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What happens when a npc straps on a pair of lollerblades and brings the fight to YOU? Special thanks to Alessandro Schiassi ( *******alessandroschiassi**** ) for VFX supervision/assistance, and also playing the Dude From a GTA Game, and Clinton Jones for helping me get even!
2 Jun 2012
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Me and the boys from Smosh stumble upon a huge gun sale. Much tomfoolery is afoot. Huge guns were created with a combination of a lot of Photoshopping and After Effects. Special thanks to Ian and Anthony from Smosh, who showed us all the coolest shooting locations around Sacramento. This was actually one of the first videos we shot on our road trip, but the VFX meant it hasn't been seen... until now!
5 Jun 2012
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A harsh, gritty look at the world of Mario Kart in real life. Red shells mean business. Thanks to K1 Speed for allowing us use of their track! Special thanks to Corridor Digital and Lifepreneur for VFX help and behind the scenes camera work! Couldn't have done it without those guys!
5 Jun 2012
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Ryan answers 3 questions including how to do a ricochet with style & getting your own arsenal of awesomeness by breaking out some VFX magic.
22 Aug 2012
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Click to tweet! *******clicktotweet****/phbk1 Share on facebook! ******* SECOND CHANNEL: *******youtube****/samandniko Challenge rules! There are 3 contests we're holding, and you can enter all 3! Prizes will be given for each! THE DEADLINE FOR ALL 3 IS APRIL 21ST, 2011, 11:59PM PST! Winners will be announced soon after. Contest is open for ALL COUNTRIES. _____1) Second Channel Subscriber Contest._____ We will pick 3 random subscribers from our new second channel and give away prizes to each. All you need to do is subscribe to youtube****/samandniko, and you're automatically entered! _____2) VFX Challenge_____ Create an awesome 30 second video using pre-keyed greenscreen clips that we provide (below) and upload it to YouTube. You must use at least one of these clips in your movie, you don't have to include all of them. Once uploaded, fill out the form that will require you to provide a link to your video. Use anything you want, and submit as many as you want! Clip Download Link: ******* or ******* Video Submission Link: ******* _____3) Facebook Photo War_____ Make an awesome and/or hilarious photo that has something to do with Corridor Digital. It can be from our videos, something we've done, or just us! Use anything you want, and submit as many as you want! To submit the photo, go to our Facebook page ( *******www.fb****/CorridorDigital ), like our page, then upload your photo to our wall! _____________________________ That's it! Don't forget to use the CORRIDOR coupon code at airsoftpost**** for 15% off. This is good for the month of April. Machinima and Airsoftpost**** kick ass, but you should know that by now. Music in this video is a song we wrote called the Two Fifteen. We'll be putting it up on iTunes in a few days if you guys would like to have it.
13 Sep 2012
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FC Sountrack is up! *******www***rridor-digital****/frozencrossing/ Sam and Niko talk about how they made Frozen Crossing part one, including set photos and VFX breakdowns!
13 Sep 2012
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Shoot Your Friends is back with another episode! This time we let you in on the secret of color grading. Your friends will ask, "Why do your movies look so great? Did you get a new camera?" And you will laugh at them for not knowing the secret! Do not laugh too hard though, or you will hurt their feelings. Instead, show them this handy video. Many of you have asked us for tutorials, so we have created a webseries to do just that! Every few weeks we will explore an important facet of movie production, whether it's a VFX tutorial, or a lesson on tricks to do with your camera. Next up, I think we will talk about bullet hits. We just need to find a bunch of machine guns first. music: incompetech
13 Sep 2012
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Boom! Watch that fire. Watch it, but please don't try and make it. Try and guess which effects are real, and which are fake. I bet you can't tell! VFX are great to learn and all, but nothing beats great practicals. This video proves that. We filmed in beautiful wintery Minnesota during 2009, as a culmination of tricks we have learned after tinkering for years.
13 Sep 2012
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Click to tweet! - *******clicktotweet****/R3E62 Super BONUS VID! - *******youtube****/watch?v=w64HGfGN9Kk Hit us up on twitter: *******twitter****/corridordigital Join the fun on facebook: *******fb****/corridordigital Download the soundtrack: *******corridordigital.bandcamp****/track/minecraft-the-last-last-minecart The end of days are upon us. Zombies now walk the earth 24/7. The ultimate weapon must be crafted so that Niko and Sam can escape on the last remaining minecart out of the infected city! Special thanks to the following dudes for helping us out: Jimmy Wong (Zombies!) - *******youtube****/jimmy Arthur To (camera dude for first half) - *******youtube****/paperisdelicious Nick Laurent (camera dude for second half) - *******youtube****/rosenchuck1 Freeman White III (camera and all around bro) - *******youtube****/afreeworld Notch, for making the game in the first place. - *******minecraft**** Shot with: Canon 7D, Sony EX1 Edited: Final Cut Pro VFX: After Effects, 3ds Max, Rayfire User Reviews: "That was, by far, the best thing on the Internet." - tristen32
14 Sep 2012
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Click to tweet! *******clicktotweet****/c6ubD Twitter: *******www.twitter****/CorridorDigital Facebook: *******www.fb****/CorridorDigital Original video - ******* Well, after building all the sweet vfx shots for The Last Minecart, we couldn't resist. Also, what do you think of our awesome helmet skills? Giving the MarshBros a run for their money, if you ask me!
14 Sep 2012
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CLICK LIKE/FAV!! What do you get when you cross CorridorDigital, FreddieW and Epic Meal Time? A pile of burgers obviously!!! Shout-outs to CorridorDigital for providing the VFX! Special thanks to CorridorDigital for the Movie Magic!!! ***********/corridordigital FOLLOW!! *******www.twitter****/epicmealtime LIKE!!! *******www.facebook****/epicmealtime TSHIRTS!! ***********
18 Sep 2012
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Industriefilm, Produktfilme und Messefilme haben oft den Charme eines zu lang gekauten Kaugummis. Der Anspruch in der Unternehmens- und Produktkommunikation sollte aber ein Anderer sein. Jeder Messefilm sollte auch gleichzeitig ein Eyecacher sein und jeder Produktfilm ein visueller Augenschmaus. Das hat sich Picture Front auf die Fahnen geschrieben und das ist es, was wir seit vielen Jahren für unsere Kunden umsetzen. Picture Front (3D, CGI & VFX) Hamburg / München
14 Feb 2013
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Today Ryan finally shows how the guys pulled off the final VFX shot from the latest episode of Pimp Your Production! *******gamehackerz****/dungeon-rampage-hack-free-coins-and-gems-cheat
26 Apr 2013
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Shahrukh Khan's VFX studio will help Priyanka Chopra to get that perfect Mary Kom look. More in this report For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
27 Apr 2013
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In today's show we talk about Paula Deen, VFX documentaries, Jeff Gordon pranking bloggers, Arizona anti-gay laws being vetoed, and everything else that mattered to me.
6 Mar 2014
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VFX test plate, Fire Hand.
31 Mar 2017
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