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A hilarious video that will put all big and small hotels to shame - courtesy Travelocity&Vir Das.
1 Apr 2009
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Bollywood Brunch is Lehren's exclusive morning bulletin which comprises all the juicy, spicy and crunchy gossips of Bollywood. So have a look at today's hot stories- Here you go… For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
19 Mar 2013
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The Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford has checked herself into a private clinic for 'unconfirmed reasons'.
17 Oct 2011
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Mark Sanchez has been seen visiting Kate Upton's apartment numerous times in the last few months, but the Sports Illustrated model is playing coy with the press about their relationship.
15 Feb 2012
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Zoe Saldana and Words Co-Star Bradley Cooper have called it quits on their three month relationship, according to reports.
28 Mar 2012
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An unconfirmed sighting of the illusive Mr. Pleasant. But who is he? Crank up the speakers for bone-shaking sound...
22 Feb 2007
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Oil Rig collapse disaster caught on video (taken from JNN News clip subtitled by some a UCCer in Korea). It does say 10 Korean staff onboard (unconfirmed) *Let me know if you need translation to English.*
7 Jan 2008
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Oil rig collapse. now say 14 Korean staff (unconfirmed). Boat escape video captured! (JNN NewsFlash pt.3. Subtitled in Korean.) 타구루토사의 석유시추선 폭발 영상 - 일본 타구루아토 사의 석유 시추선이 폭발 때문에 침몰한 동영상 입니다. 실종자도 많은것 같은데 걱정이네요.한국인 실종자도 14명이나 된다는데 모두 무사했으면...
8 Jan 2008
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In a terror attack in downtown Jerusalem an east Jerusalem tractor driver rammed into traffic causing a bus to overturn and plowed into a car killing outright a female driver before he was shot dead by policemen. Unconfirmed reports claim at least 2 people were killed and over thirty wounded in the attack, some networks reported seven people killed..The attack occurred just meters from the Central bus station on Jerusalem's main thoroughfare. The tractor driver worked for the construction company building the capital's light rail system. Initial reports claim a number of fatalities and over thirty people wounded. The attack occurred on Jerusalem's Jaffa Street. Police and security forces sealed
5 Jul 2008
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BREAKING NEWS ALERT: School Bus Accident in Nesconset, NY, unconfirmed reports of 35 injured many critical. James Valles reports for AmericasReport****. Log on to AmericasReport**** for more updates.
2 Aug 2008
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though it is still unconfirmed some say this is the Next Gen system.
3 Nov 2008
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******* General Electric is currently evaluating which company's web applications to add to its 400,000 computers worldwide, and a start-up called Zoho has risen to become a serious contender against Microsoft and Google. Unconfirmed reports are circulating that GE already chose Zoho, but Oliver Marks at ZDNET set the record straight today about the claims:"For the decision has been made on Google Docs, Zoho, or any other vendor at this time, but a vigorous evaluation is taking place," he writes. It's impressive that Zoho is even in the running with giants like Google and Microsoft, considering they're offering similar applications: Google Docs and Zoho Sheet, for example, are both collaborative online excel spreadsheets. So what might set Zoho apart? Co-founder and evangelist Raju Vegesna filled me in at the TechCrunch50 conference. Bernard Lunn also has a thorough analysis of how Zoho is succeeding against the odds at Read Write Web. Zoho, with a suite of 18 online applications, is gaining 100,000 users a month and already has over one million users, Regesna says. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
5 May 2011
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BREAKING NEWS A suspect attack has happened in Hyde Park. Reports flooding in confirm scenes of mass hysteria and confusion followed by a series of suspected unexplained suicides. Early reports suggest a link to a deadly toxin that has been released. Source still unconfirmed. Read more... *******www.wnn-news****/ Worldwide News Coverage As It Happens
