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Not sure what the tooth fairy should leave under your kids pillow?
3 Feb 2009
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*******www.pickrent****/videos/rentalscams/ Transcription of Video: In the past when you want to find a place to rent, you would turn to the local news paper. Typically newspaper provided not much to go on, usually a short description around 5 lines long. But today, web sites can provide dozens of photos and long descriptions, even virtual tours so you could actually rent a property sight unseen. However, this new found convenience has opened up new ways for scammers to tick you out of your money. As we learn from Dan Daugherty from RentalsScams**** all you need to run a rental scam is to log on to the world wide web and create a few free email accounts with bogus names. "A lot of them use *** email addresses so yahoo***. What we are finding now that AOL opened up their emails to be free and of course yahoo is free and gmail is free you are seeing a lot of scammers use .gmail accounts, at yahoo account and now AOL accounts," Dan Daugherty tells Dave Dugdale.
13 Apr 2009
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DVD Available at: *******www.longtailnet****/2284 Two hundred and fifty years ago a Dutch explorer drew a picture of a strange animal he had glimpsed in the remote jungles of Sulawesi. It had the head of a pig, the body of a deer and four bizarrely-shaped tusks. It was called the barbirusa. A creature of myth and legend, little was known about this shy and retiring animal until a young British scientist lifted the mask. We journey for two days into the remote Indonesian jungle and share a rare encounter with a herd of babirusa at a remarkable volcanic salt lake.
24 Dec 2009
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insanity35's first movie!
7 Apr 2010
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First... please support my work by voting (a lot!) for my wellness show on Oprah's new network: *******myown.oprah****/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=265&promo_id=1 It only takes about 10 seconds to vote 10 times. So vote 10, 100... 1,000 times per day until July 3rd. I'm not asking for money here... just votes :) And every vote will bring me closer to my dream. I just need to get back into the top 5 to move to the next round... so vote, vote, vote!! Learn more about my wellness show and how you can help create it here: *******wellnessgossip****/2010/06/our-own-show/ To learn more about cosmetics and how you can make healthier product choices, visit: *******wellnessgossip****/
15 Jun 2010
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We had the project of making a commercial in Personal Finance in my last year of high school. Most people did power-point ones... and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a start on my business commercial. It's not the best because my time was limited, but it will suffice for now. Hope you enjoy. If you need a video, talk to me. The website is in construction right now but it has some info right now. So probably e-mail me instead of going to the website. maskedphantomemerick111**** P.S. The songs are by popular artists and there are some pictures that I found for explaining what type of videos you could get (all the rest are mine). They get my thanks.
18 Feb 2011
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In the March 2011 UK Uncut protest in London, anti-capitalist black bloc anarchists were blamed for causing violence, vandalism and property damage in central London, without anyone knowing who these 'masked hoodies' are. This film asks demonstrators who marched for the alternative against tax-dodgers, banks and coalition-led cuts, their views on direct action, civil disobedience, anarchy, police brutality and the need for grassroots activism to promote democracy and corporate accountability. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Feedback or questions?: korusanmediagmail****
14 Apr 2011
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4 May 2011
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5 May 2011
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4 May 2011
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Mass Effect 3 lands on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 9th March, and we finally get to see Tali take her mask off. Here's the video showing exactly what happens?
13 Mar 2012
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Mass Effect 3 Tali romance sex scene Tali Mask removed her face revealed
16 Jan 2014
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How to reveal blocked phone numbers. Don't you hate when someone calls you with a blocked phone line? Well this will make that a thing of the past. Music by: grapes caller id hack unblock calls phone unmask blocked numbers household hacker
31 Mar 2009
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how to view blocked number and unmask the the phone numbers. useful tips for help user trace the phone number resource. must see *******howtocollection****
7 Jun 2009
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We recently came across this wild 1959 Cadillac Kustom at a local small-town car show and had to find out what was up. The owner and his wife built this monster, complete with a supercharged big block Chevy, open headers, and a wildly modified Caddy body. Rods like this aren't for everyone, but they sure are fun to check out! And here is a link to the "Unmasking the Grinch" article on St.Louis Front Page: *******www.slfp****/Kids122112.htm
6 Jun 2013
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Yet another entertaining Rasika Mathur interview for our loyal DY fans. At the Bibi New Year's Eve party, Rasika announces all of her career plans for 2008. Geez, this woman can work it! Watch for her bad Sean Connery impression, too.
9 Aug 2008
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