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24 Oct 2011
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#6 Billboard hit, 1974
12 Dec 2011
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#6 Billboard hit, 1982
26 Jan 2012
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R.I.P Whitney you will surley be missed. :( Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" Whitney Arista Records
13 Feb 2012
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1982 Asylum Records #0-67956 (promo 12" single) Tracklisting: Side A- Dirty Laundry 5:38 Side A- Dirty Laundry 5:38
19 Mar 2012
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1983 Personal Records # P 49804 (stock 12" single) Tracklisting: Side A- Trommeltanz (12" mix) 6:20 Side B- Trommeltanz (original version) 4:11 Trommeltanz (dub version) 3:11
12 May 2012
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Learn how to quickly catalog, appraise, and sell your records online using a free site called Discogs.
14 Sep 2012
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The 404 Misfit Week comes to a close! We'll end with our favorite Steve Ballmer moments in lieu of his retirement, a boyfriend tracker app from Brazil, sleep-texting, and how to get free food from Whole Foods, legally!Internet pop culture with snarky commentary.
23 Aug 2013
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This song won the MTV Asian Viewer's Choice Award in 1997, making the Eraserheads the first and only Filipino artists to have ever won the award There are two known versions of the song. The first one has the singer continuing to chant the chorus until the song fades. The second version replaces the monotonous chant with a guitar solo and an orchestra ensemble playing the chorus. The music video uses the 2nd version. The first and second verses tell about the narrator's youth, when he would frequently visit his childhood friend, a girl, by hanging around in her huge house after school. The girl was a good dancer, but she was at her best when dancing the el bimbo. The boy would often visit the girl after school to learn the dance, and always felt awkward doing it. It was at this point that the boy realized he was in love with the girl. The third verse fast-forwards to the present, after the narrator and his childhood friend had not met for a long time. The girl, according to gossip, became an unwed single mother and apparently earned a living as a dishwasher in the then-seedy district of Ermita, Manila. Finally, the narrator reveals that his childhood friend had died after being hit and run by an unnamed vehicle. At this point, the narrator regrets not being open with his feelings. He ultimately realizes that his feelings will remain forever unrequited and that the only time he'll be able to dance with her again will be inside his dreams. The events of the narrator's childhood seem to be set before or around the 1960s or 1970s, as he mentions that his childhood friend looks like a Filipina actress popular in the 1940s named Paraluman, portrayed by stage & movie actress, Wena Basco. The music video, directed by AURAEUS SOLITO, basically retells the lyrics of the song. There are some additions, though: After the four boys (who become the Eraserheads) and their childhood friend, Paraluman make a ruckus after their dance, the friend's mother comes in, and in sheer anger she breaks the El Bimbo vinyl record into pieces and takes her daughter away. The Eraserheads dance with their childhood friend, now wearing white. But she tells them that it is their last dance ("Ito na ang huling El Bimbo," "This is our last El Bimbo"). She then collapses in their arms. The Eraserheads bury their childhood friend in a spot filled with leaves afterwards each of them threw pieces of broken El Bimbo vinyl record they used during their childhood days, while uttering parting words to their beloved friend ELY: Ang gabi ay natulog. MARCUS: Ang araw ay ok. BUDDY: Si Paraluman ay magaling RAYMUND: Ang pag-ibig natunaw As they turn their backs, the woman rises like a zombie and styrosnow falls. Later, the burial spot is in flames. At the end of the video, the childhood friends continues to dance until the song ends. Other credits: Female lead role by theater artist WENA BASCO Cinematography by LOUIE QUIRINO Production Design by KARISSA VILLA "ANG HULING EL BIMBO" Released 1996 by: BMG RECORDS (Pilipinas), INC. Retrieved from "*******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Ang_Huling_El_Bimbo"
18 Jun 2009
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Download the MP3 HERE: *******www.cbshaw****/music.htm cb shaw mixes the world's first Video Mash Up Mega Mix, featuring: Napoleon Dynamite DQwon's dance grooves Eminem Without Me Sweet Dreams The Eurythmics Call on Me Eric Prydz 50 Cent In Da Club Benny Bennasi Satisfaction I'm Rick James Bitch Dave Chappelle Part II available on YouTube! Created in May 2005, this is the first ever Video Mash Up Mega-Mix. It is done using special computer-coded vinyl records. For more info, visit: cbshaw**** or myspace****/cbshaw Enjoy!
