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*******www****booknews**** Want to take on a design challenge? Try designing 4 games in a 4Kb Cartridge! This is merely an example for Ian Bogost to discuss his book Racing the Beam, The Atari Video Computer System. It takes a look at the development of the first popular video game platform through the lens of six game cartridges to show how the developers of those games, for better or worse, laid the ground work for the industry Atari helped spawn.
18 Mar 2010
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Skiing review. Classic Game Room reviews SKIING for Atari 2600 from Activision released in 1980. Skiing is old school Atari gaming at its finest as you control a little red guy in a ski suit through slalom events and downhill ski racing. Don't run into trees or you'll be squashed and lose precious time (you're always skiing for the best time in SKIING). CGR Skiing Atari 2600 video review has gameplay from Skiing from Activision released in 1980 for the Atari 2600 VCS (video computer system).
6 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews SPIDER FIGHTER for Atari 2600 Video Computer System from 1982. This game from Activision is a pseudo-Space Invaders style game where you play as a laser cannon shooting spiders and pods. The spiders are trying to steal fruit from your orchard and you aren't taking it! Shoot them with rapid fire on Atari 2600. This CGR review of Spider Fighter has gameplay from Spider Fighter for Atari 2600 showing old school Atari game play in action. This Activision game cartridge is relatively easy to find and collect today. Spider Fighter!
2 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews DRAGSTER from 1980 for the Atari 2600. This auto racing game puts you in the cockpit of a Drag Racing car! Sort of... you push the button for gas, hold left to use to the clutch and push right to shift. Your objective is to earn the fastest time without blowing your engine up. As far as racing games on Atari 2600 go, Dragster is pretty dull. Enduro from Activision is a better bet for fans of racing games on the old school Atari VCS video computer system. This CGRHD review of Dragster has gameplay from the Atari 2600 version of this classic retro game cartridge.
7 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews HOMERUN for Atari 2600 VCS video computer system. Homerun is a baseball video game from 1978 for the venerable Atari 2600 and plays better than many new baseball games today.... at least for fans of old school games. Graphically it is ancient and more than 30 years old, but the gameplay holds up three decades later and remains fun and addictive. This Home Run for Atari 2600 review shows game play of CGR hitting home runs and beaning batters in the head. Use the adjustable difficulty switch to set the skill level of the opposing team, select which version of the game you want to play and hit a HOME RUN on Atari 2600! The old school sports games on Atari 2600 aren't very expensive and can be had for free if you pick them up with other games. But just because they aren't worth squat doesn't mean they aren't fun. Play some HOMERUN against a friend on Atari 2600 today!
8 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews WARPLOCK for the Atari 2600 VCS video computer system! Break out those Atari paddle controllers and shoot some f'n space pirates in this awesome Data Age game from 1982. Use your tachyon whachamacallits to level Hypertime and rack up points in this Space Invaders meets Breakout video game for the Atari 2600. Classic Game Room HD loves Atari paddle controller games, this one is pretty simple but still packs short games full of awesome space warfare. WARP LOCK is set in the future against hyperspace and hypertime, so you must lock your warp something on to that bad guys doing something else with uh.... whatever, if it moves, SHOOT IT!!!! If it still moves you missed, shoot again before it destroys you! ATARI! This CGRHD review of Data Age's WARPLOCK has gameplay footage from Warplock in HD, an old school retro arcade style Atari 2600 paddle controlled video game from the 1980's. Retro old school video gaming in the house here on CGRHD.
14 Aug 2012
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40'z and love in the hizzouse! Classic Game Room HD reviews REALSPORTS TENNIS for Atari 2600 VCS video computer system. Break it off some bitches, it's tennis! The Real Sports series of sport related cartridges on the Atari 2600 were a more "advanced" series of sports titles that brought video gamers in the early 80's closer to their favotire atheletic events than ever before. While they can be picked at today for being crude, games like RealSports Tennis show how far Atari games had advanced from 1977 to 1983. RealSports Tennis is not a bad game by any stretch, it's actually quite impressive and offers some exciting tennis gameplay. You can play one or two player games, play the CPU, name your character and set the game speed to fast or slow. Realistic tennis scoring and graphics that looked like people (instead of Pong blocks) greet those players willing to take a shot at RealSports Tennis. This silver label cartridge for the Atari 2600 is an easy and affordable find today, as are the other RealSports games like Soccer, Football and Baseball. So check it out, have you played yourself out with Virtua Tennis on the Sega Dreamcast? Then sock it to the Atari 2600 and go for blood with RealSports Tennis on the Atari 2600. Classic Game Room HD reviews Atari 2600 games because CGRHD is an Atari 2600 reviewer reviewing Atari games. This RealSports Tennis review has gameplay footage from this classic old school 1980's arcade style sports game cartridge.
