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ersão extended. Gostou? Curtiu? Compartilhe com seus amigos. Veja mais remixes no nosso canal no Youtube: DJ Marcus Remixes
18 Sep 2017
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Hexabaloo Pictures Presents Mengeles Monarch Mind Control School. Excerpt from JaKOBS DIaRY TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY. The Life n Times of Jakob Lemy Zook Supernatural Gear amish Exorcism Musician n Reincarnation route Traveler with the ancient Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild of the Mysterious Fog a Psychedelic Rock n Roll Conspiracy Phantasm Opera. Now taking place in Hex County the most paranormal region in the world. Recorded at Gear 51 Studios. Produced n written by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal MIND CONTROL DECEPTION THE CYBERNETIC KILLING FLOORS: You be the judge of what is real and what is not real in a monarch mind control game. I'm Jakob Lemy Zook, Amish Exorcism Guitarist for the the 2nd Earth Psy Ops Battalion. The MYSTERIOUS FOG Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Unit. A Trumpet Templar. I was abducted as a child for mind control experimentation for the New World Order's Project Monarch program. Josef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death experimented on my Pineal Gland which tore open a gateway to other dimensions and created the ability in me to Remote view. I later escaped the underground experimental Monarch Tunnels where thousands of other children from around the world are kept and experimented on. After my escape, I was givin an exorcism guitar called Millie, at age 14 by two master Amish and Arabian guitar makers. My current exorcism guitar is called Cinderella. I possess a Database Disk that was givin to me by a time traveler who's name is John Tidor containing information going back to when Adam and Eve walked the gardens and contains information about the current NWO. The New World Order. I live an existence in a fog. The Mysterious Fog. A mystery wrapped in an enigma. I don't understand my life. But I learn more everyday. I grew up on a Diary Farm in South Eastern Pa. Mainly York and Lancaster Pennsylvania. There was a Reptilian there who worked on the farm. I called him the The Burning Man.
24 Aug 2017
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Founders Contracting (260) 705-7711 Fort Wayne, IN, 46808 Founders Contracting Inc. is a Fort Wayne based Drilling Contractor that specializes in Directional Drilling (also considered Horizontal Boring) from small fiber conduit or wire to large multi-utility services. Underground Drilling;Underground Boring;Directional Boring;Horizontal Boring;Drilling;Boring;Horizontal Directional Drilling;Local Drilling Service;Local Underground Drilling Bloomingdale Fort Wayne IN; Drilling Service, Drilling Contractor, Directional Drilling Company, Drilling Company, Underground Drilling Company
31 Aug 2017
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This man is freaking crazy about beers. See how he has built this underground beer cellar hidden under a plant in the garden.
3 Sep 2017
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video production by d.g. hayes for JDS Productions
17 Sep 2017
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A Video for the funny song London Underground
6 Jun 2006
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"Pavarotti" performing in the Paris underground
18 Oct 2006
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a sick game trailer for the new need for speed underground 2
30 Oct 2006
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London Underground
31 Jan 2007
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Whitman bein an idiot - singin london underground
27 Feb 2007
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the song by wierd al yankovic how people think of london underground
13 Apr 2007
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Underground Magic explained.Easy to perform and also possible for SURROUNDED!
13 May 2007
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