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Base jumping, grafitti tagging, and obscene gesturing make up the bulk of Aaaaa! - as well as the bulk of my exciting lifestyle. Let's see if the game can live up to my reality.
21 Nov 2009
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We asked our viewers to send in their gaming (and non-gaming) related Halloween costumes and we got some awesome results - including a L4D Cosplay Rap! To Gangster's Paradise! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNSEE IT.
7 Nov 2009
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We check out all the game-related Halloween costumes you sent in (and we even let a couple non-game ones slide -- why not). Plus the best First Person Shooters of all-time and some great new indie releases!
6 Nov 2009
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Another great round-up of free, independently-developed video games.
13 Nov 2009
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Riddle Challenge: ******* JAM: ******* **** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS TO EVERYTHING **** ONE AMAZING COSTUME Cemetery Angel Statue (0:14) *******ideas***olest-homemade-costumes****/2012/09/02/amazing-child-cemetery-angel-costume/ TWO CREEPY COSTUMES Gory Eye by dannylynnforever (0:30) ***********/watch?v=CTqT1q4zMbA ***********/watch?v=sv_eH8ejI90 (slashed mouth) ***********/watch?v=0uz9XStBJ6k (zombie) Creepy Nutcracker (0:50) ******* THREE VIDEO GAME COSTUMES Halo Costume by coolcostume (1:05) ***********/watch?v=lKLpmHYGgRA *******www.facebook****/Coolcostume Bioshock & Borderlands Masks by ohaple (1:18) ***********/watch?v=8lo5tzqtWsY Black Ops 2 Zombie by Emma Pickles (1:31) ***********/watch?v=NlJF5wkMcMc FOUR TV & MOVIE COSTUMES The Joker by MadeYewLook (1:52) ***********/watch?v=blH1FE9Hltw ***********/watch?v=zyqMiigGR24 (pumpkin king) ***********/watch?v=ALwU9vTdnEI (jessica rabbit) ***********/watch?v=BcqoyGXQD4E (jason vorhees) Edward Scissorhands by Emma Pickles (2:06) ***********/watch?v=oVSJQv_TEQ8 ***********/watch?v=IG5Rt7Hi00M (stahma tarr) ***********/watch?v=6yNrq3_uvOI (mystique) ***********/watch?v=r1h4eu9zKTY (daenerys targaryen) Heisenberg From Breaking Bad by SmashinBeauty (2:23) ***********/watch?v=WyWKQS0kSc0 Broly From Dragonball Z by Peter Mander (2:38) ***********/watch?v=g4tg8ZIR4rE *******kre8fx****/ FIVE CLASSIC MONSTER MAKEUPS Vampire by extremesfx (2:54) ***********/watch?v=-X6pJYNE58k Scary Clown by eRaness (3:09) ***********/watch?v=99RozOiHujU ***********/watch?v=yCG6rjbIRrI (skull) ***********/watch?v=fKakgHQm3rw (alien) Mummy by ReeRee Phillips (3:23) ***********/watch?v=7Ogm64M9vYI ***********/watch?v=PyCl6b-Fgws (morticia addams) Skull by LetzMakeup (3:35) ***********/watch?v=FPAFondy-dE ***********/watch?v=xqIestUvpqE (wicked witch 1) ***********/watch?v=UO-myfYnNjU (wicked witch 2) Stan Winston Studios Makes Kevin A Zombie (3:49) ***********/watch?v=MdC1MzXFEjs ***********/watch?v=HangzDVgM3g ************************************** Vsauce Links Kevin's Personal Instagram: ******* T-Shirts: *******www.districtlines****/vsauce Facebook: ******* Twitter: ******* Music by Jake Chudnow: ***********/user/JakeChudnow Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: ***********/user/rickonami Vsauce: ***********/Vsauce Vsauce2: ***********/Vsauce2 Vsauce3: ***********/Vsauce3 WEsauce: ***********/WEsauce
4 Nov 2013
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The New video with a good camera is here: ***********/watch?v=3Ll3ayC8FA0 The Gifford Children's Choir of Racine, WI performs "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton from the credits of the video game Portal. Soloist is in an el-wire dress. We shot a better video. See real better camera version, a video of the kids getting cake and a How We Did It Video at *******giffordchoir.wordpress****
21 Apr 2011
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