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albert einstein's holy grail solved the unified field theory om
10 Aug 2009
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unified and big bang revealed with photo proof of of God made the universe
24 Mar 2009
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According to George James Ducas, the concept of a God can be arrived through science, metaphysics, and philosophy. In his book, he discusses a theory which proposes to unite all of physics within a unified field of mathematical relationships, building on the components of velocity, time, and dimension. It establishes unification by defining parameters of equivalency through mathematics with the conclusion that all reality is consciousness. The keys to the universe and description of equivalency are defined. God can be known though works in creation when the true nature of being is understood, truth known, and the universe becomes an analogy of truth.
23 Jul 2011
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Tom is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, psychotronics, Tesla technology, and unified field theory concepts. He is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics, and has worked with several inventors involved in alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system prototypes. He advanced the first force-free redefinition of mass as well as an electromagnetic mechanism that generates the flow of time, and has proposed a testable resolution of the century-old debate over the way in which energy flows in electrical circuits. He defined charge q as a coupled system of two components, and not unitary at all. He advanced a mechanism for electromagnetically producing a vacuum engine, whereby the vacuum itself is utilized to energetically shape and manipulate matter and energy. In August 1991 Sweet (now deceased) and Bearden reported in the hardcore technical literature Sweet's successful extraction of electromagnetic power (500 watts) from the vacuum, and the world's first highly successful antigravity experiment where the weight of a 6-pound device was reduced by 90 percent on the laboratory bench. Tom recently proposed and released worldwide a simple, novel mechanism for extracting free electrical energy from the vacuum and powering external loads. He and his CTEC colleagues are rapidly pioneering a formal theory of such overunity electrical machines. Four patents have been filed to date and two more are in progress. He proposed a new mechanism and model for the interaction of EM fields and radiation with biological systems - the fundamental model used by EM bioeffects researchers is inadequate and yields contradictory experiments and studies, difficult or impossible replicability, and almost no fundamental causative mechanisms. Tom discovered and published a fundamental mechanism for generating a quantum potential, which produces action-at-a-distance as well as multiply connected spacetime. Utilizing personal and species quantum potentials, he has redefined cancer in a new light and advanced a primary long-term, cumulative causative mechanism for the disease.
11 Oct 2008
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*******igorogogo**** I'd love to confirm Einstein's Unified Field Theory with Franz Kafka.. *******www.iiirecords****/ogogo-kafka-novel.htm
20 May 2010
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Though there is controversy surrounding this account, I felt it is worth posting. The story does at least provide names and dates which can be a starting point for sincere researchers to began and draw their own conclusions. *******www.crystalinks****/phila.html The principle that lay behind the Philadelphia Experiment was the Unified Field Theory. This theory states that gravity and magnetism are connected, just as mass and energy are connected through the formula E=mc2. Einstein never solved the Unified Field Theory, but the very nature of the Philadelphia Experiment suggests otherwise. It is probably that this theory has become a government secret because it is capable of doing many things, possibly even space travel without the assistance of rockets.
29 Oct 2010
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*******www.truelightoflife**** vxyx2z *******www.insight.spruz com __ The Philadelphia Experiment and the Electric Hutchison Effect: “The problem is that reproducing the Hutchison effect has been somewhat difficult.” The equipment is expensive and difficult to regulate during the experiment ... --- Late in WW2 the US Navy supposedly had an interest in using high powered electric fields around ships to make them invisible to both radar and the human eye. This was based on research and discoveries made by Nicola Tesla and used some of electricity's more eccentric properties in combination with Einstein's Unified Field Theory.
10 Dec 2011
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If you are not yet familiar with Nassim Haramein's exciting work, prepare yourself for an exhilarating odyssey into hyperspace and beyond. Haramein, who has spent his lifetime researching fields of physics from quantum theory to relativistic equations and cosmology, will lead you along a fascinating discussion geared to a layman's understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and creation that includes black holes, gravitational forces, dimensions, and the very structure of space itself - all of which are integral parts of his now-complete Unified Field Theory. Haramein's theory is currently in peer review process for publication in physics journals; however, the presentation does not end with the introduction of his theory alone, but includes the discussion of the path that he took to arrive at his views, which weaves between the texts and monuments of ancient civilizations, biology, chemistry and the primordial role of consciousness - all of which lend further credence to the science behind the theory.
15 Jun 2010
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Uploaded from pusforfreedom
23 Jul 2009
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John Hagelin, Ph.D ON Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory, How is knowledge lost and The Observor
22 Jul 2009
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John Hagelin, Ph.D ON Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory, How is knowledge lost and The Observor - it seems the first 2 seconds of video 2 with the words 'and effort' got cut out somehow... here is the full sentence that he is speaking at the end of video 1 and into video 2. "(video 1) try and reproduce that experience, you'll never succeed because trying involves effort (video 2) and effort keeps the awareness active and the comprehension from expanding."
