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This is part one of how to make a operating system in visual basic 9.0/
24 Apr 2010
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8:15 Welcome to learn this is tutorial 3 and my name is Gym_ In this lesson were going to learn some tricks with duel forms and learn how to do some very basic pass word protected applications So lets get right to it,, 1st thing is open up ether 2005 or 2008 if you have Vb6.0 have a look on my channel or website and your will find plenty of tutorials for VB 5 and 6.0 Ok so lets get on with the show shall we. Going to open up windows form application and change the name to project 3 and click ok Then im going to draw a button on the form Then im going to add a 2nd form Do this by clicking on project link at the top of VB and then the add windows form tab Then were going to scroll right down the bottom till we see windows form and ether double click on it or high light it and click OK This is going to add the 2nd form to our project After that were going to double click on the button we made on our form1 and insert the codes to open and close our forms is used to make our 2nd form visible And me.hide closes no1 form in vb6.0 you could use form1.hide but in 2005 and 2008 you must use the term ME as reference to the form that the code is being placed into And that's it all of 4 words to open and close 2 forms So let's run the program and have a quick look Cool that works So again let's try something a little more advanced,,, let's make form 2 pass word protected Click on the text box icon and draw a textbox on form 1 If textbox 1 . text = "123456" then Ok see the blue line its telling us that there is a error,, and if we hover our mouse over the top of it u can see its telling us there is no end if at the end of the stamen So after we make shore we have our quotation marks in place let's put in that end if statement And lets run the program again Click the button and nothing happiness Put in the wrong pass word and click the button And nothing happens Enter the correct password and form 2 shows up and form 1 closes Now that certainly dose the job but how about we make it a bit better So 1st thing i want to do is change the colours on the forms so it can be seen a lot more easily on video. Lets change form1 to blue and form 2 to a dark red Ok to improve the function ability of this pass word protected form let put in a else statement After form show and hide type in Else Then Msgbox " wrong pass" This means that is the if anything ells what so ever happens besides that pass word being right then the else stamen kicks in and in this case provides us with a message box saying wrong password Ok so lets see this in action shall we Run the program click the button with no pass word in we get message box Type in the wrong pass word,,, and we get message box Type in the right password and get form 2 appearing and form to leaving .. what about if we want multiple boxes like how that have the key login on windows and a lot of other software as your instilling it. Very easy lets put 2 more text boxes on our form And then go into our code and put If text1 . text
25 Oct 2008
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Este video es parte de una serie con la finalidad de que cualquiera aprenda en pocos minutos como crear una aplicacion con Visual Studio 2005 y VB.NET. La primera parte esta dividida en 2 por que youtube no me dejo subir el video de 14 minutos.
1 Dec 2008
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Microsoft VB.Net 2008 Controls II : ListBox -
11 Jan 2009
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How to make procedure in 2008
6 Oct 2009
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4:42 welcomes you to learn VB.NET in this tut im going to show you how to make a label transparnt in VB 2008
24 Jan 2010
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2:41 How Can I Make Richtextbox Save And Load
9 Mar 2010
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13 Oct 2010
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5 Jun 2012
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