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“AIDS – The Deadline” is a Short Film on AIDS awareness released on the occasion of the World AIDS Day on 1st December last year. This film is unique and different, in the sense that, it uses Puppetry medium to propagate the message of AIDS awareness.This may be the first time in India that Puppetry medium is used for such a social purpose.
8 Mar 2007
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hey everyone check this get to take a tour of my room, see me dance in my karate uniform, and see how unique and different I am! i'm not like most girls, im a leader not a follower... get to know me more :) see you soon, <3 jena keep voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 Jun 2007
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See the full interview in high quality here: Paris we met with one half of the design duo that makes up Studio Deubal. Deubal is a French creative agency consisting of Stéphanie Lelong and Olivier Marquézy. We fell in love with their original character-based title sequence designs. When we visit Olivier in his studio, he's on his last legs. He's been pulling an all-nighter. Studio Deubal's animated film title sequences caught our attention during our research for Forget the Film, Watch the Titles -- SubmarineChannel's project dedicated to the art of film title design. Four of Deubal's designs are included in the collection: Le Cactus, Hors De Prix, Crustacés et Coquillages and Après Vous. Each one is unique and different, but they all ooze elegance and style. French style, that is. Olivier studied graphic design, not animation or motion graphics. He learned how to do it from watching others. As Olivier hops through his studio, opening cabinet drawers and folders on his computer looking for stuff to show us, he is searching for the right words to describe French style. He doesn't really come up with a satisfying answer. But he does find a nice hobby project to show us, that involves sampling and sequencing movie clips. See the full interview in high quality here:
27 Nov 2008
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Are you a woman who wants to get fit but just hates to sweat? Does the thought of going to the gym or hitting the track to run make you want to throw in the gym towel altogether and give up? Then why not try something unique and different? A workout designed to rev you up and bring out the sensual woman trapped inside while developing awesome abs in the bargain? Why not try Arab belly dancing? *******www.dvdfitness****
7 Apr 2009
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The incredible hulk is a well known figure, this drink will pack the same punch as the creature himself. It's green, it's mean and it's ready to make you scream! Okay, that's a bit much -- it's unique and different though.
14 May 2009
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15 May 2009
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www.yourworldinstruments****/Psaltery-s/60.htm - This site offers you selections of psaltery instruments with inclusion of bows, cases, string sets. As this type of instrument produces a distinctive sound of music, you find what you need in this site at a very reasonable price. Be unique and different as you play psaltery.
15 May 2009
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Finally the introvert, Shahid Kapoor was caught by one of the leading magazines in an interview and he was asked to play ‘The Elevator Game’! In this game he is supposed to say what he would do if he was ever to share the lift with the Bollywood Celeb’s. Well according to Shahid it depends on the person with whom he is stuck in the elevator. But what if he is given a few names from the B-Town? So when the five famous names from Bollywood were given to Shahid, his answers to each of them are completely unique and different from each other. If one was controversial than the other is electrifying or has a romantic angle. The latest heart-throb was asked for his reaction in a given situation with Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and last but not the least Shah Rukh Khan. After Kareena-Shahid break-up every one is undoubtedly excited to know what would Shahid say if he met Kareena in the elevator? Well his conversation wouldn’t have been controversial as this stud turned out to be a family man. He says that he would have asked Kareena about her niece Samaira. Just like this one, Shahid have some quite amusing answers for the other celebs as well. It’s a must watch…take a look! Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Jul 2009
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New, unique and different. Fresh cucumber flavors with slight hints of sweet melon.
15 Oct 2009
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How do we remember someone dearly with respect and dignity? Only at the funeral? Or beyond just the funeral. Life & death is unpredictable. At the end of one’s life, it can be seen that the journey traveled all these years can affect many other people’s lives. The stories that each individual had is unique and different… something so special that can only be related to close loved ones. The things one did touches our heart deeply and it is beautiful to preserve the essence of those memories. How do we remember someone dearly with respect and dignity? Only at the funeral? Or beyond just the funeral. This is For A Legacy.
5 Nov 2009
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*******ForexAutopilotSystem**** - Know More About Successful Day Trading- When it comes to share market and day trading, you should understand *******ForexAutopilotSystem**** - the fact that it is an entity that is not constant. It keeps changing from time to time. Thus, everyday it presents you with a unique and different scenario. This market of day and stock trading reflects people's ideas and also their attitude. Thus, it changes every now and then. Just like no two individuals are alike, likewise, the trading business is also not similar and varies from one point to another. Just as humans are addicted and guided by their habits, you can actually see this trait reflect itself in the stock trading industry. Thus, because of its unpredictability, it is better to go by technical analysis in order to earn profit in this trade. But you need to remember that you cannot always depend on technical analysis. It cannot always hit the bull's eye and be cut and dry about its predictions. Moreover, you cannot expect the same pattern to work in all stock trading environments. It is not possible for anyone to predict stock prices perfectly. These rates and prices of the shares depend on various factors, like if there is high demand of a particular share at that particular point in time or if there is a political unrest, shares prices are bound to fluctuate. Also, times when the company is adversely affected by some happening can also lead to dropping of share prices. Thus, whenever you are investing in any share, you should keep in mind your limits. Try not to exceed them. The stock trading business includes a lot of risk. And this risk taking could either lead you to big time profit or absolute bankruptcy. Thus, you should never invest more than what you can afford. Also, do not just go by what your broker says. Rather than trusting your brokers advice blindly, find out for yourself about your investment. As you are getting into stock trading, make it a habit of keeping yourself abreast with the ever changing trends of the stock market. With ...
19 Feb 2010
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14 Apr 2010
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