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Unsolved Murder Jeanne Pajak
30 Dec 2006
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Will we finally have some closure to the most famous unsolved murder case of all time? Hey everyone I’m amy Paffrath for get the daily**** your online video news source with world news. In world news a possible confession tape has surfaced in the case of Natalie Halloway. In the tape, Joran Van der Sloot, one of the teens originally linked to Halloways disappearance, gives never before heard details about Natalies last night alive. In the Video, Van der Sloot says He didn’t murder Natalie, but In the secret recordings, Van der Sloot said Holloway, 18, was drunk and that she began shaking and slumped down on the beach as they were kissing in May 2005. The apparent confession was coaxed out of Van der Sloot by Patrick van der Eem, a 34-year-old Dutch businessman who told ABC News that he befriended the younger man with the intention of prying a confession out of him. Van der eem says he felt Halloways mother deserved to know the truth. A judge in Aruba denied a prosecution request to detain Van der Sloot based on the new information but chief prosecutor Hans Mos said he believes the tape will be admissible in court and they will file an appeal Tuesday and expect a decision within a week. This has been Amy Paffrath for gethedaily****
9 Feb 2008
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Unsolved Obscurities Ep. 1
6 Aug 2008
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I went to grab a water bottle, it was sitting on the porch where it was rather cold. I double checked to make sure it was not frozen and to my surprise it was NOT frozen. I drank from the bottle and set it down. I returned about one minute later to find the entire bottle frozen solid. In attempt to explain this unsolved mystery I have filmed my experiences to share with the world.
10 Dec 2008
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Courtesy of *******www.top10amazing**** -I think you have heard about bermuda triangle..its still a mystery..there are more mysteiries left unsolved.
15 Jun 2010
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Courtesy of *******www.top10amazing**** -Some Of The World's Most Infamous Misdeeds Make Headlines And Have Yet To Be Solved.10 Most Shocking Unsolved murders
15 Jun 2010
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Eliot Ness Last Case: Unsolved Kingsbury Run Murders . This was Ness last case and to this day it is unsolved. 13 dead bodies most beheaded while they were still alive. Connection to Jack The Ripper Shawn Cain Films Presents a short doc www***nspiracyfringe****
31 Oct 2010
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5 Unsolved Mysteries Caught on Tape.mp4
21 Dec 2017
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strange man on the loose
22 Apr 2007
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28 Aug 2007
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Everything about Q1!! ENjoy watching this clip and apply to your new gadget. I hope it helps when you use the Diamond Q1.
11 Dec 2008
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During the investigation of the infamous "Fun At Gary's" murder case. A video camera was found at the scene and now 6 months later has been released by the authorities. What you are about to see may be unsutible for some viewers Viewer Discretion is Advised
2 Jan 2009
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This is very tragic that most of us suffers from heart breaks and often after marriage conflicts which leads to divorce. But do we really try to find out the actual reasons behind it? Do we ever try to resolve such conflicts. - Watch this video to unveil the real fact. If you still don't understand please sign up here:- *******www.past-transgressions****/signup
9 Jan 2013
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A Series of short documentation about the mysteries of earth. Scientists are baffled as they are unable to solve these mysteries. Thank you for watching my videos. Please subscribe for more videos
11 Jan 2017
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