23 Jul 2009
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Professor of Communication Studies Corey Anton at Grand Valley State University reviews AToE: ***********/watch?v=YK9-KQZbnHQ Rocket Engineer Evie Marom's review: ******* 1080P Torrent link: *******thepiratebay****/torrent/6125081 / Direct download: *******wioym****/athene/atoe.mp4 (much higher quality than YouTube's 1080P) *******www.Athenism**** Twitter: *******twitter****/ipowerproject Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Athenism/126607000711913 Reese on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/Reese015 Full soundtrack coming soon at *******www.ProfessorKliq**** (who did the amazing original soundtrack) Full HD torrent coming soon. Related links that can help in understanding Athene's Theory of Everything: (Neuroscience related:) YouTube - Part 4 - Phantoms In The Brain (Episode 1) ***********/watch?v=_1RPkp7rdnw#t=2m30s YouTube - Part 5 - Phantoms In The Brain (Episode 1) ***********/watch?v=F0R0OCurkLM#t=3m36s Where is consciousness? *******discovermagazine****/video/unlocking-secrets-power-of-brain-nsf Joseph M. Carver, Ph.D. - Norepinephrine: From Arousal to Panic *******www.enotalone****/article/4117.html Dharol Tankersley, C Jill Stowe, and Scott A Huettel - Brain Scan Predicts Difference Between Altruistic And Selfish People *******www.medicalnewstoday****/articles/61312.php New Scientist - Empathetic mirror neurons found in humans at last *******www.newscientist****/article/mg20627565.600-empathetic-mirror-neurons-found-in-humans-at-last.html?DCMP=OTC-rss&nsref=online-news Dr. Christopher Reist - Psychiatry And The Brain *******www.videojug****/interview/psychiatry-and-the-brain John McManamy - Dopamine - Serotonin's Secret Weapon *******www.mcmanweb****/dopamine.html Invalidation *******eqi****/invalid.htm YouTube - The Neuroscience of Emotions ***********/watch?v=tShDYA3NFVs How Our Brains Make Memories *******www.smithsonianmag****/science-nature/How-Our-Brains-Make-Memories.html?c=y&page=1 Alpha, beta, gamma - The language of brainwaves - life - 12 July 2010 - New Scientist *******www.newscientist****/article/mg20727680.200-alpha-beta-gamma-the-language-of-brainwaves.html?DCMP=OTC-rss&nsref=online-news TSN: Take the Neuron Express for a brief tour of consciousness *******thesciencenetwork****/programs/the-science-studio/take-the-neuron-express-for-a-brief-tour-of-consciousness LeDouxlab Web-AudioFearful_Brains ******* Joseph LeDoux Can Memories Be Erased *******www.huffingtonpost****/joseph-ledoux/can-memories-be-erased_b_303519.html Zócalo Public Square :: Full Video *******zocalopublicsquare****/full_video.php?event_id=163 When in doubt, shout -- why shaking someone's beliefs turns them into stronger advocates Not Exactly Rocket Science Discover Magazine *******blogs.discovermagazine****/notrocketscience/2010/10/19/when-in-doubt-shout-%E2%80%93-why-shaking-someone%E2%80%99s-beliefs-turns-them-into-stronger-advocates/ The Brain: How The Brain Rewires Itself - TIME *******www.time****/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1580438,00.html (physics related:) The Feynman Double Slit ******* YouTube - Lecture - 1 Introduction to Quantum Physics;Heisenberg''s uncertainty principle ***********/watch?v=TcmGYe39XG0&feature=PlayList&p=0F530F3BAF8C6FCC&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1 The Wave Nature of Matter *******www*** The Particle Adventure - What holds it together - The unseen effect *******www.particleadventure****/unseen.html Unsolved problems in physics *******www.cpepweb****/images/chart_details/Unsolved.jpg Press Pass - Press Release - CDF B_s ******* Big Bang Timeline ******* Einstein's time dilation apparent when obeying the speed limit *******arstechnica****/science/news/2010/09/einsteins-relativity-measured-in-newtons-domain.ars?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss The Ultimate Field Guide to Subatomic Particles *******io9****/5639192/ For press inquiries: Reese Leysen, CEO ipowerproject**** e-mail: pressipowerproject**** phone: +32 (0) 496 46 97 18
8 Dec 2011
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*******eternalmotor.t15****/ New site added, check it out if you want some pointers to developing the theory on a perpetual motion machine. Also working schematics and diagrams. : ) Let me first say something here. This is not perpetual motion in the sense that conventional science would normally think of it. First of all, the law of conversation of energy IS NOT broke here folks and complies fully with most known laws of physics. Those laws do stay intact indeed. However one law that has been broken because of it's age old idea that needs revision is Lenz's law. This law has been broken on two different occasions here, so then there is NO reflection back to the source by the slowing down of the rotor, therefore dwindling the generated energy. No energy is wasted here, every single bit of it is recycled, and then some. Perpetual motion is found everywhere in nature, an atom with the electrons spinning in orbit around the nucleus, the earth spinning around it's star (Our sun), and so forth. As newton put it, an object in motion, tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside source. So in this case a motor has all sorts of losses, resistive losses in the coil resistance, which is inevitable, air friction, gravity friction, and friction in the bearings and then of course bemf, which in this case has been completely eliminated and turned around to act as an advantage, not a hinderance. These frictions are very small losses and there is more than enough energy to compensate for the losses, therefore boosting the energy well over 100% and into overunity ranges. The motor/generator runs at ambient temperatures, therefore is a room temperature super conducter. Please help with the build of a brand new motor/generator design. It is for you, and the world, our system is collapsing and has already collapsed. Oil plays a big part of the problem, it's an age old technology, and is driven by greed, they don't care about the little people, just their profits. The machine I am currently building will have 9 generator coils and 3 motor coils with 12 neodynium magnets spinning past 12 electromagnet coils, the motor and generator coils. The world needs it, and this is a new evolution, and a new age we are embarking on, we are shifting into new territory within our galaxy, therefore a new and better frequency, it will be glorious! And so I continue to try to make the world just a little better, will you join in the cause? Will you make the world better for yourself and everyone else? If you so feel inclined, drop a buck or two, or buy something from my website, you can pretty much get anything you want there. Here at : *******www.txtdrop.freehostingnoads****/ Also if you're tired of the same old tunes over and over again, and want a new blend of music go here: I hope one day it becomes a radio station for the new age coming. *******tinyurl****/old-music-is-new
6 Apr 2012
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