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This is why you should never try upside down pole dancing without professional supervision. We can only hope her head could take the brunt of a painful fall without any serious damage.
17 May 2018
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Can I Rotate JVC Video upside down without losing quality, Flip File good quality for MS Windows10 7 Computer.
28 Apr 2018
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Making hommade substrate for mycology use Items needed: -Mixing bowl -1 cup measuring -Fork -Spoon -Alcohol 70% -Vermiculite sold at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Target -Brown rice flour sold at Walmart and major grocery stores -Foil 3"x 3" -Paper towel -Wide Mouth mason w/lids jars any size as long as it is not regular style jars -Large soup pot or Pressure cooker -Steamer for bottom of pot -Small nail or 1/8" drill bit -Hammer if using no drill bit -Distilled or Spring Water First use a 1/8th drill bit or nail to poke or drill 4 holes on lid In this video I used 5 holes do not do that because it might dry out the water content in jars which stalls the colonizing of the mycelium. Boil jars and lids with band in water for 20 minutes than take out and set them upside down on a paper towel. Wipe off excess moisture from bands and lids. Prepare your substrate by putting 2 cups of vermiculite, 1 cup brown rice flour, and 1 cup distilled or spring water (2 parts Vermiculite,1 part brown rice flour, 1 part water. You can make as much as you want as long as you follow the 2x1x1 part mixture. Mix Vermiculite and flour together first until well mixed with fork than slowly add water until consistancy is like damp sand. Fill jars with spoon very lightly without compacting substrate should be loose and airey, leave a 1/2" space from top of jar. Wipe down rim of jar with paper towel so no moisture is left, if you fail to do this the risk of contamination is can happen. Put a dry layer of only vermiculite on top of the damp substrate until it is flush with rim of jar. Wipe rim again to clean any dust off. Put lids on jars tight and cover them with foil. The purpose of the foil is to prevent water from dripping through the holes on the lid and ruining the moisture content. Too much moisture can cause mycelium to not grow. Too little can make substrate too dry which will cause no growth
18 May 2018
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Sterilizing Mason Jars Items needed: -Large soup pot or Pressure cooker -Metal steamer -Timer -Tonges Wash jars, lids, and bands with dish soap, rinse well. Using a large pot place a steam rack inside so the jars are not touching the bottom of the pot. Fill with water an inch above the top of the jars. If there is room for the bands and lids place them inside with the jars, if they don't fit than use a pan with enough water to cover them. Bring water to a full boil than lower the heat so you get a rolling boil. The water should not splash but have a continuous bubbling. Let them boil for 20 minutes than use a pair of tonges to remove the jars and place them upside down on a paper towel. The heat should dry them completely, if there is any condensation flip them so they air dry or use a clean napkin if you don't want to wait. Store the jars in a large zip lock until needed. Place the lids and bands on only if they are completely dry. Do not put the lids on if there is moisture inside otherwise mold will begin to grow. Use them right away or put them inside a cupboard until ready to use.
18 May 2018
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This is so cool! The bike is actually upside down and they are riding it and doing tricks!
25 Oct 2006
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When you are good you can play upside down too, pretty clever!
28 May 2007
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How to flip your desktop upside down to scare your friends
6 Jan 2008
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Cast members from the movie "Alice Upside Down" make furry friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop.
15 Jan 2008
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My Upside down Mastiff
28 Jan 2008
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The Set up: (PLEASE, leave a comment) Pour the ¼ glass of red wine into the plate, and turn a wine glass upside down. Now, ask that the wine be put back into the wine glass while the glass remains in the upside down position using only items found at a dinner table. The Rules: The wine glass must remain upside down at all times. The wine must remain in liquid form, no soaking it up in a napkin. The Solution: Take on olive or a lime or anything from the bar or table that you could stick a few matches into. Now, stand your matches up in the middle of the pool of wine, light the matches and cover the fire with the wine glass. The fire will burn all of the oxygen in the glass creating a vacum. scuba
3 Mar 2008
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video taken from the "ranger" watching the world upside down
4 May 2008
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Heard about upside down planters? Wanna make one? Watch this simple video about how to make one yourself.
29 May 2008
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