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I like to do lots of video gaming.
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20 Aug 2017
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Synopsis It is the year 2044 and the world is a disaster. Fossil energy sources are practically depleted and the price of fuel is high. In the midst of a huge depression worldwide most people subsist as best they can. However, a virtual reality video game called OASIS provides the escape route that people need. People dedicate more time to the game than to real life itself. The game offers all imaginable possibilities and anything is possible. The creator of OASIS is a huge fan of the 1980s, as well as a fantastic video game programmer who amasses an immense fortune with his company GSS, whose masterpiece is OASIS. After his death announces in a video that the game contains an easter egg. Whoever finds him will inherit all his fortune. The time passes until, after five years, Wade Watts, who decides like so many others to launch the race to find the Easter Egg, suddenly manages to solve one of the puzzles that brings him closer to his goal. The competition is fierce among the Sixers, the employees of a company called IOI that seeks to gain control of OASIS, and the Gunters, all other people, either individually or in clans. Thus begins a frantic race in which the only solution to survive is to win.
18 Aug 2017
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Hey guys this is my first video on Metcafe dont forget to like comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!
17 Aug 2017
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15 Aug 2017
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My review of Die Hard for the NES
11 Aug 2017
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Agents of Mayhem Trailer – Volition – Deep Silver – Square Enix – Designer Anoop Shekar - Saints Row – PlayStation 4 – Xbox One – Microsoft Windows Agents of Mayhem is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game, developed by Volition, published by Deep Silver and distributed by Square Enix in North America. The game is set for an August 2017 release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is a spin-off of Volition's Saints Row series, and includes several plot and character crossovers. Agents of Mayhem is an open world game played from a third-person perspective. The game takes place in a futuristic version of Seoul, South Korea, billed as "the city of tomorrow." The game features twelve different agents, and players can choose three agents from them to complete missions and explore the world. The twelve agents include Fortune, a Colombian former sky pirate; Hardtack, a United States Navy chief petty officer; Hollywood, actor and proclaimed "Face of Mayhem"; Rama, an Indian immunologist; and Pierce Washington, who after driving L.E.G.I.O.N. out of Stilwater, joined M.A.Y.H.E.M. under the alias "Kingpin" Also available to select are: Yeti, Scheherazade, Oni, Braddock, Daisy, Red Card, and Joule.
9 Aug 2017
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Best of IndieCade 2016 - RIOT: Civil Unrest Game Demo – FuTurXTV – Developer/Designer Leonard Menchiari (creator/graphics/narrative/design) - Marco Agricola - Fabrizio Zagaglia (additional programmer/in-game graphics) - Michele Postpischl (sound design) - Giacomo Langella (music composer) - Ivan Venturi (producer) – Merge Games – IV Productions – IndieCade – Italy RIOT is a crowd control simulation-based game representing real events that have been happening around the world in the past few years. The game focuses on realistic crowd intelligence with very high gameplay variation depending on the tactics (both violent and non-violent) that the player will decide to use.
6 Aug 2017
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Lawbreakers Cinematic Trailer – Boss Key Productions – Nexon – Director – Cliff Bleszinski - Designer - Dan Nami – Artist – Tramell Isaac – Unreal Engine 4 – Microsoft Windows – Playstation 4 – Limited Run Games LawBreakers (stylized as LAWBREAKERS), previously known under the code-name BlueStreak, is an upcoming first-person hero shooter video game developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon The game is set to be released worldwide on August 8, 2017 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. Limited Run Games will help distribute it on physical media. The game was set to be free to play, but in March 2016, Boss Key announced that they had abandoned the format in favor of a pay-to-play release. After being demoed at the 2016 PAX East gamer festival in Boston, LawBreakers began closed alpha and beta testing. On June 30, 2017, Boss Key released an open beta on Steam, which lasted until July 5. A second open beta was available from July 28 to July 31 for PC and PS4.
6 Aug 2017
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Best of IndieCade 2016 - INFINIT-O: Dreams of Space Game Demo – Designer/Developer - Corazon Del Sol – IndieCade 2016 Visual Design Award Winner – Engineer - Archie Prakash - 3D Artist – Oscar David – IndieCade Dreams is a video game that will be on display as part of the exhibition, Let Power Take A Female Form. The video game is a conceptual portrait on the life & influence of three generations of women artists, Eugenia Butler, Eugenia P. Butler, Corazon Del Sol. The central character is a pair of three legs that navigates a series of planetary vignettes, with theme elements that oscillate between absurd dreaminess and narrative vehicles that explore the archetypes of woman-hood. The player in Dreams scampers through the territory of a creative self, she attains material signifiers that raise her stature in the world, but she also holds power to destroy what she’s created for herself. Dreams embraces the absolute freedom to succeed creatively in respective cultural paradigms. Corazon Del Sol’s video game Dreams is a cross-generational didactic. The game was born by Del Sol’s dictation of a premise based on her grandmother’s life in which the female protagonist employs her status quo to defeat surrounding ‘bourgeois structures’ and ‘ultimately to self-destruct.
6 Aug 2017
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Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Launch Trailer – 505 Games – Zootfly – Microsoft Studios – Steam – PC – Xbox 360 – Microsoft Windows – Payday 2 – Rocket League Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death uses a real-time control scheme typical of other similar games, such as the God of War and Devil May Cry franchises. Players may attack with their weapon, grapple with and throw enemies, and use magical attacks. Weapons and spells can be upgraded using experience points. The player may launch a swift attack using one button and a slow, strong attack with another; combinations of the two attacks lead to combos. The player's current number of uninterrupted hits is kept counted on-screen, with greater rewards resulting from a higher count. Briggs's starting weapon is Kukulkan's Fangs, a double-ended scythe with obsidian blades. It has three alternative forms, serving as the game's other weapons: Tacab's Bloodthirsty Claws, a pair of curved swords wielded backhand with swift slashes; the Forsaken Sting, a long chain-whip with long reach but low damage output; and Patan's Tusk, a slow but powerful hammer. Briggs is also bestowed with a number of magical abilities. Spirit Knives allow him to strike foes at long range, the Conversion ability brainwashes enemies to fight alongside him, and the Wings of the Condor allow him to glide through the air. Four spells attack, one for each classical element, are also available: the "Flames of Kinich Ahau" and "Chaac's Freezing Wrath" strike all enemies near him; the "Strength of Cabrakan" earth attack strikes all foes in a line in front of him; and "Huracan's Winds" strikes all enemies on the screen.
5 Aug 2017
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My game glitched out.
31 Jul 2017
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If you are interested to play Bungie Destiny Video Game then find groups and players to complete Raids, Missions, Trials of Osiris, Vanguard, and the Crucible Missions, then Anarchy Gaming is definitely the right destination for you.
27 Jul 2017
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