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The clip Uncle Elroy's pool from Next Friday (2000) Yeah, you gotta have a little money to live out here. Oh, yeah? I know what you're thinkin'. I was the one back in the day always talkin' about how I love the hood... I love the ghetto. I was the one sayin' I wasn't the kind of nigger to run to the suburbs. You're right, that's what I said. But soon as I got my check, I was gone! Paid $230,000 cash on this place. You paid cash for this? Cash money! Don't try to stick me with some 30-year payment plan. That's for suckers. Got my daddy like that years ago on a Cadillac. I got the only house on the block paid for. That's why I'm the king around here! You're the king, Unc. How you like that pool? Big, ain't it? Yeah, it's cool. But where the water at? Don't need no water. Ain't no pools in the projects. None of us swim. So y'all never use it? Never. But the Jacuzzi, that's something else. Me and my Suga get real nasty in there. Guess I left that in there. You welcome to use it anytime you want. Shit, you my brother's boy! That's all right, Unc. I can't swim neither. No? Good. I won't have to clean up behind you then. Come on. Let me show you something else.
11 Nov 2011
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