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This guy worked the whole day and when he came home, all he had to eat was grilled cheese. Well, its the same way you and me gonna react.
22 Sep 2017
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Watch this dog get angry and upset at not being able to get his toy, which was outside the main gate of the house. Only if he knew how to push the gate open!
28 Aug 2017
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Chengyu are idioms, usually made up of four Chinese characters. An idiom is a group of words that have a meaning not obviously made through the individual words. Most languages have their own idioms. For example, in English when it rains heavily we commonly say it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’. It is not literally raining animals, but it reflects the nature of the rain as falling heavily, such as if cats and dogs were to fall. In Spanish “Abrir la caja de los truenos” is the equivalent of to ‘open a can of worms’ which is used when a situation is created that will cause trouble or upset. Idioms in any language are often interesting and sometimes even amusing. Whilst learning idioms is not essential, Chinese Chengyu will certainly improve your fluency and understanding of the Chinese language. Below is a simple introduction to some useful Chinese Chengyu to whet your appetite. RML, Royal Mentor Lee tells ancient Chinese idiom story.
1 Sep 2017
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The secret that lies beneath all magic tricks and illusions is that people actually do want to be tricked and to believe in magic. The voice of reason tells us that it is simply impossible to saw a woman in half and then just glue her back together. Nonetheless, we smile joyously as children and give the magician a round of generous applause. We’re sorry to upset you, but this video is going to shatter a myth of the existence of magic as it reveals a few secrets of some world-renowned illusionists. So, these are 5 famous magic tricks revealed.
1 Sep 2017
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The human body is a vastly complex biochemical organism, finely tuned and adaptable. It contains many different regulatory systems to make sure that things work properly in response to external conditions. When it becomes too warm inside the body, the water cooling system is turned up, and more sweat is secreted by the skin. The sweat evaporates, cools the blood underneath the skin, which in turn cools the body core. The sensors in the brain detect that things are back within normal limits, and turn off the sweat glands. This type of regulation (known as homeostasis) occurs for all bodily processes, and usually without any awareness or thought on our part. When external circumstances (like extreme heat or cold) or internal conditions (disease or poisoning) cannot be adjusted by normal mechanisms, the signs of discomfort and disease appear. The types of physical effects seen or felt (signs and symptoms) depend on the type of stress to which the body has been exposed. Because there are so many complex interrelationships between the systems within the body, a single change in any one system may result in numerous effects in other systems. In addition, the types of response to disease are limited, thus signs and symptoms of disease are often quite similar for different diseases. For example, headache, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are very common non-specific symptoms of disease, produced by many, many conditions. Because of the generality of most physiological responses to disease, many other methods have been developed to help diagnose the actual causes of disease. These methods include physical, biochemical and immunological techniques upon which modern clinical medicine is based. A body's homeostasis can be upset by physical, chemical and/or biological agents which put stress on the body. The body's reaction to prolonged stress depends on the nature of the agent, the degree of stress, and the duration of stress. When the stress is too strong or too long, and
10 Sep 2017
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what to say to someone recently diagnosed with cancer |Write to Someone Who Has Been Diagnosed If someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, it can very hard to know what to say or how to express yourself. You will want to show concern, as well as expressing your support and encouragement. Writing a letter can be a good way to approach this, as you will have time to carefully choose your words. The tone of the letter will depend on your relationship but aim for a letter that expresses how you feel directly and clearly. 1 Say something. When someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, you might feel completely numb or unable to process the situation. It is perfectly normal to be sad and upset about the situation, and not know what to do, but it’s important that you don’t drift away from your friend. Even if you don’t know what to say or how to react, make an effort to reach out and show your friend that you are there. Just sending a short note or email at first saying you have heard the news and are thinking of them can help your friend feel a bit less alone.[1] You could say, “I’m sorry this has happened. I’m thinking of you.”[2] If you don’t know what to say, it’s okay to admit this. Say “I’m not sure what to say, but I want you to know that I care and I’m here for you.
26 Sep 2017
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'Kristen' upset over pictures
15 Mar 2008
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Coaching great Rick Pitino predicts which games will be first round upsets in the NCAA Tournament.
19 Mar 2008
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Memphis head coach John Calipari selects which games he thinks will be first-round upsets.
19 Mar 2008
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Bo Ryan, head coach of Big Ten Champion Wisconsin, predicts which games will be first-round upsets.
19 Mar 2008
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The Uncut goes over the big upsets in College Football week 1 2008
2 Sep 2008
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Your wife is upset because you work too much.
17 Sep 2008
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