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Natali Del Conte shows you how to use QR codes to send or read links, contact information or just about any other information.
31 Mar 2010
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Looking to increase the number of people that like your fanpage on Facebook? SoLike.Us is the easiest and fastest way to build and engage community of facebook users. Using the latest QR code scanning technology paired with a custom designed like page that directly integrates with your facebook, we do exactly that. This short video illustrates how easy it is to increase the number of people that like your fanpage, giving you a greater reach on your business or communitys facebook fan page. We also provide marketing materials to help you get the word out about your code!QR code technology
28 Jun 2011
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Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) has incorporated QR codes and text messaging into its services. The company's official announcement was included in a new Web video, featuring Frank Ancona Honda, KickaNotch Mobile and CEO of JSMM Valerie Jennings. Jennings said that with the increase of smartphone users and the recent estimate on engagement with those who are using social media and scanning QR codes, the company found it imperative to add mobile to its services. "With the success of leveraging monetization with QR codes and text messaging through offers and the promotions through our channels we are hoping for some amazing results and we are looking forward to seeing this new technology as it improves and the usage goes up," said Jennings.
8 Dec 2011
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******* You might have seen QR Codes without really knowing what they are. Well here’s a description of how you can use them. QR means quick response, and the code part is a redirection device, or barcode, which allows you to go directly to a destination without needing to type in the web link or URL. QR codes can be used to link to a website, an app download, a social media site, contact information, coupon or voucher, voting or surveys, in fact anything that is hosted and has a destination URL link attached.
21 May 2012
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hi, I'll show you how you can read QR-code using an iPhone and the application iMatrix ( the video quality is bad so I will write the explications here. I used "QR-code editor" to create the code bar (*******www.psytec***.jp/freesoft/01/) but you can also use online website QR generator (just type QR generator in your favourite search engine). for the iphone you'll need to download and install iMatrix via iNstaller on your iPhone. once your bar code created you'll just have to launch iMatrix and take a picture of your QRcode, iMatrix will do the work. You can find out more about QR code at "en.wikipedia****/wiki/QR_Code" if something isn't clear and you need help you can send me a message. i'll try to do best to answer your questions. Have Fun :) M3S70F
27 Jan 2008
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Anthony Cerreta uses with Doritos Late Night Taco's campaign and showcases how to use QR Codes to display Augmented Reality about Blink 182 or Big Boi. A delicious 2009 combination all around...
15 Jul 2009
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If you aren't using QR codes yet for your car dealership's advertising, you need to take advantage of this cutting-edge tool to reach the millions of people with smartphones. Watch this episode to learn how a simple barcode can promote your latest specials and drive people to your dealership. Read our blog post about driving traffic to your dealership with QR codes: *******exclusivelyautomotive****/blog/start-using-qr-codes-at-your-dealership/ Subscribe to Think Tank Tuesday on iTunes: ***********/us/podcast/potratz-think-tank-tuesday/id275218965 Like us on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/PotratzAdvertising
14 Dec 2010
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McLoughlin Promotions (******* explains how you can get Facebook Likes Using QR Codes on Promotional Products/Swag
21 Dec 2010
