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Of course, if you're going to rob someone on camera, it might as well be undercover police officers.
22 Jun 2006
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this is happen when your guard down.... A standard policing strategy is the use of an agent provocateur to offer temptation to suspected criminals. In some countries, evidence resulting from entrapment is inadmissible. Nevertheless, undercover police officers do sell real or fake contraband such as illegal drugs or guns, as a means of exposing criminal activity. Some consider the use of fake material as a slightly safer way to catch criminals, rather than risk the real contraband falling into the wrong hands. But if there is no actual contraband and the actus reus of the full offense is "possession" of prohibited materials, there can be no criminal possession. Can there be an attempt to possess when, in the circumstances, it was impossible to follow through to commit the full offense
18 Aug 2007
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THE SECOND CLASSIC GAME ROOM - Classic Game Room season 1. November 7th, 1999. Pat 2 of the original first Classic Game Room episode (Part 1 was Metal Gear VR Missions), in this early review the Game Room reviews DRIVER for the Playstation 1 PS1 video game console. Released in 1999, Driver should look somewhat familiar to video gamers today, it looks a lot like the modern GTA series with it's behind the car view and total vehicular carnage. This is the first installment in the Driver series with Driver: You Are the Wheelman. And you are, you play as the race car driver in a getaway car among many other things (or are you an undercover police officer doing good deeds for society?) Unlike the later Grand Theft Auto games like GTA4, you can't bring the city of San Francisco to it's knees by slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians, but you can explore the city in this early attempt at an open ended 3rd person driving game revolving around crime and criminal activities. The Driver series has had numerous games since the first one including Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back, Driv3r (the E is a 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Driver Vegas, Driver Parallel Lines, Driver Working Title, Driver 76 on the PSP, Driver LA Undercover and the upcoming Driver feature film. In yet another video game to movie adaptation, how will Driver the movie, release date is not set, do?? Doesn't really matter, it was put on hold. Maybe it would be better than Street Fighter, but there's NO WAY it'll be better than the first Mortal Kombat movie which was f'n awesome! Classic Game Room was the FIRST classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999. Classic Game Room HD marked the return of the series in 2008. The original Classic Game Room reviewed Atari, NES, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast and Playstation... too bad they didn't get to Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 or Wii. Now Classic Game Room HD is covering the new systems.
18 Aug 2012
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