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*******www.FourEyez**** Here at FourEyez we have a fantastic selection of Fashion and Prescription Contact Lenses, as well as All In One Solution Package. Choose from scary Halloween Contact Lenses, Natural looking Coloured Contacts, Special FX Contact Lenses, UV Reactive Contact Lenses and much much more. We offer FREE Worldwide Shipping and excellent customer service to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Join our Face Book to keep up with all special promotions and what new designs are coming out.
2 Jul 2011
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*******www.FourEyez**** Here at FourEyez we have a fantastic selection of Fashion and Prescription Contact Lenses, as well as All In One Solution Package. Choose from scary Halloween Contact Lenses, Natural looking Coloured Contacts, Special FX Contact Lenses, UV Reactive Contact Lenses and much much more. We offer FREE Worldwide Shipping and excellent customer service to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Join our Face Book to keep up with all special promotions and what new designs are coming out.
5 Jul 2011
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Learn how nutritional antioxidants decrease skin damage from ultra-violet light. Dr. Meschino explains why antioxidants are beneficial to reduce the risk of skin cancer & other damage caused by ultra-violet light. Visit *******www.meschinohealth****/ArticleDirectory/Ultra-Violent_Light_Causes_Skin_Cancer to read Dr. Meschino's full article on this topic.
3 Apr 2012
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Learn how antioxidants can help prevent cancer. Dr. Meschino explains how ultra-violate light creates free radicals that cause skin cancer & how antioxidant supplementation can help prevent this. Visit *******www.meschinohealth****/ArticleDirectory/Ultra-Violent_Light_Causes_Skin_Cancer to read Dr. Meschino's full article on this topic.
17 May 2012
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The Viratech UV400 a revolutionary air purification system that is a FDA cleared Class 2 Medical Device. Reduce or Eliminate a host of airborne contaminants in your home or office now. Call 1-877-358-5455 to Learn more about the Viratech UV400.
20 Jun 2012
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*******www.cleanwaterstore****/. For well water softener solution Clean Water Store is a reputed name for decades. 1000s of satisfied customers are a clear testimony to this. One can simply call toll free on 888-600-5426 to get in touch with the company.
20 Apr 2013
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Popular scientist Dr Chris Smith presents a radio programme on parasites and ultraviolet LED's for clean water. The Naked Scientists are a media-savvy group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio, live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public. Each week, listeners of all ages and backgrounds tune in on a Sunday evening to hear creator Dr. Chris Smith, together with his entertaining sidekicks, interview renowned scientists and researchers from all over the world and take science questions on any subject live from the listening public. To find more video from the Cambridge Science Festival, and more free science video from other places, visit *******www.sciencelive****
20 Mar 2007
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when the animal get mix with other.... In biology, mutations are changes to the base pair sequence of genetic material (either DNA or RNA). Mutations can be caused by copying errors in the genetic material during cell division and by exposure to ultraviolet or ionizing radiation, chemical mutagens, or viruses, or can occur deliberately under cellular control during processes such as meiosis or hypermutation. In multicellular organisms, mutations can be subdivided into germline mutations, which can be passed on to descendants, and somatic mutations. The somatic mutations cannot be transmitted to descendants in animals. Plants sometimes can transmit somatic mutations to their descendants asexually or sexually (in case when flower buds develop in somatically mutated part of plant). A new mutation that was not inherited from either parent is called a de novo mutation.
19 Aug 2007
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The Halo? UV-ST Ultraviolet Vacuum Uses Ultraviolet Light and HEPA Filtration to Attack Unseen Household Microbes Without Harsh Chemicals The Halo UV-ST is a new chemical-free vacuum — the only one of its kind — that combines powerful pick-up and ultraviolet technology to clean dirt and kill germs that lurk and thrive in carpets, including dust mites, molds, viruses and bacteria, even MRSA. Carpets — which are rarely, if ever, disinfected — cover more than 70 percent of floor space in homes and contain the highest concentration of invisible germs and allergens. A typical carpet harbors more than 100,000 dust mites per square yard; these dust mites are the number one indoor cause of allergies. Ultraviolet light in the "C" spectrum (UV-C) disables the DNA of these household pests, destroying their ability to multiply. The Halo UV-ST contains a UV-C bulb chamber at the bottom of the unit. Activating the ultraviolet technology while running the vacuum over carpets, instantly kills germs living between the fibers.
