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The UpstairsGirls take another opportunity to answer your comments and have some fun. comments usg upstairsgirl downstairsguys ashley hugtime model ball modelball dsg scott zakarin iron sink ironsink funny laugh comedy podcast youtube commenting deedee sandy mutt kevin doug cute girls girl
14 Jul 2009
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Sandy, DeeDee and Mutt want you to take a look back at the year in UpStairsGirls: 2009
20 Jan 2010
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The Upstairsgirls are trying to be this year's American Idol!
25 Feb 2010
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The Upstairsgirls are playing the party game, "Would You Rather?"
13 Jul 2011
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This week we've got Sandy as our babe of the week and the Jonas Brothers are our dude of the week. We're so excited!!! - Doug Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Feb 2009
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Sandy and DeeDee have been looking for a new home for some time, but they've finally found an apartment and its in the same building as the downstairsguys!
21 Dec 2010
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Sandy, DeeDee and Mutt had a wild 2010 that included going house-sitting, going on a wild road trip and picking up a hippie and getting stuck going camping.
11 Apr 2011
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The Upstairs Girls are playing the party game "Would you rather" and trying to determine what they would rather do.
13 Jul 2011
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Fire has broken out in the building. Ashley has found the UpstairsGirls and gotten them Downstairs, but a raging fire is blocking the exit. What is going to happen next? Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Mar 2009
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The Downstairsguys and Upstairsgirls apartments have burnt down. Now what? We'll find out soon. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Mar 2009
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Ashley is back with a brand new hugtime. Ashley survived the fire and has an offer that she's hoping that the DownstairsGuys can't refuse. AHT ashley hugtime downstairsguys upstairsgirls show downstairs episode guys upstairs ironsink girls iron sink model ball series video youtube haha lol hilarious comedy funny humor sketch brunette cute hot babe blonde cleavage butt awesome cool beautiful 2008 sexy sex viral breakout vlog sweet crazy legs bed sleeping lingerie susan boyle
25 Apr 2009
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After the fire burned down the apartments of the DownstairsGuys and the UpstairsGirls, Kevin and Doug seek shelter at the apartment of their dear friend Ashley. dsg downstairsguys upstairsgirls show downstairs guys upstairs girls episode iron sink model ball series video youtube haha lol hilarious comedy funny humor sketch kevin doug danny ashley brunette cute hot babe dude zone blonde cleavage butt awesome cool beautiful sexy sex viral breakout vlog crazy legs silly stupid dumb clueless roommates deedee sandy fire burning balls burn bra kitchen eggs omelet dogs puppies puppy dog hugtime
14 Aug 2012
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DeeDee and Sandy have nowhere to live after the fire, so they come looking for Mutt. Mutt found some guys who are letting him stay with them, under the condition that he cleans the house. Mutt has some new rules for the girls like Topless Tuesdays - will the girls play ball? mutt deedee sandy upstairsgirls usg ashley dsg downstairsguys topless sexy girls ladies hot feather iron sink threesome roommates funny comedy homeless poor demands
4 Nov 2010
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Olive comes over looking for a party with a bottle of wine. Will Mutt choose to spend his time with the party girl or with Sandy? usg dsg olive modelball upstairs girls upstairsgirls flexible party sexy sex mutt sandy deedee DD wine drunk slut drinking partying college wasted beer shorts booty boobs
16 Jan 2010
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Sandy gets kicked out of the UpStairsGirl's new home and seeks refuge at Ashley's house with Doug and Kevin doug sandy ashley kevin home usg upstairsgirls downstairsguys iron sink zakarin modelball model ball funny silly comedy video youtube sex sexy boobs sleeping prank puppets
10 Jun 2009
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The DownstairsGuys are doing a parody of the Summer's hit television show "I'm A celebrity Get me Out of Here". Starring:Doug Tomczak as Spencer PrattSandy as Heidi Montag PrattAshley as Janice DickinsonKevin as one half of Frangelacelebrity get me out of here upstairsgirls downstairsguys model ball modelball dsg usg zakarin iron sink doug kevin ashley sandy spencer heidi pratt montag hills lc lauren conrad speidi janice dickinson antm america's next top topmodel supermodel hot girls frangela vh1 mtv laguna beach
15 Nov 2009
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