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Synopsis: 'Coco' tells the story of Miguel, a 12-year-old boy living in Mexico with his family on a typical rural farm. Because of his concerns, he will set in motion a chain of events that will change his life during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. The preadolescent is very clear where to direct his future and tries to learn to play the guitar on the sly, in an old loft on his roof. There he honors his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, an already deceased musician and actor in whom he is inspired to memorize chords and compose. Candles, movies, flowers and photographs of the singer make his "rehearsal room" a very special place. Several members of your family will try to prevent at all costs, have contact with music, as they see it as an entertainment that prevents you pay attention to what is really important. But Miguel will not surrender, and will try to discover his history by studying his ancestors. After visiting the mausoleum of his idol and playing the guitar that rests in peace with him and that has accompanied him so much in his films, he is trapped in the world of the dead. But he does not do it alone, as he is always accompanied by his faithful friend and dog: Dante. In his journey he will meet his ancestors, and these will have to help him out of the underworld as no place for a living. And their adventures will end up causing all of them to end up meeting with him and his family. The new Disney and Pixar film has been directed by Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3) and co-directed and written by Adrián Molina (El Viaje de Arlo). And of course, it has been produced by one of Pixar's parents, John Lasseter (Ratatouille, Monsters S.A, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo ...). The film will premiere at a time when racism is the order of the day, and it should be noted that it has been truly inclusive, as its cast actors, mostly Mexican. For example: Anthony Gonzalez, Sofía Espinosa, Selene Luna, Gael García Bernal, Herbert Siguenza ...
16 Sep 2017
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Police operation in Moscow after underworld convention Source: ******* The Russian organized crime activity Information agency Please contact us for more information
19 Dec 2006
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me playing the underworld theme of the super mario bros. games with help of an electric piano
29 Mar 2007
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underworld pinup girl jen burnout with the linelokker
12 Apr 2007
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underworld evanescence bring me to life
15 May 2007
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Hades (Haides) and in Roman Pluto, was the Greek god of the underworld whose name literally means "unseen". The term Hades was also used to refer to the realm of the dead, not simply the god who ruled it. Hades was the older brother of Zeus and Poseidon and helped them overthrow their father, Kronos.
24 Jun 2007
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Underworld music video with 3 Doors Down. Pretty cool. Check it Out! Let us know what ya think
23 Feb 2008
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A fan video realised by me about the Tomb Raider's new game called "Underworld". Some screenshots with the NEW THEME created especially for "Underworld" ! Enjoy it ^^
6 Mar 2008
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23 Nov 2008
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Tomb Raider - Underworld - Game Trailer
19 Nov 2008
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Tomb Raider: Underworld (behind the scenes)
10 Sep 2008
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Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans Trailer (movie scenes) Please visit: *******www.xtourist****
17 Jan 2009
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