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Promotional Video for British Cult Rock/Haevy Metal band RITUAL [1993] Album"Valley Of The Kings" Directed by Gabrielle Bown Featuring Guitar Virtuoso Re Bethe
14 Jul 2007
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Gurdjieff-Legacy.Org - Trailer for The Life & Significance of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, Part I — Gurdjieff in Egypt: The Origin of Esoteric Knowledge. Follows Gurdjieff's search for pre-sand Egypt beginning with the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, to Thebes and the Temple in Man and Karnak, to the Valley of the Kings, the Temples of Edfu and Abu Simbel, and into Ethiopia where he unexpectedly discovers the origin of the ancient teaching of The Fourth Way.
3 May 2008
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Plan your trip to Cairo and Luxor with Memphis Tours Egypt, exploring the beauty of Egypt, visiting egypt pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Karnak Temples and Luxor Temple. **************www.memphistours****/programes/Classical_tours_Egypt_programs.php?Classical_Trip=Cairo+%26+Luxor+Tour&ProgramID=26
4 Nov 2010
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Join our Nile Cruises on a journey of discovery as we visit some of Egypt’s finest ancient monuments along the banks of the Nile, including those at Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan and the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. Working closely with one of Egypt’s biggest tour company’s, our nile cruise boats, the Four Star ‘M.S. Fleurette’ and the Five Star 'M.S. Da Vinci', are reserved exclusively for African Safari Club’s guests. www.cruiseholidaysguide****
14 Dec 2010
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*******www.memphistours****/Egypt/Packages/Egypt-Luxury-Tours/The-Luxury-Of-Egypt-Red-Sea Special Luxurious, Executive and World Class Holiday to the famous sites in Cairo, where you can enjoy the panoramic views of Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. Luxurious tour to Luxor takes you to Hatshepsute Temple, Valley of the Kings and the gigantic Karnak and Luxor Temples..
8 May 2011
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The Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt, burial site of the famous Pharaohs. Combination of video and still images as video was not permitted in the Valley at the time we went-
17 Jul 2010
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Music video by Blue Murder performing Valley Of The Kings. (C) 1989 Geffen Records
29 Oct 2014
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from self titled EP 2009 *******www.bluecollardistro****/meteorcity/product_info.php?products_id=4442&cPath=1045_1046&store=1 New tracks from Egypt: The Village is Silent : *******soundcloud****/alcohawk/02-the-village-is-silent And Orb of the Wizardking: ***********/watch?v=99EnvGbhQSI
30 Nov 2013
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The tomb of Tutankhamen, the Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, was discovered by Howard Carter in 1923. The tomb in the Valley of the Kings was nearly intact when it was found and the discovery sparked worldwide press attention. Thus, Tutankhamen is now one of the most popular and widely recognised of Pharaohs. King Tut ruled 1333 BC - 1324 BC. He began his reign at the age of nine. www.itnsource**** Reuters S30100604
20 May 2009
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An affectionate greeting to the crew of Amarante-Osiris Nile Cruises, for their kindness and especially to our guides: Ezzat who worried about us when exploded the bomb of Khan el Khalili, and Amir who accompanied us that night. And our special greeting to Michel and Mostafa I dreamed of going to Egypt and in february, my dream came true. Egypt is a magical country. 5000 years of art, history and mystery: The City of the Dead, the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids of Giza. Egypt has kept the magic that makes it unique. Wonderful country, wonderful people.
29 Oct 2009
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Me playing Serious Sam The Valley of the Kings on Normal difficulty. Serious Sam is kind of a ridiculous game, but rocks anyway.
5 Apr 2010
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While playing with Live Crocodile in Nile River Bedouin home attack occurs The Great Pyramids, Valley of the Kings and Queens, Luxor Temple, King Tut's Tomb, Cruise down the Nile River, Cairo Egypt, Nile River life, Mysteries of Egypt. Take a trip with us through all of Egypt to see it's splendors in High Definition.
20 May 2010
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This video shows pictures from our vacation to Egypt in 2007. Highlights included Cairo, the Great Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, the Step Pyramid, Abu Simbel, Aswan, the Temple of Isis at Philae, the Oberoi Philae Nile River Cruise, the Temple of Kom Ombo, the Temple of Horus at Edfu, the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, the Temple of Seti I at Abydos, and the Temple of Hathor at Dendara.
