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Opening This Summer: With the electricity, humor and sweat of street basketball, BALL DON’T LIE is the coming-of-age story of Sticky (newcomer Grayson Boucher), a skinny 17-year-old high school junior living in Venice, California. Stuck in a foster care system that has forgotten him, living life as an outcast, it’s at a community gym that he finds his home and on the basketball court that he becomes a star. After years of building walls, Sticky overcomes the tallest of odds to find acceptance and ultimately surrender to love in the unlikeliest of places.
26 May 2009
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Troy and Geoff go at it in a no holds barred battle for supremacy
21 May 2009
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EntertainmentEntertainmentExtraKingsley Proves Age Is Just a Number in 'Elegy'Kingsley Proves Age Is Just a Number in 'Elegy'The Associated PressSir Ben Kingsley chats about his latest role opposite Penelope Cruz in 'Elegy.' (Aug. 7)Sony Pictures Entertainment1. Trailer clip 'Elegy' VOICE-OVER: A COLLEGE PROFESSOR FALLS FOR A BEAUTIFUL STUDENT WITH DRAMATIC RESULTS IN DARK TALE 'ELEGY' Sony Pictures Entertainment2. Trailer clip 'Elegy' VOICE-OVER: ADAPTED FROM THE PHILIP ROTH NOVEL 'THE DYING ANIMAL', IT'S ABOUT AGE, MORTALITY AND LOVE AP EntertainmentLondon, 23 July 20083. SOUNDBITE (English) Sir Ben Kingsley:"It takes 2 hours for him to surrender, the slow and lovely examination - sometimes the rhythm of the film is extremely fast - but the ultimate surrender of him to love." Sony Pictures Entertainment4. Trailer clip 'Elegy' VOICE-OVER: ISABEL COIXET DIRECTS AN EMOTIONALLY COMPLEX TALE, AS THE PROFESSOR STRUGGLES WITH PASSION, JEALOUSY AND FEAR OF COMMITMENT. AP EntertainmentLondon, 23 July 20085. SOUNDBITE (English) Sir Ben Kingsley:"D.H. Lawrence said you must learn to know the other more than she knows herself. And it's that journey delights and fascinates me and if I can have the opportunity to say to the audience, 'intimacy's not bad you know guys, you should try it', modestly just whisper to the audience 'give it a go.'" Sony Pictures Entertainment6. Trailer clip 'Elegy' VOICE-OVER: WATCH OUT FOR THE TWIST IN THE TALE. NICKI FINLAY - ASSOCIATED PRESS
8 Sep 2010
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