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The 1 that started it all has finally made it to Metacafe! This is the beginning of our very 1st awards show here at BlackSunCinemas with AzuchiGuardian as your host & editor with Detective Steve & WitherBlaze serving as guest judges who all present the various categories we will be going over. This video was originally released on July 30th, 2266/2327 or in the AD calendar - 2016 to commemorate AzuchiGuardian's 10th Anniversary on Youtube & we decided to port it here to Metacafe for why should Youtube have all the fun?
23 May 2018
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The story of two documentarists spent traveling on the mission of life, facing a terrible and heartbreaking secret. The big issues of man faced with irony, surrealism, craziness, experimentalism and enchanted disenchantment. Philosophy, history, ethics, communication, tits-and-ass-that-there-are-never-bad, bees and sea water. Born the docu-drama. Good vision. PS: To understand the meaning of history, we must follow all the episodes ... In art there are always two levels of reading things. The first is more superficial and for all, but others do not..For further information look at other movies on you tube or other video servers italian fried octopus cinema short docufiction experimental indipendent surreal farewell docu-fiction the unbearable heaviness of being bye italiano sperimentale surreale ironico corto docu-fiction polpifritti polpi fritti octopia l'insostenibile pesantezza dell'essere *******polpifritti.blogspot****
5 Sep 2008
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It goes on & on, The judges remain the same except this time are joined by Psytronix who takes over the remaining half of wither blaze's categories for the rest of the episode. Yes, Wither Blaze had to quit the show during post production due to catching the flu in late 2266 RE & wasn't able to record them properly. Psytronix was added into the episode during post production as a make up assignment for he originally tried to audition for the 60s edition but was beaten by another actor for the job. So after given the choice on wanting to join the cast for either the 50s or 70s, he chose the 50s simply because he liked that decade better. This was good timing for he could re-record the unbearable song category on wither blaze's behalf. But in order to be fair, 3 more categories had to be transferred from blaze to Psytronix in order to keep the order even. Blaze's take on the 4 transferred categories will be released in the outtakes reel on a later date. The presented categories are = Family Flick (Blaze's Favourite), Soundtrack, Film Noir (Steve's Favourite) & 50s Song!
19 Apr 2018
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There are few pains in this dark world that can compare to the pain this child had to bear. The bubble popped itself before the kid could poke on it.
11 Jun 2017
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Yes, I decided to release part 4 1st because it was the newest released in the series on youtube. This segment only has the azuchi guardian, detective steve & psytronix on the show floor. The categories presented here are = Cinematography, Sci-fi, Horror & Mystery!
19 Apr 2018
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The show goes on, Again it's the same 3 judges. The presented categories are = Original & Adapted Screenplays, Costume Design, Production Design, Film Editing & Foreign Language Film.
19 Apr 2018
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9 Feb 2018
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Written by Vancouver Film School student Curry Hitchborn through the VFS through the VFS Writing for Film & Television program.
13 Dec 2007
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Written by Vancouver Film School student Curry Hitchborn through the VFS Writing for Film & Television program.
13 Dec 2007
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3 days before the prima-caucus we speak to Texan non-voters about their perspective. Perhaps an Obama Achilles' heel - Republican voters that would vote for him in the general but not in the prima-caucus.
4 Mar 2008
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OMG I can't wait for this to come out!!!
7 Nov 2009
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Created by Vancouver Film School student Sasha Williams through the VFS Classical Animation program.
4 Dec 2009
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See this hilarious as hell video, where one of the marathon runners runs straight into a pole placed on the ground and pain is simply unbearable.
18 Oct 2017
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Me and a few buddies made this movie and personally it is one of the best things I've worked on film wise in my mind. It's a short film and you know, actually something you guys might enjoy (unlike coverage of stuff from a year or two ago). This is fairly recent. Tim Beck stars as the guy. BEWARE THE RED GUMMY BEAR
29 Mar 2007
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Brriingggggggggg.... morning.....are you off witha grumble, a stumble... a smile? Does life seem easy from the foggy lens of your first morning light or does it all seem unbearably impossible....Why do you wake up each day? We want to know...
14 Jan 2007
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