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Video Email is in its infancy and set to explode from growth standpoint. Get in on the ground floor now and make money in the process. helloWorld is the easiest and most practical video email solution. Get paid by telling others about it or use it in your everyday life to communicate with the world in a more personal and powerful way. DONT MISS OUT!
26 Feb 2008
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Jessika Ondrick (FromTiredToTerrific****) loves how video email helps her communicate with her members. Find out how easy video email is to send by visiting *******www.jiveSYSTEMS**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Dec 2008
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Peter Cugno embraces new video email technology to help him communicate with his Secret University! members. Learn how he does it by visiting *******www.jiveSYSTEMS**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Dec 2008
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If you're not convinced that video email will accelerate the growth of your business after listening to Steve's success story, don't bother visiting *******www.jiveSYSTEMS**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Dec 2008
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Wendy establishes relationships with her members by using jiveSYSTEMS video email. If you want to bridge the gap between you and your prospects/clients start using video email to communicate today by visiting *******www.jiveSYSTEMS**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Dec 2008
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Wink Jones is an online diamond dealer. Can you imagine how impressed his clients were when he started sending them video emails? To learn more visit *******www.jiveSYSTEMS**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Dec 2008
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Chris Sargent with GPS Fleet Consulting loves the service and the support we offer. You can start using video email to impact your business in 30 minutes from RIGHT NOW! Lock in a Beta membership at *******www.jiveSYSTEMS**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Dec 2008
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Mike Burns describes the new video email service, Proclaim The World, from A+ Conferencing. 888-239-3969. www.proclaimtheworld****
31 Dec 2008
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Video email Marketing Relationship Attraction
23 Feb 2009
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WE VIDEO EMAIL - THE HOTTEST SERVICE ON THE INTERNET TODAY! WeVideoEmail is proud to present the most innovative way on the Internet today, to send emails to family, friends, colleagues and associates. Video emails allow you to make your email message so much more personal and memorable. Why send boring emails when you can send an attractive video email with your own personal spokesperson? Why not be your own spokesperson? Your friends and family will look forward to receiving your emails and you will have fun creating them. WeVideoEmail is committed to providing the most innovative and complete video email service on the Internet. Even if you have tried other video email services you haven't seen anything like WeVideoEmail. We've taken video email one step further. Harnessing the power of the virtual spokesperson technology and integrating it with our spectacular video email services we have created an unparalleled product. Everyone knows that video is the way of the future for the Internet. Why wait for the future to arrive? Become an affiliate today and bring your videos to life. WeVideoEmail offers incredibly affordable products with a great opportunity. When you sign up for the WeVideoEmail service, not only will you have access to the many free templates but you also have the option of purchasing customized templates for your own use.
11 Apr 2009
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FREE new video emailing and much more. Leading edge technology and Marketing Tool! *******tinyurl****/ccdnj4
3 May 2009
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Frederic Din has started sending videos in his marketing. Listen to what Frederic has to say about the results from jiveSYSTEMS video email. To join the video email revolution, visit *******www.jivesystems****
14 Aug 2009
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Send videos that energize your audience. *******www.benchmarkemail****/email-marketing/email-campaigns/video-email-marketing
17 Oct 2009
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Visit *******myvideobusiness.mysuccessmantra**** Introducing Video Email - a noble concept to finally get across the language and technical barrier. Get across to people with a click of the mouse!
7 Mar 2010
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*******www.CreateInstantRapport**** Instant Rapport Live allows you to use the principles of attraction marketing. It's a Multi-media Video Email Solution with a Webcast room and alot more. You should not be without InstantRapportLive****. Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 May 2010
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www.myvideoemailcenter**** Easy to record and send streaming video emails. More personal and informative whether sending to friends and family or using for online marketing and training. Take advantage of our 30 day free trial. myvideoemailcenter****
1 Sep 2010
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