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Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre v5.0.1.86 Platinum+Serial Size: 117 MB Download it free here:******* This is a highspeed torrent, you can download on max. speed no slow downloads guaranteed! Example: My internet connection is 6MB/s, so my max. download speed should be around 700+ Kb/s. See image as proof click here=******* Browse more torrents at highspeed at this site: *******speedy-torrent.blogspot****/ otalMedia Theatre - the ultimate high-definition movie experience! TotalMedia® Theatre 5 is your all-in-one player for PCs. Whether playing back Blu-ray and DVD discs, AVCHD, or high-definition files on local machines or videos on a UPnP server and online, the program has it covered. 3D Plug-In for TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum - It's time for 3D! TotalMedia Theatre 5’s sleek new look features a modern, black-based transparent UI design, intuitive control for easy navigation, and Information Center (the "i" button) to keep you informed with new patches, upgrades and promotions. TotalMedia Theatre 5 gives you all you need to enjoy 3D movies. Besides the robust support for Blu-ray 3D and native stereo 3D, the program includes our latest 2D to 3D technology – Sim3D™, which allows you to view regular 2D photo slideshows and DVD videos in 3D. Supports various 3D encoded source videos and various 3D TV displays. Intuitive setting options are available so you can enjoy your 3D movies without hassle. • Blu-ray 3D™ movies. Blu-ray 3D™ or BD3D is a new Blu-ray Association standard in which the title is encoded in Multiview Video Coding (MVC) format, an extension of H.264 video format, to create a realistic Stereo 3D viewing. • Sim3D™. 3D simulation with our latest in-house technology, Sim3D™, which allows viewing of 2D photo slideshows and DVD movies in 3D. Provide true 3D depth restoration, an algorithm based on scene and motion change, and adjustable depth perception. You may even switch between 2D and 3D in real time. Native Stereo 3D movies and video files. Native stereo 3D movies and videos include 3D-DVDs, YouTube 3D files, and 3D videos that are encoded in Left/Right, Up/Down, Anaglyph, and more. TotalMedia Theatre 5 - The all-in-one media player, and more • Watch movies in 3D. We understand that viewing 3D movies can get tricky at some point, so TotalMedia Theatre provides various setting options to help you view your 3D content correctly. Advanced SimHD®. ArcSoft SimHD® is our video up-scaling technology, turning standard-definition DVDs and video files into near high-definition ones, offering you a sharper and more vivid picture in real-time. Newly added functions are Dynamic Lighting, which balances the over and under exposed areas for more comfortable viewing; De-noise, to get rid of the noise on images; and Smoothness, for making video playback more smooth. Intense level for each feature is adjustable. SimHD is optimized to support GPU computing from AMD and NVIDIA, to maximize system performance. • Online Video Playback, Download, and Share. As a universal player, TotalMedia Theatre 5 not only plays movies from your local machine, it also plays online videos and from an UPnP media server. YouTube videos can be played directly inside TotalMedia Theatre UI, with near high-definition quality via SimHD. Share your videos with friends or download to your computer. Magic View allows you to browse media files faster and thumbnails can be arranged in different sizes, viewing more at one glance. • Smart Menu for DVDs and Video Files. Similar to a Popup Menu for Blu-ray discs, Smart Menu allows you to grab more online movie information, set audio and subtitles; browse, skip chapters with thumbnail view mode; and manage bookmarks without pausing videos. • ArcSoft TotalMedia® Remote (TM Remote). Control movie playback with your Android phone with TM Remote from the comfort of your couch. Using QR Code to find it fast on Android Market. iPhone and iPod Touch versions are coming soon. • Windows Media Center Compatible. TotalMedia Theatre 5 provides seamless 10-ft experience, allowing you to enjoy Blu-ray 3D, Sim3D and SimHD with the press of the remote, perfect for Home Theatre systems. • ArcSoft Virtual Surround Sound and VOBO (Volume Booster). Simulate 2 Channels to 5.1 or 7.1 channel output, for enjoy the true high-definition audio with minimal system usage. Sound can be maximized even when it’s turned to the highest volume.
7 Jan 2011
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*******www.siennapacific****/decals-stickers/qr-code-stickers.html - QR Code Stickers are one of the newest, hippest ways to get information. They are being used by all kinds of businesses, from restaurants and cafes to movie theaters and clothing lines. People are now using QR codes as a way to express their opinions and favorite things.
