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The clip using polly's bathroom Part 2 from Along Came Polly (2004) with Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston Oh, God, I beg you, please. If you make this water go down, I will sit at your feet, and I will serve you for all of eternity. I'll adopt a Somalian kid, or I'll work in Calcutta, or I'll... Please, just make the water... No! No! Oh, my God! This was fun. Yes. Hmm. If I'd known your grandmother had embroidered that towel, I would've never... Oh, really, you know what, that's okay. Okay, well... Good night, Polly. Good night, Reuben. Good night. Oh, okay. All right, okay. Oh. All right. That's nice. Okay, so...
20 Nov 2011
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