10 Oct 2010
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www.egyptiantravelmakers**** Egypt officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country in North Africa that includes the Sinai Peninsula, a land bridge to Asia. Covering an area of about 1,001,450 square kilometers (386,560 square miles), Egypt borders Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east. The northern coast borders the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern coast borders the Red Sea. Egypt is One of the Most Populous Countries in Africa. The vast majority of its estimated 78 million people (2007) live near the banks of the Nile River (about 40,000 km² or 15,450 sq miles) where the only arable agricultural land is found.[1] Large areas of land form part of the Sahara Desert and are sparsely inhabited. Around half of Egypt's residents live in urban areas, with the majority spread across the densely populated centres of greater Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities in the Nile Delta. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world's most famous monuments, including the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx; the southern city of Luxor contains a particularly large number of ancient artifacts such as the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Today, Egypt is widely regarded as an important political and cultural centre of the Middle East. Egypt travel locations For centuries, travelers have made the pilgrimage to Egypt, a wondrous land of contrasts, quenching their desire for adventure, mystery, history and romance. Egypt is a land that captivates, enthralls and entices. Ancient monuments that have withstood the tests of time watch as the eternal waters of the Nile flow through pristine green valleys. Endless desert gives way to miraculous oases and flawless seaside retreats. Sakkara Travel Group invites you to accept our offer to be your special guide on a journey that will tantalize your senses and create an unforgettable memory you will treasure for a lifetime Cairo » Pyramids of Giza » Cheops Pyramid » Chephren Pyramid » Mykerinus Pyramid » Sphinx » Sakkara Pyramids » Memphis » Pyramids of Abu Sir » Dahshour Pyramids » Egyptian Museum » Coptic Cairo » Salah el Din Citadel » Sultan Hassan Mosque » Ibn Tulun Mosque » Gayer-Anderson House » Khan el Khalili » Al-Azhar Mosque » El Hakim Mosque » Bait as-Suhaymi » Bait Gamalud'din » Wakalat El-Ghouri » Islamic Cairo » Sound and Light Shows Alexandria » Greco-Roman Museum » Alexandria National Museum » Bibliotheca Alexandrina » Pompey's Pillar » Catacombs » Roman Amphitheatre » Fortress of Qait Bey » Abu El-Abbas El Moursi Mosque » Sook El-Attareen Luxo » Karnak Temple » Luxor Temple » Dendara Temple » The Valley of the Artisans » The Valley of the Kings » The Valley of the Nobles » The Valley of the Queens » The Colossi of Memnon » Hatshepsut Temple at Deir El Bahari » Sound and Light Shows Aswan » Philae Temple » Kalabsha Temple » Aswan High Dam » Granite Quarries » The Agha Khan Mausoleum » Sound and Light Shows Abu Simbel & Lake Nasser » Abu Simbel » Amada Temple » Wadi Seboua temple » Fortress of Kasr Ibrim Fayoum Oasis » The Temple of Sobek » Temple of Stones » Pyramid of Hawara » Pyramid of Maidum Sharm El Sheikh » Ras Mohamed » The Colored Canyon » Mount Moses & Sainte Catherine's Monastery Western Desert Oasis » Western Desert Oasis
19 Feb 2011
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In the last two days or so, I took part in several threads in conspiracy forums, where the death of Whitney Houston was discussed and whether she was murdered in an occult ritual by the Illuminati. A lot of information surfaced these days, pointing out to this dramatic conclusion. The synchronicity of several creepy events, kabbalistic numbers decoded out of dates, blatant satanic rituals on American live TV and occult symbols surround her death and invariably suggest that she as sacrificed, believe it or not, for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2nd. *******www.people****/people/package/article/0,,20569493_20569582,00.html *******www.tmz****/2012/02/13/whitney-houston-dead-bobbi-kristina-bathtub/?adid=hero1#.TzotgoHaKSo *******www.astrotheme****/celestar/portrait.php?clef=3dz576nkC4T6&info=1 *******www.godlikeproductions****/forum1/message1782581/pg1 *******www.godlikeproductions****/forum1/message1781515/pg1#29596963 *******www.egyptological****/2012/01/tomb-k64-in-the-valley-of-the-kings-the-story-as-it-broke-7134 *******www.huffingtonpost****/2012/01/15/rare-tomb-of-woman-found-in-egypts-valley-of-kings_n_1207930.html *******www.radaronline****/exclusives/2012/02/whitney-houston-body-removed-hotel-after-grammys-party Coordinates: Beverly Hilton: 34.066389, -118.413056 Century Plaza: 34.05888, -118.4133
14 Mar 2012
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Part2: ******* Narrated by Tamara Tunie. In a tomb in the Valley of the Kings lies one of Egypt's greatest secrets. Nefertiti (ca. 1370 BC -- ca. 1330 BC) was the Great Royal Wife (chief consort) of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution, in which they worshiped one god only, Aten, or the sun disc. Nefertiti had many titles including Hereditary Princess (iryt-p`t); Great of Praises (wrt-hzwt); Lady of Grace , Sweet of Love (bnrt-mrwt); Lady of The Two Lands ; Main King's Wife, his beloved; Great King's Wife, his beloved , Lady of all Women ; and Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt. She was made famous by her bust, now in Berlin's Neues Museum, shown to the right. The bust is one of the most copied works of ancient Egypt. It was attributed to the sculptor Thutmose, and it was found in his workshop. The bust is notable for exemplifying the understanding Ancient Egyptians had regarding realistic facial proportions. Some scholars believe that Nefertiti ruled briefly as Neferneferuaten after her husband's death and before the accession of Tutankhamun, although this identification is a matter of ongoing debate. About Year 14 of Akhenaten's reign, Nefertiti vanishes from the historical record. There is no word of her after that date. Theories include sudden death by a plague that was sweeping through the city or another natural death. This theory is based on the discovery of several shabti fragments inscribed for Nefertiti (now located in the Louvre and Brooklyn Museums). A previous theory that she fell into disgrace is now discredited, since the deliberate erasures of monuments belonging to a queen of Akhenaten have been shown to refer to Kiya instead. During Akhenaten's reign (and perhaps after), Nefertiti enjoyed unprecedented power. The Coregency Stela may show her as a co-regent with her husband. By the twelfth year of his reign, there is evidence that she may have been elevated to the status of co-regent:equal in status to the pharaoh. It is possible that Nefertiti is to be identified as the ruler named Neferneferuaten. Some theories believe that Nefertiti was still alive and held influence on the younger royals. If this is the case, that influence and presumably Nefertiti's own life would have ended by year 3 of Tutankhaten's reign (1331 BC). In that year, Tutankhaten changed his name to Tutankhamun. This was evidence of his return to the official worship of Amun, and his abandonment of Amarna to return the capital to Thebes.
6 Oct 2012
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