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The clip the christmas story from Miss Potter (2006) What is the picture, Beatrix? I've written and drawn little children's books, which have been published. The man who published them is here. Mr. Norman Warne. To thank him for his assistance and generosity... Well... I'm... I'm writing him a Christmas story. Can we hear it? It isn't finished, so... Oh, go on. I suppose, before we part for the evening, I could share a glimpse of the unfinished tale of 'The Rabbits' Christmas Party'. One particularly snowy Christmas Eve, a young rabbit and his fearsome older brothers and fiercely brave sister set out on a journey they make every year to celebrate with their friends. Now, rabbits are highly sociable creatures, and legend has it that wherever they find themselves on Christmas Eve, they get together and throw a jolly party! Now, I know such a legend exists because I made it up. The rabbits travel through the woods to the well-appointed burrow of their cousins where a warm fire is waiting for them. They take off their frosty coats and the party begins! Now, I know on this night that they will eat and talk and dance and laugh and roast apples on the fire! But I'm not certain how the story ends, because I haven't made that part up yet.
29 Nov 2011
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