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Think your 40-hour work week is grueling? Consider a 40-hour ultramarathon. Follow David Goggins through his punishing 150-mile run.
15 Oct 2008
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Brooks knows we'll go the extra mile for running, but little did they know we'd go the extra 120 miles. In this video, they followed us around one of Carls ultramarathon training sessions. The results speak for themselves, as long as you are fluent in exhaustion-induced gibberish. To follow our mission to spread running, visit *******www.runningsuperfans****
2 Dec 2009
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You can expect barbed wire, mud boggin, wood choppin, tunnels, deep water diving, running, crawling, crying, screaming, and sweating. Doubtful you'll finish but be proud of yourself for trying. Pittsfield, Vermont
25 Mar 2009
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We explore the most challenging foot race in the world, the MDS ultramarathon through the Sahara desert. Special thanks to Lisa, Richard, Rebecca and the other Dreamchasers. www.dreamchaserevents****
23 May 2007
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Great for covering long distances in summer heat and high humidity, the Arnuva 50 Boa Running Shoes have a Boa multi-adjust lacing system that gives you the freedom to quickly and accurately modify the fit on your shoes without pressure points or the hassles of re-lacing prior to racing Going the ultra distance just got a little more comfortable thanks to these Arnuva 50 Boa Running Shoes from The North Face. Most running shoes opt for laces and various versions of cordlocks, but The North Face Arnuva 50 Boa Running shoe uses a thoughtfully engineered Boa system that allows for minute adjustments for optimal closure over your foot just the way you like it and every time that you run. The Boa offers a special suspension system that allows you to dial in the fit so you never have to deal with pressure points or re-lacing your shoes to get the same fit you had the last time you ran. This fit feature might not matter to runners who stick to the 5K fun runs, but if you're into ultramarathons the consistent comfort and micro-adjustment options mean that you have one less thing to worry about. The Arnuva has a mesh and Nubuck leather upper that makes the shoe far lighter and more breathable than other shoes like The North Face Endurus XCR Boa Running Shoe, but this extra venting can make the Arnuva 50 less desirable in damp weather conditions. You'll also find a lighter TPU injection saddle and rear foot compression cage that saves weight but doesn't offer the same degree of over-pronation protection found in shoes with the TNF Roll Control medial heel wedge (mild pronation issues shouldn't be a problem). The X-2 polymer damping compound throughout the heel and forefoot do a nice job of absorbing footstrike impact, especially if you're covering miles of asphalt and unyielding concrete. If you're looking for a good shoe for summer marathons or a real triathlon, the Arnuva 50 Boa Running Shoe is a great choice, especially if you're covering plenty of distance in high heat and humidity. Rugged and highly abrasion resistant synthetic Nubuck leather and breathable sandwich mesh material throughout upper Revolutionary Boa multi-adjust lacing system for pressure-free performance and fit Contoured and ergonomic Northotic multi-density footbed treated with an AgION antimicrobial covering Lightweight, compression-molded EVA midsole with X-2 polymer dampening compounds in heel and forefoot Comfortable Sure Grip heel lining helps minimize heel slip and friction inside shoe Rear foot compression cage offers support for mild pronators Tenacious Grip rubber outsole (exclusive to The North Face) Weight: 1 lb. 9 oz. (722 g.) per pair in men's size 9
15 Jun 2007
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*******www.ultrarunningnews**** Heart health needs not deteriorate when you grow older. You must focus on the impact of heart disease and the risk factors in order to help prolong your heart's youth. We should be looking at someone being healthy for his or her age instead of looking at someone who is simply looking young for his or her age. To do so, you have to measure the youth of your heart against yourself: whether at 70, you are still able to do the things that you did at 50, without breaking sweat. An 80-year-old man with silver hair plays basketball every morning without fail. A 76-year-old marathoner took part in the grueling 100 km alpine ultramarathon by traveling all the way to Mongolia by plane. These two gentlemen are just two of the good examples of young at heart. International studies have shown that a 65-year-old person who exercises regularly can bring his or her heart age to that of a 25-year-old who does not exercise as much. A healthy heart is vital for living to the fullest regardless of age, sex or race.
31 Jan 2011
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The AuthorsGoogle program welcomed Christopher McDougall to Google's New York office to discuss his book, "Born To Run". From The Washington Post: "The book flows not like a race but like a scramble through an obstacle course. McDougall wends his way through the history and physiology of running, occasionally digressing into mini-profiles of top-tier racers and doctors, spinning off into tangents about legendary races like the Leadville Trail 100 Ultramarathon, while always looping back to the main narrative. Back on course, he describes his pursuit of the bashful, elusive Tarahumara and their secret to success on foot; his befriending of an eccentric gringo who became part of the tribe and is the key to McDougall's communication with it; and the realization of the eccentric's dream to pit big-name, corporate-sponsored American marathoners against the near-primeval Indians in a super ultra-marathon in the Copper Canyons. A race to end all races, in other words. A sprint to the finish between old and new. The scenario is a writer's dream. McDougall found a large cast of crazy characters, an exotic setting for drama and discovery, and a tailor-made showdown with which to cap the book. By and large it's a thrilling read, even for someone who couldn't care less about proper stride and split times and energy gels. McDougall's prose, while at times straining to be gonzo and overly clever, is engaging and buddy-buddy, as if he's an enthusiastic friend tripping over himself to tell a great story. He writes, for example, of a fellow-runner who "sluiced sweat off his dripping chest and flung it past me, the shower of droplets sparkling in the blazing Mexican sun." A relentless and experienced reporter, McDougall dramatizes situations he did not directly witness, and he does so with an intimacy and an exactness that may irk discerning readers and journalistic purists. "Born to Run" uses every trick of creative nonfiction, a genre in which literary license is an indispensable part of truth-telling. McDougall has arranged and adrenalized his story for maximum narrative impact. Questions crop up about the timing of events and the science behind the drama, but it's best to keep pace with him and trust that -- separate from the narrative drama -- we're actually seeing a glimpse of running's past and how it may apply to the present and the future." "Christopher McDougall is a former war correspondent for the Associated Press and is now a contributing editor for Mens Health. A three-time National Magazine Award finalist, he has written for Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, Outside, Mens Journal, and New York."
27 May 2010
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All copyrights go to the original artists. This video was produced by Rachel Schmitt, Lauren McMahon and Angel Rincon in association with AdventureCORPS. Badwater Ultramarathon™ is the world's toughest foot race. This legendary, epic, 135 mile running race travels non-stop in the heat of Summer from Badwater in Death Valley (elev. 282 feet below sea level) to Whitney Portal on Mt. Whitney (elev. 8360 feet). Field size is limited to up to 90 runners. Visit the race's dedicated website at *******www.badwater****
16 Jul 2010
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This video is intended for informational purpose. You can watch more videos in our channel, and learn more about the process of horse mating.
21 Oct 2014
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Bataan Death March Ultramarathon 102k. April 4-5, 2009
20 Jan 2010
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A look into the challenges faced by ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer as he continues on his 2,000+ mile journey following the historic Pony Express trail. While running halfway across the country is difficult itself, he also faces wild terrain, unpredictable weather and a worrying lack of water. Track Karl's live progress at *******RedBullUSA****/humanexpress
21 Nov 2010
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Ultramarathon runner Karl Meltzer will embark on his attempt to cross the historic Pony Express by foot. He will cross the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains from Sacramento, California to St.Joseph, Missouri relying solely on his wits, athleticism and endurance to push the boundaries of human potential. Keep up with Karl at *******RedBullUSA****/HumanExpress
21 Nov 2010
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