11 Oct 2011
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*******SynergyMarketingPro**** shows how to create QR coe from her website and how to use QR codes effectively. *******www.synergymarketingpro****/how-to-create-qr-codes/ has more details
2 Mar 2012
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QR Quantified,, uses QR codes to create auto-changing advertising. Use as a walking billboard, on print ads or in any other advertising to gain the most out of your advertising campaigns
18 May 2013
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Music video by Shin-B performing Get Up And Go. The QR codes in the video are scannable using any free smart phone QR code reader/scanner app. Barcodes are probably best scanned in HD or full screen. Avoid glares and shadows. Here is how to scan: ***********/watch?v=AMnX7KZ6wfM *******www.shin-b****/ *******twitter****/realshinb ***********/ShinBTV *******www.facebook****/ShinBmusic We would LOVE you to support and promote the video! If you scan the right code you might win a prize! It's the FIRST ONLINE INTERACTIVE MUSIC VIDEO using QR CODES! Please help us spread the Word!! Directed, Shot, Edited, & Produced by DuNo Tran *******www.facebook****/dunotran Special Thanks to: Y.J. Gold, Steven Lam, Mike Davis, Jon Covington, M.O.C.I.T.I., Jaquan Barnett, Steven Guistolise, Tamara Lennon, Jasmine Ejan, Melanie Shomo, Nick Cabanas, Tim Banks, Cecilia Lee, Tammy Trinh, Kenny Huynh, Ming Chun Louie, Minyong Blake Shin, Quentin Warren, Talibah Aquil, Galen Williams, and everyone else who was involved. Du Some Productions *******www.facebook****/dusomeproductions *******www.dusome**** *******www.twitter/dusomeprod Lyrics: *******www.shin-b****/post/5413831800/lyrics-get-up-and-go
15 Jul 2011
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Jess covers off on the Xbox One using QR codes, Call of Duty getting a falling Skyscraper, and a FFVII costume making an appearance in FFXIII: Lightning Returns. Stay up to date by subscribing to GameSpot news! ***********/show/gsnews
3 Jul 2013
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ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS 2 TELEPODS! DAY 1 (Death Star Trench Run): ******* DAY 2 (Battle on Geonosis): ******* DAY 3 (Star Destroyer): ******* DAY 4 (Endor Chase): ******* DAY 5 (Jedi vs. Sith Multipack): ******* DAY 6 (Bounty Hunters): ******* DAY 7 (Dual with Count Dooku) : ******* DAY 8 (Darth Vader Pig Carrying Case & TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!): ******* Click here to see all my Angry Birds STAR WARS videos: ************/watch?v=Vbs2LXUJLG8&list=PL7TV22RuQ4DbrLp1bLI0JJyX1awKsHBDm Click here to see ALL my clay model videos: ************/watch?v=Qb-4oatWGes&list=PLE575E99561913FB1 Click here to see ALL my Angry Birds videos: ************/watch?v=Qb-4oatWGes&list=PLFA4FC14C7BA00577 Click here to see EVERY video I've ever made!: ************/watch?v=S6ANy3Mue4s&list=PL7TV22RuQ4DZemBpJn05s3qsO3V3Iu1wc EvanTubeHD T-shirts NOW AVAILABLE!: *******www.rodeoarcade****/collections/evantubehd Like us on Facebook: ********www.facebook****/pages/EvanTubeHD/323753077701215 Follow us on Twitter: ********twitter****/EvanTubeHD Welcome to Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods Week on EvanTubeHD! Everyday this week, we'll be showing you a new Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods set. Today we're featuring the Death Star Trench Run LAUNCH! STACK! DESTROY! The set features 2 telepod figures (Luke Skywalker Pilot Bird & The exclusive Tie Fighter Pilot Pig-only available in this set). Set also includes: 1 X-wing Starfighter 1 Telepods Base 1 Ramp 1 Cannon Turret 8 Blocks and Instructions Pull back the X-Wing Starfighter and release to launch! 2 Ways to play: 1) Launch and Crash! or 2) Teleport Figures into the new APP! Angry Birds Star Wars II has a release date of September 19, 2013 Telepods will work with multiple mobile platforms and devices. The figures use QR codes, a magnifying base, and your devices camera to teleport the characters into the game. We'll have a lot more information an demos once the game is released. Royalty Free Music by *******audiomicro****/royalty-free-music Sound Effects by *******audiomicro****/sound-effects
20 Nov 2013
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