14 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews Donkey Kong Junior for Atari 2600 VCS! Is this the worst version of Donkey Kong JR. ever or is it the best? Donkey Kong Jr. was released in the arcades by Nintendo in 1982 and found its way onto numerous video game consoles in the following years. DK Jr. is on the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, ColecoVision and Nintendo Entertainment System just to name a few. This Donkey Kong Jr. review features gameplay footage from Donkey Kong Junior showing this Nintendo old school arcade game video game masterpiece being played. Witness three rounds of Donkey Kong Jr. as found on this Coleco produced Atari 2600 game cartridge! Witness Donkey Kong's son fighting Mario to save his father in this rare game where Nintendo's hero, Mario, is a bad guy! Classic Game Room reviews Atari 2600 games because we are a Atari 2600 VCS video computer system reviewer reviewing Atari games!
14 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room was the FIRST classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999. Returning in 2008 with new episodes, Classic Game Room breaks out a review of VIDEO OLYPICS for the Atari 2600 Video Computer System. Produced just in time for the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing China, Video Olympics has the spirits of the Olypia of years past all wrapped up into one convenient Atari cartridge. Lurking deep within Video Olypics is basically 10 different versions of PONG. Sure they may use fancy names like Quadrapong and Ice Hockey, Soccery and Volleyball... but it's basically pong. You watched the footage of the different events in the massive Chinese stadium like swimming, gymnastics and track and field... but does that really get you into the action like Video Olympics does? Who won the gold medal in rings... who won the silver in high jumping... what country won the bronze in the 50 meter dash...? I don't know. But I do know that when you play pong you're a winner. Watch the news for up to the minute.. nay, up to the second covereage of the 2K8 olympics in China, but watch your Atari 2600 for up to the second covereage of what's going on in your Atari 2600 Video Olympics! Who knew the Ancient Greeks were on to this? Classic Game Room was the original classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999-2000, now on DVD. The reviews on the HD series are reviewing PS3, PS2, Genesis, NES, Atari and Xbox 360. XBLA. videos review reviews show wii trailer celebrity star swimmer hot photos tags keywords are you reading this if so go away yar's revenge is my favorite game football footballer medals united states etc...
16 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews MEMORY MATCH for the Atari 2600 VCS video computer system. This game was actually made for the Sears Tele-Games line of video games sold at department stores and through catalogs. Memory Match is identical to A Game of Concentration for the Atari 2600 (by Atari). This is a super old school retro video game from the late 70's that uses the Atari Keyboard Controller (previously reviewed). It's basically the video game version of Memory, and also the Atari version of Matchmaker for the Magnavox Odyssey 2. If you like strategy and brain games then this one may be for you.... but probably not. Matchmaker! is ten times better. Classic Game Room is the ultimate Atari 2600 reviewer should by a reviewer who loves all things Atari and appreciates retro video games. 8 Sears Telegames in total in this game cartridge.
17 Aug 2012
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Watch in High Definition. Classic Game Room reviews the Atari 2600 Keyboard Controller for the Atari VCS video computer system! This keyboard controller has number keys on it (like a telephone or calculator!) and works with games like Memory Match, A Game of Concentration, Codebreaker and Basic Programming. This is an old school piece of Atari hardware and a unique, collectable accessory for the venerable VCS. Push buttons and watch numbers and stuff appear and change on screen. You can even carry them in your pocket and show them off to friends and be like "hey bitches, check out my Atari keyboard controllers!". Impress friends, make enemies, play Atari. All in a day's work here at Classic Game Room. Your source for classic and new video game reviews and hardware reviews.
17 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews BURGERTIME for Atari 2600 VCS video computer system! What's time? No... not to get ill, it's time for Hamburgers! Juicy, plump, blocky hamburgers made Atari-style. Burger Time is a 1982 Data East arcade game that has millions of fans worldwide because of it's awesome gameplay and challenge. This Atari 2600 version loses much in translation, but still retains some elements that make gameplay fun. It's a lousy M-Network game cartridge but holds a challenging if somewhat abstract attempt to recreate Burgertime on the Atari. This is one retro arcade classic on the Atari 2600 that you can find cheap today and may want to add to your collection. Classic Game Room reviews old school games with the same passion that we eat hamburgers with onions, mayo, lettuce and ketchup!
17 Aug 2012
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