4 Dec 2007
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World Water Day Urges the International Community to Reuse and Recycle Millions of people around the world are living without access to clean drinking water. To draw attention to what some experts are calling one of the largest public issues of our time; World Water Day was established as an international day of observance and action. According to the UN, more than half of the world will be living with water shortages in the next 50 years. One solution to the growing problem is reclaiming and recycling water instead of disposing it into oceans and rivers. Using new technology, a growing number of communities in the U.S. are starting to reuse and recycle water. This new process takes water through three steps, first traveling through hollow fiber membranes that remove 99.99 percent of all bacteria, then through reverse osmosis and finally through advanced oxidation using ultraviolet light. The result is near-distilled quality water. The entire process consumes about 50% less energy than importing water from outside sources. While this new technology makes conservation easier than ever before, it's only one part of the bigger solution. Experts urge that all Americans participate in conservation with everyday activities that include taking shorter showers, checking faucets for leaks and watering lawns judiciously. For more tips be sure to visit Produced for Siemens
2 Mar 2010
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The Hubble Space Telescope (HST; also known colloquially as "the Hubble" or just "Hubble") is a space telescope that was carried into orbit around the Earth by the Space Shuttle Discovery in April 1990. It is named for the American astronomer Edwin Hubble. Hubble's position outside the Earth's atmosphere allows it to take extremely sharp images and, although not the first space telescope to be deployed, Hubble has become one of the most important instruments in the history of astronomy. Hubble's Ultra Deep Field image, for instance, is the most detailed visible-light image of the universe's most distant objects ever made. Many observations made using the telescope have led to breakthroughs in astrophysics. The construction and launch of the Hubble was beset by delays and budget problems. Then, soon after its 1990 launch, it was found that the main mirror suffered from spherical aberration due to faulty quality control during its manufacturing, severely compromising the telescope's capabilities. However, after a servicing mission in 1993, the telescope was restored to its intended quality and became a vital research tool as well as a public relations boon for astronomy. The HST is part of NASA's Great Observatories series, with the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and the Spitzer Space Telescope.[3] Hubble is a collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency. The Hubble is the only telescope ever designed to be serviced in space by astronauts. To date, there have been four servicing missions, with a fifth and final mission planned for September 2008. Servicing Mission 1 took place in December 1993 when Hubble's imaging flaw was corrected. Servicing Mission 2 occurred in February 1997 when two new instruments were installed. Servicing Mission 3 was split into two distinct missions: SM3A occurred in December 1999 when urgently needed repairs were made to Hubble; and then SM3B followed in March 2002 when the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) was installed. Since SM3B, the Hubble has lost use of two major science instruments and is operating with viewing restrictions because of rate-sensing gyroscope failures. There are six gyroscopes onboard Hubble and three are normally used for observing. However, after further failures, and in order to conserve lifetime, a decision was taken in August 2005 to switch off one of the functioning gyroscopes and operate Hubble using only 2 gyros in combination with the Fine Guidance Sensors. This mode retains the excellent image quality of Hubble, and provides a redundancy should it be needed. Further redundancy is available now that an operational mode requiring only one gyro has been developed and tested. Six new gyroscopes are planned to be installed in SM4. The two instruments that have failed are the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) which stopped working in August 2004 and the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) which ceased operations in January 2007 (operations were later restored for its little used far-ultraviolet mode). Currently (mid-2007) Hubble observations are being taken with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) and the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS). Astrometry is being carried out with the Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS). Without a reboost to increase the diameter of its orbit, drag will cause Hubble to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere sometime after 2010. Following the 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, the fifth servicing mission (SM4), initially planned for 2004, was canceled on safety grounds. NASA determined that a manned mission would be too dangerous, due to a lack of access to the International Space Station (ISS), which can serve as a safe haven for an astronaut crew. The Shuttle cannot travel between the Hubble and ISS orbits. The organization later reconsidered this position, and, on October 31, 2006, NASA administrator Mike Griffin gave the green light for a final Hubble servicing mission to be flown by Atlantis. The mission is now planned for August 2008.[4][5] As a safety precaution, NASA will have the orbiter Endeavour standing by at Launch Complex 39B to provide rescue in the event of an emergency. The planned repairs to the Hubble will allow the telescope to function until at least 2013, when its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), is due to be launched. The JWST will be far superior to Hubble for many astronomical research programs, but will only observe in infrared, so it will not replace Hubble's ability to observe in the visible and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum.
