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12 Apr 2007
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all the information which has passed before few days back in the case of indian mumbai city attack ,india with out inquiry directly past the tital of it on pakistan that pakistani mujahideen do it but th e vedio says you what look care fully an indian religion wise hindu is agree to attack on india against money so every thinmg is clear and how can be posible that the distance between karachi to mumbai port is 500 km could be covered from pakistan to india with the explosive meterial with out checking , now india announce that untill they complete the inquiry of this incident pakistan should ban on theirn religious orgnization specially jamat ud dawa the leader of jamat ud dawa has been capture by the pakistan government and no one can meet with him for minimum one month according to the government last night news paper statement but if india give attention to controll all 200,000,000 muslim peoples of india and their religious orgnization it was impossible that india face the mumbai attack these are indian muslim and indian hindus who are involve in it acording to a survy local survy in pakistan pakistan total papulation is 160,000,000 and indian p[apulation is over i billion if talk about exect that is 1.15 billion people from which the muslims are in number to indian total are 20 percent almost but in number are 200,000,000 so after complete to a long time india could not proove that the pakistan is involve in it but if indian measure to herself and controll to it's minorities and make a level of justic amoung all the minurities of india it was imposible which india face recent attack on mumbai
24 Dec 2008
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30 Jan 2010
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Bangladeshi boyes funny mugic vedio
13 Dec 2009
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Mahmoud Migri - Houriya (Vedio Clip)
31 Jan 2011
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Hi oi Seni jabi keni JAAN MONI (Assamese Bihu Vedio Song)
9 Apr 2011
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funny vedio
17 Jul 2012
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me and my friends in ALQUDS COLLEGE were we have been working in the year 2006
13 Nov 2007
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hazaragi taranaha
9 Nov 2008
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Video Training Covers the following which comes under the Setup, Customer, Supplier, Bank, Product and Other important features of Sage. In addition to that SAGE Line 50 Software manual also comes with CD. Areas Covered in Video Tutorials: ¨ Setup after installation ¨ Changing Module Default View ¨ Creating a password ¨ Changing a password ¨ The list view ¨ Creating a customer record ¨ Editing a sales invoice ¨ Printing a sales invoice ¨ Updating a sales invoice to ledger ¨ Posting a batch sales invoice ¨ Posting a batch sales credit note ¨ Posting a customer receipt ¨ Producing a customer statement ¨ Running an aged debtors report ¨ Creating letters to chase debt ¨ Restricting mail to customers ¨ Editing a customer record ¨ Creating mailing labels ¨ Putting a customer on hold ¨ The customer dashboard ¨ Attaching a document to a customer ¨ Deleting a customer record ¨ Changing a customers credit limit ¨ Changing a customers default nominal code ¨ Changing a customers default tax code ¨ Producing a sales invoice ¨ Producing a product sales invoice ¨ Duplicating a sales invoice ¨ Creating a nominal record ¨ Editing a nominal record ¨ Deleting a nominal record ¨ Posting a nominal ledger journal ¨ Ledger Activity ¨ Preparing a VAT return ¨ Running a trail balance report ¨ Running a profit and loss report ¨ Running a balance sheet report ¨ Creating a product record ¨ Editing a product record ¨ Deleting a product record ¨ Setting up product categories ¨ Creating a bank record ¨ Editing a bank record ¨ Deleting a bank record ¨ Posting a bank receipt ¨ Posting a bank payment ¨ Bank transfers ¨ Recurring bank payments ¨ Using the find function in financials ¨ Creating a backup ¨ Restoring a backup ¨ Year end function ¨ Producing remittance slips ¨ The company dashboard
17 Jul 2009
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26 Dec 2010
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CHristmas vedio
13 Feb 2007
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