Almendra dos Peste & Sida, Jorge Buco dos Sitiados, Sergio Nascimento em representação dos Despe & Siga e João Brr dos Anti-Clockwise em representação dos Mata Ratos, de fora e com muita pena dos Fonzie e depois de terem aceite, mas apenas por não conseguirem estar disponíveis nesse mesmo dia de filmagens ficaram ainda outros tantos músicos, entre eles o Zé Pedro (Xutos & Pontapés), João Ribas, Samuel Palitos e Orlando Cohen (Censurados), Xana (Radio Macau), Miguel Guedes (Blind Zero), Paulo Furtado (Tedioboys) João San Payo (Peste & Sida), Antonio Manuel Ribeiro (UHF), Tó Zé (Ramp), entre outros, mas de qualquer maneira fica o agradecimento dos Fonzie pela vossa vontade
27 Feb 2009
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A Coat Hanger <b>HDTV Antenna</b>? OK I watched the below YouTube video and read the below claim............... "Cheaply, easily an quickly <b>build</b> an <b>HDTV antenna</b> that outperforms amplified store bought <b>antennas</b> made with a few coat hangers and a Balun (also called a UHF/VHF transformer costing around $1.50)" So I decided to give it a go, took about an hour to complete (While watching baseball in <b>HD</b>, FTA) and the results were nothing less than staggering. I am now pulling in channels from St Cloud ...
25 May 2009
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1:50 This is a microphone test done with the following mics: Canon GL2 built-in Azden SGM Shotgun mic Sony UWP-C1 Lavalier wireless UHF mic They are connected through the Beachtek DXA-4P adapter
14 Apr 2009
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This is a Scientific work, in base of the discoveries of the German Physic, Dr. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. Electromagnetic waves, UHF VHF. ... video 10
5 May 2009
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Exceltek Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd designs and manufactures antennas (WiMax, Wi-Fi, UHF/VHF, GSM/CDMA, Yagi and RFID), RF cables, RF connectors, Wire Harness, Medical cables, computer cables, network cables and so on. The Company operates form its headquarters in Hong Kong, with sales offices throughout the world and manufacturing facilities in Kunshan and Dongguan, China. During the past 20 years, we got good cooperation with some International famous companies, and also got many certifications in quality, technique and administration field. Now were enlarging our RD team, increasing the types of products, and expanding the service range to provide excellent services to the customers. In the future, we continue to expand our global network by establishing both manufacturing and sales sites throughout the world.
2 Sep 2009
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With the threat of bugs destroying the federal way of life, Weird Al Yankovic enlists to help fight the bug menace! For those who didn't catch the notice at the end, the footage is from the Weird Al movie "UHF" and from "Starship Troopers"
6 Sep 2009
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www.geniatech**** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T328B DVBT Pen TV Advanced TV Application: Watch DVB-T TV on PC Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Support HDTV Receiving Listen to DVB-T digital radio Receive digital radio stations from your PC Automatically station searching Create favorite stations for convenient listening Digital Personal Video Recording GeniaTech T328B is the new Pen size Digital USB TV Stick that turns your laptop into a portable digital multimedia center. The sleek and compact design make every trip of you become more easier and portable! Enjoy DVBT TV entertainment whenever you like and wherever you go! Main Feature Advanced digital TV Application Watch Digital Territorial TV on your PC, instantly playback or fast-forward live programs at any time you like. Listen to DVB-T digital radio Enjoy the digital DVB-T radio, which the audio effect is near CD quality Digital Personal Video Recording With T328B you can record your digital TV programs to your hard disk, and play them back in full original digital quality! Time-shifting When you are not available, you can use Time-shifting to pause the live TV, never lose the best plays you want to watch! Feature List Advanced TV Application: Watch DVB-T TV on PC Rewind and fast forward live TV shows with Always Time-shifting recording Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Support HDTV Receiving Listen to DVB-T digital radio Receive digital radio stations from your PC Automatically station searching Create favorite stations for convenient listening Digital Personal Video Recording Schedule TV recording and save directly to your PCs hard drive Specification Tuner Input Terminal: 75 Ohm IEC (Din) Connector Receiving Frequency: TV: 48.25 ~ 863.25 MHz Support MCPC and SCPC COFDM & FEC Fully DVB-T Compliant 2K or 8K FFT Size Punctured Codes: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 and 7/8 Bandwidth: 6/7/8 MHz Auto Select USB Interface Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Standard B Type USB Female Connector De-Multiplexing Max No. Section filtering: 32PIDs Engine: Software Stream capture:PES & TS A/V Format Video Format: MPEG-II Main Profile& Main Level Audio Format: MPEG-II Audio Layer I & II System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP P3 600MHz CPU or above for SDTV P4 2.0GHz CPU or above for HDTV 128M RAM or above for SDTV 256M RAM or above for HDTV VGA Card with at least 16MB Memory for SDTV VGA Card with at least 32MB Memory for HDTV Sound Card or On Board Sound Chip one Free USB 2.0 Port (not compatible with USB1.1) Microsoft Direct X 9.0 or above Microsoft Media Player 9.0 or above UHF/VHF Antenna for DVB-T Terrestrial TV Package Includes GeniaTech T328B Infrared Remote Control with batteries Mini RF to RF connector converter USB bridge Cable Quickly Installation Guide Software CD (Driver and Total Media) Small antenna (optional)
27 Sep 2009
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Website: *******www.digiwavetechnologies****/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=278 Twitter: *******twitter****/DigiwaveTech Blog: *******digiwavetechnologies.blogspot****/ ULTRA CLEAR 4 BAY HDTV DIGITAL ANTENNA with Super Strong Design ANT-2084 Product Features: Strong performance across (channels 2-69) best for UHF spectrum (21-69) Efficient design allows tremendous gain in a compact size Designed to resist extreme wind loading Works great in attics Fits easily & high gain can help overcome loss from roofing materials. All weather Balun included Great within 70 miles or more from transmitters Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters Excellent reception for digital terrestrial Suitable for HDTV of various television standards, such as American ATSC, European DVB, etc. Come with U pipe for any directional installation It can be adjust 3D direction Super strong design suitable for all kind the weather Specifications: No. of Elements: 4 Frequency Range : 470-862MHz Channels: Ch. 21-69 Antenna Gain: 10-13dB Beam Width H/V: H 60/ V32 Front-back Ratio: 22 dB Impedance: 75Ω Antenna Length: 840mm
27 Oct 2009
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UHF - Sou Benfica ( Versão 2009)
29 Oct 2009
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