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dammit why!
7 Apr 2018
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She has a good sense of humor but a little less sense of how not to make your child cry. Poor boy really thought the egg vanished.
12 Apr 2018
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18 Apr 2018
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Search & Deal Direct with a Children’s/Kids Magician now with The World’s Largest Entertainment Booking site! You may be searching for a fantastic way to entertain children at your event? A present-day Children’s Magician will ensure your guests will be astounding by the tricks as well as getting a good case of the giggle! (Even the adult guests!) It doesn't matter what event or party you are organising, hire a contemporary Children’s Magician, and they will bring something awesome to the day that some kids will not have seen before. They'll make balloon models of animals, they'll make objects vanish and reappear and much more, these dazzling Magicians know how to entertain a room! Hoping to find a great way to entertain the children at your wedding reception party? Book a Children’s Magician for your wedding day, and the kids will be kept occupied for hours! Maybe you're looking for the perfect entertainment for the youth at a corporate event, such as a trade show or shop opening? If you’re searching for a way to attract attention in front of a younger audience, then a Children’s Magician will see you've got something up your sleeve! With Entertainers Worldwide, you'll be able to deal direct with a professional Children’s Magician of your choice, where they'll be able to provide you with direct quotes, as well as giving out any other information about them that you may require. So get started now, and give your guests a time they won't forget with a top quality Children’s Magician! Song: Just Be Active - by Sasha Grey.
18 Apr 2018
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This is really cool!. The magitian perform De'vo's Flipback, and then have it vanished off from the back of his hand!
28 Sep 2006
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A solid birdcage vanishes in a blink of an eye without a trace.
10 Sep 2006
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A Three coin vanish I created. I was inspired by Justin Miller's "Silver Dream." Incidentally, my name is Justin as well. Please rate and comment. I want to know how the public feels. Please try to avoid any comments that will not help me on improving my skills. Thanks!
29 Oct 2006
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Is this the ultimate coin vanish magic trick? Or is he just quicker than the eye?
14 Nov 2006
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learn from me an amazing magic trick to vanish a ... pen cap from ur hand easy amazing and go on and amaze ur friends i tried with 1000 no one came to catch me this is !!!!!1 coooool amazing.
6 Dec 2006
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Coin Vanish
4 Dec 2006
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A simple Coin Vanish by Me
7 Dec 2006
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Learn how to simply vanish a cigarette. Very easy to do at any place! No Gimmicks! More at *******www.magicsir****
14 Dec 2006
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The best insane coin vanish in the history of Magic!!
12 Dec 2006
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I vanish two coins with some easy and pretty amazing moves.....
19 Dec 2006
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