11 Nov 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Israel allows aid into Gaza Strip After more than 10 days of full closure of the Gaza Strip crossing points, unconfirmed reports said that nearly 33 aid trucks carrying humanitarian equipment, food and medications will be let to enter into the Gaza Strip. The mentioned trucks are all UNRWA aids. These reports were published by Israeli media outlets Monday morning despite an earlier decision by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak to keep crossings closed. Sunday saw a series of homemade projectile launches executed by Palestinian resistance factions towards Israeli targets, though no injuries on the Israeli side were reported. Early in the day Israeli air forces carried out an air raid killing four activists, and in the early evening explosions were heard in Gaza. However, despite all the media of retaliation, says of all involved parties claimed that everyone is concern to keep the truce and not to keep going on military and violence actions. Nepal to face major power shortage in winters Nepal, the Himalaya country has to face 14 hours of daily power cut this winter. Nepal's electricity authority says that due to the damage of lines that transmit power imported from India and low water levels in reservoirs that drive hydroelectric plants. According to the officials, last koshi floods in Nepal has swept away transmission lines used to import electricity from neighboring India and cannot be repaired by winter. Nepalese people are facing power cut problem for the long time. Load shedding has caused negative impact for the whole nation. Industries have been closed and many official tasks have been hampered. This problem may be reduced if the government initiates timely maintenance of the equipments, control the leakage and collect the dues. Otherwise, the power cut will definitely affect the entire mechanism of the nation. G20 calls for more market oversight Facing the gravest economic crisis in decades, the leaders of the G20 countries agreed Saturday to work together to revive their economies, but they put off thornier decisions about how to overhaul financial regulations until next year. Nicholas Sarkozy, the French and European President, favors more state control over markets, even to the point of granting regulators cross-border authority. The United States does not. Sarkozy, who first suggested that Bush organize the meeting, said after it, : "I am a friend of the United States of America, but if you ask if the meeting was easy, I'll say no, it wasn't." He said that he hadn't flown to Washington "simply for the pleasure of travelling." Protests against gay marriage ban Crowds gathered near public buildings in small communities and major cities including New York, San Francisco and Chicago to vent their frustration, celebrate gay relationships and renew calls for change. This issue is one of basic rights that must be afforded to all citizens. People who love each other should be allowed to be recognized in their lives as married. What is so wrong with that? Basic human rights cannot exclude gays and lesbians. Those who are opposed to gay marriages are typical of those who are bigoted, uniformed, and ignorant of equality for all. Change is inevitable in a democracy where equal rights are a backbone and state and religion are separate. These protests are just the beginning. It happened with women, it happened with people of different races, it happened with physically challenged people, and it will happen with homosexuals. *******www.instablogs****/
18 Nov 2008
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Valentines Day Movie Trailer Taylor Lautner ... Tyler Harrinton Jessica Alba ... Morley Clarkson Bradley Cooper ... Holden Bristow Anne Hathaway ... Liz Undertip Taylor Swift ... Samantha Kenny Jessica Biel ... Kara Yakksi Ashton Kutcher ... Reed Bennett Julia Roberts ... Kate Greatson Emma Roberts ... Janice Bennett Jennifer Garner ... Julia Berlison Patrick Dempsey ... Harrison Copeland Jamie Foxx ... Kelvin Briggs Topher Grace ... Josh Morris Joe Jonas Eric Dane ... Sean Jackson Queen Latifah ... Erin Patusi Christine Lakin ... Heather Shirley MacLaine ... Estelle Carter Jenkins ... Alex O'Bannon George Lopez ... Alphonso Hector Elizondo ... Edgar Gishel Rafael Wendi McLendon-Covey ... Police Woman Jack McGee ... (unconfirmed) Rachael Lee ... Talent Agent's Assistant Jonathan Morgan Heit ... Tough Franklin Roberta Valderrama ... Chola Bonnie Aarons ... Strange Lady Sandra Taylor Agnes-Nicole Winter ... Theater guest Paul Vogt ... Sheldon Shea Curry ... Elise Kamilla Bjorlin ... Sherry Donaldson Erin Matthews ... Stewardess Jose Acevedo ... Electrician Bryce Robinson ... Edison Kathryn Le ... Connie Anna Kulinova ... Bulgarian Girl Jennifer De Minco ... Cheerleader #2 Kristin Mellian ... Bistro Waitress #2 Alexis Peters ... Dana Melinda Haugh ... Bistro Waitress #3 Nancy Wetzel ... Angry customer Martin William Harris ... Boyfriend in Cinema Jill D. Morrison ... Cheerleader Anna A. White ... Weather Girl Jennifer Amy ... Bistro waitress #1 Stefanie Sherk ... Stage Manager
11 Nov 2009
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From Paris With Love movie trailer John Travolta ... FBI agent Charlie Wax Jonathan Rhys Meyers ... James Reece / Richard Stevens Kasia Smutniak ... Caroline (unconfirmed) Amber Rose Revah ... Nichole Melissa Mars ... Wax's Hooker Richard Durden ... Ambassador Bennington Farid Elouardi ... Le barbu Chems Dahmani ... Rasheed
12 Nov 2009
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