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Ventriloquist comedian Kenny Warren and his dummy sidekick "Leroy Cool" appear on "The Robert Klein Time Show", USA Network
19 Mar 2007
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COMEDIAN VENTRILOQUIST KENNY WARREN seen with his dummy "Joey O'Leary" appear in a series national television commercials. The American Tourister Luggage TV commercial featuring "Joey O'Leary" (with behind-the-scenes background assistance of "his" ventriloquist Kenny Warren) was nominated for the advertising industry's prestigious Clio Award.
19 Mar 2007
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Etta James Cover -Ventriloquist -
1 Sep 2007
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Magic and Ventriloquist
25 Oct 2007
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COMEDIAN VENTRILOQUIST AND VOCAL ILLUSIONIST KENNY WARREN & LEROY COOL put words in someone else's mouth. Watch what happens!
28 Oct 2007
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The Great Gabbo is a fascinating psychological drama starring the captivating Erich von Stroheim. One of the most brilliant film directors of all time, von Stroheim was also an arresting actor whose screen presence is rarely rivaled today. In his most wide ranging and complex role, von Stroheim plays a profound but emotionally tortured ventriloquist who uses his dummy Otto to let out his rage. The beautiful and remarkable Betty Compson plays von Stroheim’s assistant who loves him, but has trouble getting past his deeply troubled mind. Compson is excellent, but this film is about von Stroheim and his deterioration into insanity. Powerfully subtle, richly simple, The Great Gabbo is an artistic triumph thanks to the genius of Erich von Stroheim.
24 Apr 2008
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7 Nov 2008
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Val Hilliker is an internationally renowned Comedy ventriloquist certified in both the Virtues Project as a Master Facilitator and a World laughter leader. Watch as she makes you the star, your Committee will love you and you will love Val.
17 Jan 2009
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Father Krystian 50th birthday party. Val Hilliker is an internationally renowned Comedy Ventriloquist. Certified as a Virtues Project Master Facilitator and A World Laughter Leader.www.valhilliker****
25 Dec 2008
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Ventriloquist, makes words come out of your mouth.
13 Feb 2009
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drum Jiangzhou Ventriloquist primitive original ecological art Intangible Cultural Heritage
8 Jan 2010
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Ventfly the Ventriloquist video submission for the America's Got Talent YouTube Audition. Download Link File: *******easylinkme****/RebekahCobbable49038/Ventriloquist Keywords account hack codes hack software hack dvd
5 Jul 2010
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Watch this demonstration of what a ventriloquist is answered by one of Canada's finest ventriloquists. And yes she talks without moving her lips.
28 Feb 2011
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Get him at chelys toys and imports on ebay. He is an authentic handmade ventriloquist puppet. From the late 1950's. Has been in the family. This little guy can be used as a prototype for a art project or you can make your own and make a decent living if your a great entertainer and ventriloquist.
10 Nov 2011
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Get him at Chely's Toys and Imports on Ebay Vintage Handmade Ventriloquist Dummy Also known as Puppen, Marionettes, and Puppets Professional Quality From Mexico City "Titino Marinero" (Sailor "Titino) 75cm Tall Weight 2 kilos (1lb) Can wear 2T or 4T clothes Shoe size is 12 of child This particular one is Titino the sailor (not the one in the videos), was made in the late 1950's and used through the 1960's and to present. He shows much wear cause material is Artesian in nature. So that many years, Titino needs a touch up and revision. Which I will do and once done he will be must more valuable. This can serve as a prototype for making them here in the USA, and you can use them to entertain. Arts and Crafts students and officialnados would love to copy cat and make their own personalized ventriloquist. This can serve as a way of making a living if your good at it, you can open a Ventriloquist Cafe etc. This is a rare model and very hard to find , because the ones made now in Mexico City is the new generation of Artisans. The old ones from the 1st, 2nd and even the 3rd are very rare and circa collector's items now. Manufacturing has been and is currently based out of cardboard and white glue or glue. Preparing, paper mache type but reinforced with an inner layer of the paste, later to paint, so being a craft , no piece is alike. This one can easily be touched up with new material and new painting, of course with all the right colors. Has two pulls from the head area, one to move the mouth which shows his teeth, and the other one to move his eyebrows. You can also remove his hair if you want and put a new wig, (but really I would not because you would take the value from him/it.) Take him to your art class, or your home, love him some more. My father was a ventriloquist but he died 2 years ago (Sept 2009), so this was his favorite one. Titino lost his mariner's outfit, he has his PJ's on right now and also he has dressed up for taking his picture ,Outfits will be included, not a big deal on the clothes just some Pj's from today's world from kids Dept's. Titino gets very cold, so it was the least I can do to cover him up. His Original suit can be made if your into sewing, but that can easily be bought as well. Please see all pictures. The last picture is how Titino the sailor should look with his outfit and a spruced up face and hands.
10 Nov 2011
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3 Nov 2016
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