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in this video you can watch interesting facts about the heart The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body, continuously pumping blood around our body through blood vessels. Your heart is located in your chest and is well protected by your rib cage. The study of the human heart and its various disorders is known as cardiology. The heart is made up of four chambers, the left atrium, right atrium, left ventricle and right ventricle. There are four valves in the human heart, they ensure that blood only goes one way, either in or out. Blood that leaves the heart is carried through arteries. The main artery leaving the left ventricle is the aorta while the main artery leaving the right ventricle is the pulmonary artery. Blood going towards the heart is carried through veins. Blood coming from the lungs to the left atrium is carried through the pulmonary veins while blood coming from the body to the right atrium is carried through the superior vena cava and inferior vena cava. and so on
3 Mar 2017
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Ashvin Engineering Works For Ptfe Products, Peek Valve Plate, Gas Compressor Parts, Ptfe Manufacturers in India Etc. PTFE products are widely used in areas including Chemical Industries, Aeronautical industries, Battery Industries, Compressor Industries, Civil Engineering, Dairy Industries, Electrical / Electronic Industries, Engineering Industries. - Ptfe Manufacturers, Ptfe Products, Gas Compressor Parts, Ptfe Parts Manufacturers, Ptfe Parts Products, Ptfe Manufacturers in India.
7 Mar 2017
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For those who live in a house with a complex plumbing system or in a place with many people, this can be a nightmare. Plumbing appears like a fairly easy task until you try doing it yourself. Our company principals are all time served plumbers and heating engineers and have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the plumbing and heating. Interprets blueprints and building specifications to map layout for pipes, drainage systems, and other plumbing materials. Installs pipes and fixtures, such as sinks and toilets, for water, gas, steam, air, or other liquids .Installs supports for pipes, equipment, and fixtures prior to installation. Assembles fittings and valves for installation
8 Mar 2017
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hardrodplus com Causes of erectile dysfunction To understand the causes of erectile dysfunction, it helps to understand how an erection happens physically. Relaxation of muscle (in parts of the penis and the walls of the arteries supplying it) allows blood to rush into the cylinder-shaped spongy tissue of the erection chambers, creating increased tissue pressure and an erection. Valves prevent the blood from flowing back out through the veins (which would cause a venous loss of pressure), and the resulting hardness persists until stimulation stops or ejaculation occurs. This blood flow process is led by nervous and hormonal triggers activated when the brain is stimulated by touch or other stimuli; such brain signals can be suppressed by anxiety couple eating healthy lunch A healthy lifestyle can prevent erectile dysfunction since the problem can be caused by preventable conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease. Normal erectile function can be affected by problems that compromise any of the following normal physiological contributions needed for an erect penis: Blood flow Nervous supply Hormones. Vascular causes that affect blood flow, and neurological causes that affect nerve signals are the major medical causes of erectile dysfunction, often due to the underlying disease processes of atherosclerosis and diabetes Smoking and diabetes often cause atherosclerosis, and this narrowing or 'clogging' of arteries in the penis is the most common vascular cause of erectile dysfunction Diabetes can also lead to neuropathy - damage to the nerves. Diabetic neuropathy is a common neurological cause of erectile dysfunction, as is nerve damage resulting from various types of surgery around the pelvis. Less common neurological causes are stroke, a type of epilepsy (partial complex seizures), multiple sclerosis, non-diabetic neuropathy, and spinal cord injury Reducing well-established risk factors for diabetes and atherosclerosis inc
9 Mar 2017
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Urinary Leg Bags created by Angiplast are of top quality materials which results in soft, durable and comfortable bags. Our Urine Lower leg Bags protects your skin area at pressure points by positioning leg strap fittings. The generalized size and condition allow these luggage to be used with straps and holders of your choice. These carriers are suitable for safe and straightforward conduction of urine through the drain valve. The product is straightforward to open and windup with limited agility.
18 Mar 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 What is the lymphatic system? It’s a critical part of the immune system, vital for protecting us from illness and damaging, disease-causing inflammation. Essentially, the lymphatic system is the the body’s inner “drainage system,” a network of blood vessels and lymph nodes that carry fluids from tissues around the body into the blood and vice versa. The lymphatic system has the primary role of protecting the body against outside threats such as infections, bacteria and cancer cells while helping keep fluid levels in balance. The best way to protect the complex series of criss-crossing lymphatic vessels and “nodes” that span almost the entire body (every one except for the central nervous system) is to eat a healing diet, exercise and take steps to detoxify the body naturally. Lymphatic vessels carry fluid that is managed through “valves,” which stop fluid from traveling the wrong way, similar to how blood flow works within the arteries and veins. In fact, the lymphatic system is very similar to the circulatory system made up of branches of veins, arteries and capillaries both bring essential fluids around the whole body and are vital for keeping us alive. In comparison to veins, lymph vessels are much smaller, and instead of bringing blood throughout the body, the lymphatic system carries a liquid called lymph, which stores our while blood cells. (1) Lymph is a clear, watery fluid and also carries protein molecules, salts, glucose and other substances, along with bacteria, throughout the body.
28 Mar 2017
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Bosch Turbo Bypass Valve for Audi Porsche VW
27 Mar 2007
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Listen in as industry professionals from SoftImage and Valve talk about their collaboration on the groundbreaking video game Half-Life 2 and the realease of SoftImage's MOD tools. Noesis Interactive works with both SoftImage/XSI and Valve to teach gamers basic through advanced techniques regarding video game modding and development. Be sure to check out ""
31 May 2007
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Scuba Gear tips by demonstrates how to use the XS Scuba Pro Valve and the benefits of using it.
21 Aug 2007
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Honda valve adjustment pictures using the Powerbuilt valve adjustment tool and feeler gauge (Honda Tool Deal from This Accord had a missing roller (not pictured) for #3 cylinder rocker, causing most of the valve noise - Check roller rockers!
15 Sep 2007
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0:39 This Accord had a missing roller (not pictured) for #3 cylinder rocker, causing most of the valve noise - Check roller rockers!
18 Sep 2007
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1-How to convert and three handle tub and shower valve to a single handle tub and shower valve
5 Dec 2007
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Learn how to install automatic sprinkler valves from Sprinkler Daddy - This video shows you how to install your own automatic sprinkler valves, specifically how to attach it to the swivel manifold system.
9 May 2008
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Tips on installing your own automatic sprinkler valves. If you're looking to install your own underground sprinkler system, check out We'll be able to give you a free quote and professional design with every Sprinkler Daddy do-it-yourself sprinkler system we sell.
9 May 2008
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Installing a sprinkler valve box can be made easier by using bricks to support the valve box and using crushed rock in the bottom to make it look a little neater. Visit for your free do it yourself sprinkler system quote.
15 May 2008
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How to wire automatic sprinkler valves. Attach wire to the sprinkler valves and run it to the automatic sprinkler timer. For your free do it yourself underground sprinkler system quote, visit
9 May 2008
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