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Buy it on Amazon: ************/dp/B00TQAXJBC/ ------ Classical violinist Ashling Michaels has her hands full. It's one thing to discover she's not who she thinks she is, but when she learns she's mated to the men of her dreams, a wizard, a vampire and a wolf shifter, what's a girl to do? Add to the mix an ancient prophecy which foretells her fate as humankind's best hope for survival and things go from the sublime to the absurd. It is January 2014. In less than twelve months, the winter solstice will signal The Coming, the day foretold when The Others will rid the planet of those they see as interlopers, every human man, woman and child. As the clock ticks down, her mates will face their own moment of truth. Centuries-old enemies of The Others, they have sworn an oath to protect humans, but can they do it and risk losing the feisty, fearless woman whom they cherish above all things?
21 Sep 2016
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I am a fan and the performer of compositions of the American violinist of Lindsey Stirling. I hope, you will like my cover on composition of Lindsey Stirling "Take Flight".
9 Aug 2016
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I am a fan and the performer of compositions of the American violinist of Lindsey Stirling. I hope, you will like my cover on composition of Lindsey Stirling "Take Flight".
9 Aug 2016
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Classical violin score with heavy dance beats. Composed and performed by violinist Nikki TFX. Track: Vampirotoothus (Vampire Squid Mix) Artist: Tuffonix. Taken from the album Octarine. Inspired by the wonderful Vampirotoothus Infernalis from BBC Planet Earth. I love the sense of movement of this amazing creature, so much personality! The song contains samples of David Attenborough's narration from the "Ocean Deep" episode of Planet Earth. "No vestige of light can penetrate as far as this." "Vampirotoothus, the vampire squid from hell." "To see what it does, we must switch off the lights. The vampire squid has lights of his own." "Bioluminescent bacteria shine from pockets on its arms, to confuse its predators." "Vampirotoothus disappears into the blackness." A huge THANK YOU to David Attenborough for 50+ years of amazing programs and total dedication to the natural world! Also contains video clips from the "The Deep" episode of Blue Planet. All BBC Life footage is copyright BBC Worldwide 2001-2007.
6 Jun 2013
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Classical violin score with heavy dance beats. Composed and performed by violinist Nikki TFX - she has played with artists like Michael Jackson. Track: Neo L.A. Artist: Tuffonix. Taken from the album Octarine.
6 Jun 2013
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Linzi Stoppard - Ben Lee - FUSE violinists dubstep electric violin video.
23 May 2013
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Using unprecedented degrees of violence, young Joey Tai (John Lone) becomes the head of Chinese mafia in New York and undisputed leader of the Chinese community. Stanley White (Mickey Rourke), the most decorated cop in New York, who hates Asian people since his service in Vietnam, is put in charge of Chinatown. Both men are prone to breaking long-established rules and both men are unlikely to make compromises with each other, which leads to unavoidable and bloody conflict. In the meantime, Stanley fall in love with the journalist Tracy Tzu (Ariane). Son of classical musicians and formally trained as a violinist, David Mansfield was first signed by the legendary Mary Martin, at sixteen, to Warner Bros. At age 18, David joined Bob Dylan's band for four years, starting with the "Rolling Thunder Revue". David's first film score was for the notorious epic "Heaven's Gate". It led to a four-film collaboration with director Michael Cimino, which resulted in a Golden Globe nomination for his score for the Oliver Stone-penned "Year Of The Dragon", that he implemented with both symphonic and electronic elements, this score truly defines the depth of this film and his career, because this soundtrack is a forgotten masterpiece
5 May 2013
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*******www.fuseofficial****/ FUSE Violin Duo with Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee perform live at the world famous GQ Awards from Mumbai India.The performance was broadcast on Star World TV across Asia to an audience of over 110 million.
5 May 2013
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Was waiting for a goat to appear but to be completely honest, this is really quite good. *******gamehackerz****/stormfall-age-of-war-cheats-and-hack
17 Apr 2013
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4 Apr 2013
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Following on from the highly successful IVANS XTC, a landmark in digital cinema, acclaimed director Bernard Rose (CANDYMAN) continues the re-imagining of Leo Tolstoy’s controversial 19th Century literature, in the second part of a planned trilogy. Once again featuring a stand-out performance by Danny Huston, THE KREUTZER SONATA probes further into the darker side of modern Hollywood society, exploring the rich complexities of love, obsession, and paranoia in a raw, emotional and sexually charged thriller based around the theme of Beethoven’s classic sonata. Edgar (Danny Huston “X Men: Wolverine”, “How to Win Friends & Alienate People”), a wealthy philanthropist meets Abigail (Elisabeth Röhm “Law & Order”, “Heroes”), a beautiful and talented pianist. Their relationship quickly boils into a deep and passionate affair that knows no boundaries. When Abby starts work on Beethoven's violin-piano duet, THE KREUTZER SONATA, with a handsome young violinist named Aiden (Matthew Yang King “Numb3rs”, “CSI”), Edgar’s feelings soon transform into jealousy; over a part of her life he cannot share nor compete with. Before long chaos ensues…
3 Apr 2013
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Soloist, Ursula Parker (6 years old) is playing Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A minor, 3rd movement. She is also an actress.
7 Nov 2012
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*******beanpro57.webs**** * *******beanpro57.blogspot**** * BEAN 012-2546805 * ANY 012-3161761 * wedding live music band, singer, emcee ,violinist based in cheras, kuala lumpur for events/functions in malaysia
15 Jun 2012
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24 May 2012
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Please visit our Kickstarter project at: *******www.kickstarter****/projects/490830355/made-in-jerusalem At a time when provincial towns are holding their own competitions and teenage contestants race through Paganini caprices and Scriabin etudes at top speed, Ariel goes against the grain. For starters, he refuses to compete. To make matters worse, he refuses to specialize. His epic project would intimidate older and wiser musicians. But if successful, it will propel him into the center stage of the classical music scene at age 14 as composer, pianist, violinist, and conductor. Made in Jerusalem is documentary that follows its subject through the Odyssey of creation, as he grapples with the challenge of recasting one of the cerebral masterpieces of Baroque music into a gripping, modern concert piece. It requires not only mastery of both classical and contemporary forms, but prodigious invention, originality, and daring. And success is by no means guaranteed. Supporting the young musician in his endeavor is the unique environment of the musical scene in Jerusalem, where Ariel develops surrounded by a circle of exceptional children and enjoying a wealth of opportunity and exposure. To help us raise funds for this documentary, please visit our Kickstarter project at: *******www.kickstarter****/projects/490830355/made-in-jerusalem
8 Apr 2012
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24 Mar 2012
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