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Music used by permission to promote next Concert in UK by Phil Collins and he owns the duo with 2 PAC version as well. So don't even. USA180 knows folks. Wanna play. Lets play. USA180 (*******www.usa180****): Operation Playball is being launched as we speak on 09/19/2008 at 12:00 AM. We have neutralized and exposed the dividers ANYONE who does not understand the importance of this campaign once they receive it and DOES NOT GET BEHIND IT does not understand the severity of our situation To recap (partially): 4 Banks - FAILED 2 mortgage companies - FEDERALIZED YT is being FORCED to implement a REDEFINED DEFINITION OF TERRORISM WHICH TARGETS American Citizens that is NOT EVEN PASSED BY THE SENATE (HR 1955) Be Ready. It is to run until justice is served. DAYS, WEEKS, WHATEVER. We must insure justice is rendered during the Playball campaign. If not, trust me we are doomed. If we can expose and get justice in this ONE CAMPAIGN we may save this Nation. Please get this out to every level. Federal, State, Congress, Senate, United Nations, The Hague. All representatives in ANY government, Global, State, Local, All media, and demand coverage. Secondary media, Newspapers, We are nearing martial law as we feel an economic crisis will be used to justify our election suspension. So get this out as soon as you get it. Communications may soon be thwarted. We MUST stop thinking of ourselves as having different issues and different approaches. We need to UNITE while there is still time to do so. YouTube is ready to FALL. This is BIGGER than just moving your videos A LOT BIGGER! What we MUST do is look at the voting records. ATTACK these people with solid indisputable FACT not conjecture, theory or association. We BETTER do it fast because this thing is speeding up - make no mistake about it. Here is where you get that FACT: WHO VOTED FOR AND AGAINST THE 1ST AMENDMENT IN CONGRESS (6 PEOPLE VOTED FOR IT - I CAN TELL YOU THAT)? ******* WHY IS THIS BILL S1959 NOW IN A COMMITTEE BARACK OBAMA IS IN AND NO ONE SAYS A WORD? *******www.opensecrets****/cmteprofil... WHAT IS LIEBERMAN'S POSITION ON THE ISSUES? *******www.votesmart****/issue_rating... *******www.votesmart****/voting_categ... HOW IS LIEBERMAN FUNDED?*******www.opensecrets****/politi cians/summary.php?cid=N00000616&cycle=20 08 IF YOU ARE STILL NOT CONVINCED WE ARE IN CRISIS GO HERE: *******www.usa180**** NOW SPEND YOUR TIME AND MONEY DOING SOMETHING YOU BELIEVE IN! - HELP us wake up the 80-90 percent of the people sleeping: *******www.usa180****/playball
20 Sep 2008
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