10 May 2009
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*******www.POSSupply**** - POS Supply Solution’s fraud & loss prevention solutions detect counterfeit cash, credit cards, money orders, driver’s licenses, passports and other fake ID’s with special ultraviolet light technology that instantly reveals hidden security features.
20 Nov 2008
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*******www.autogofast****/productlist.php?q=tru+color+Sunglasses+Set For your favourite sun-worshipper, or jetsetters who’ve booked a hot winter break, these breakthrough technology sunnies make the idea gift. So you can see vivid colours without UV glare, Tru Color uses a scientifically advanced patented process which protects against the effects of ultraviolet light and even helps filter out high energy visible light. They eliminate glare with colors so crisp, so clear, you won’t even know you wearing sunglasses! Radical new technology uses melanin, just like the pigment in your skin to naturally filter sunlight, while maintaining clear, clean, sharp color definition. Tru Color incorporates an all new patented magnetic technology that allows you to securely clip your sunglasses anywhere you want. They hold so tight that you’ll never lose another pair of sunglasses again. Two pairs for the price of one, one tortoise shell and one black. 1 x Tortoise shell sunglasses 1 x Black Sungalsses 1 x Plastic Case 1 x Never lost clip
23 Jan 2010
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More than ever before, people are aware of the sun's damaging affects on unprotected skin. From painful sunburns, to serious skin diseases, to cancer; overexposure has people concerned about excessive time in the sun. Lands' End answered sun concerns with a new, innovative, protective, and stylish collection of clothes simply called Sun.Life. The new Sun.Life collection is a full line of adjustable, breathable, and comfortable clothes for the entire family with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 30 or 50. To view Multimedia News Release go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/landsend/36950/
10 Feb 2009
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www.edenpurestore**** EdenPURE Deluxe Air Purifier, the best and most advanced air purifier on the market. Unlike other air purifiers which have only 1 or 2 mechanisms of eliminating pollution, the EdenPURE™ has 4 mechanisms which eliminates pollution. Coverage Area is up to 3000 square feet. To order visit www.edenpurestore**** or call 888-499-8656 Discount air purifiers cleaners, Dust air purifiers cleaners, Fungi air purifiers cleaners, Germs air purifiers cleaners, Home air purification, Ion air purifiers, Mold air purifiers cleaners, Negative ion air purifiers cleaners, Odors air purifiers, Ozone air purifier cleaner dangers, Ozone air purifiers cleaners, Pet air purifiers cleaners, Pet dander air purifiers cleaners, Photo-catalyst cleaners , Pollen air purifiers cleaners , Pollutants air purifiers cleaners, Smoke air purifiers cleaners, Soot air purifiers cleaners, Ultraviolet light air purifiers cleaners, UV air purifier cleaner explained, Viruses air purifiers cleaners.
6 Aug 2010
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Porsche has launched a brand new striking model “911 Targa”. The highlights about the 911 Targa are the glass roof, consisting of 16.58 square foot that is made of two parts, where a sliding roof is located at the front and a tailgate at the back. These sliding roofs can be closed within seven seconds, which provides an additional open space of about five square foot at the tailgate. The tailgate and glass roof are made up of tinted glass that protects from ultraviolet rays even on excessive heat.
27 Apr 2009
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