5 Jul 2009
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Come da titolo, un minitutorial su un metodo un po arcaico ma comunque efficace su come ascoltare i cari vecchi dischi in vinile nel caso non abbiate una puntina... A videotutorial that explains to you how to play a vinyl record with an archaic but really operative method if you don't have a needle
10 Aug 2009
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My very first vinyl record I`ve bought!:-))) The Commodores-Brickhouse 1977 Ow she's a Brick-house, She's mighty mighty, Just lettin' it all hang out She's a brick-house, That lady's stacked, And that's a fact, Ain't holdin' nothin' back, Ow she's a brick-house, Well we're together everybody knows, This is how the story goes... She knows she's got everything, That a woman needs, to get a man How can she lose, with such a youth, Thirty six, twenty four, thirty six, What a winning hand! She's a Brick-house, She's mighty mighty, Just lettin' it all hang out. Yea she's a brick-house, That lady's stacked, And that's a fact, Ain't holdin' nothin back, Oh she's a brick-house, Yeah she's the one, the only one, Built like an Amazon The clothes she wears, her sexy ways, Makes her, ole man wish, For younger days yeah yeah She knows she's built, And knows how to please. Sho' nuff can knock a strong man to his knees. Cause she's a brick-house, She's mighty mighty, Just lettin' it all hang out. Oh she's a brick-house, That lady's stacked, And that's a fact, Ain't holdin' nothin' back, yeah Shake it down shake it down Shake it down shake it down now Shake it down, shake it down now, Shake it down shake it ooo ga ga Shake it down, shake it down Shake it down shake it down now Shake it down, shake it down now, Shake it down shake it shake it Brick-House - Yeah, she's mighty mighty, Just letting it all hang out Ah what a brick-house, Yeah she's the one, the only one, Built like an Amazon. Shake it down, shake it down Shake it down shake it down now Shake it down, shake it down Shake it down shake it shake it Shake it down, shake it down Shake it down shake it down now Shake it down, shake it down now, Shake it down shake it shake it Ow, a brick house
29 Sep 2009
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This is a rare version of this hot song!I got it from an original 12' vinyl record I got from my Uncle!!Enjoy!!
8 Oct 2009
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This was originally recorded at Radio Ceylon in 1990. After the first take Radio Ceylon offered Sudesh to record it into Vinyl Record. Due some reason some one who was inside of the Radio Ceylon cancel the deal, you know how it works over there (Beli Kapili). This re-recording was done in 1993. After that Sudesh continued writing ,composing & singing many songs. Today you may see him live mostly in USA & Spain. This is a result of recently I happened to become one of his close friend. Hopefully I will upload many more videos of him in future.
12 Oct 2009
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Michael Joseph Jackson was the first musical voice I ever heard that made me stop and want to learn more about music. Of course I was very young at the time. And yes, there were lots of other great tunes floating around when I was a kid. But nothing really sparked my desire in music until I heard I Want You Back one day on the radio. Luckily, my mom had an extensive vinyl record collection (including old 45s) and to my amazement she had at least three Jackson 5 records (including I Want You Back)! But she had no idea what she was starting... because I literally played the groves off that poor old 45 record! I played it for HOURS... over and over again (Im not kidding)! I practically *forced* my mom and godmother to tell me/figure out the words to the song this little Michael Jackson guy was singing... I was simply obsessed with that song... and with the singer. On June 25, 2009 when Michael passed away... at first, I thought it was a lie. No, that cant be possible! I thought. To me it was almost UNIMAGINABLE to have music in this world without him, because there are FAR too many musicians, singers and dancers in this world today as a DIRECT RESULT of Michael Jackson for him NOT to exist anymore! I mean... there would be no Usher today without Michael Jackson! There would be no Justin Timberlake today without Michael Jackson! This world has lost something irreplaceable... and I dont think in a thousand years well have another Michael Jackson. He truly was Natures Delight. So I hope youll take a moment and watch this special piano tribute I prepared in dedication to Michael Jackson. The music is an original piece I wrote... and frankly... it almost literally POURED out of me one day as I was sitting at my piano! Thanks for watching... and please leave me your comments! - Brandon D. *******www.get-piano-lessons****/piano-lesson.html#MichaelJacksonDedication **P.S. ... if any Viagra users are watching this video... dont worry, the screen is SUPPOSED to turn blue!
9 Jan 2010
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music videoclip Lime - Guilty The first time I had ya It felt like I have never loved before You broke my heart and you walked out the door I told myself I'll never, never love no more And then I tried to call you (Pre-Chorus) You are so pretty You catch me by surprise You are a devil in disguise And if I've been wrong to ya Let me try to mend your broken heart I'll try to make it better from the start I need to know you'll never, never be apart Can't we make it true? (Repeat Pre-Chorus) We're all... (Chorus, Repeat 2x) Guilty We're all guilty Guilty We're all guilty Guilty We're all guilty of love Do ya really miss me? Is it true, the things that people say? You talked about me just the other day You're comin' back Baby, tell me, that you're gonna stay It could be so easy (Repeat Pre-Chorus) We're all guilty Guilty Guilty We're all guilty of love Guilty Guilty Guilty We're all guilty of love (Keyboard Solo) (Repeat 2nd Verse) (Repeat Pre-Chorus) We're all... (Repeat Chorus and Fade) Lime conocido como Hi-NRG, es un grupo canadiense de música electrónica y Disco, formada en los años ochenta en Montreal. Los miembros fueron Denis Le Page en la parte musical y la cantante Denyse Le Page. Entre 1982-1983, en la parte escénica fueron Joy Morris y Chris March. Sus singles más importantes fueron : It's You ( 1980 ) y Your Love (1981), clásicos de las pistas de baile; Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight (1982); Come and Get Your Love , Guilty y Angel Eyes (1983); I Don´t Want to Lose You (1984) y Unexpected Lovers (1985).synth-pop group from Montréal, Canada, during the 1980s. The group was composed of husband and wife Denis and Denyse LePage, although two younger and more attractive singers, Joy Dorris and Chris Marsh, were chosen to tour and appear as the act. They are most noted for their songs "Angel Eyes" (1983) and "Your Love" (1981 #1 US Dance). Very early in their career, they released an instrumental 12" single vinyl record called "The Break" under the name Katmandu. Singer Denyse also wrote and sang on the record "Dancin' the Night Away" by Vogue.
5 Feb 2010
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