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Hi tech device to feel the roaches in yo hands :) :)
17 Aug 2008
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Recurring nightmares and visions drive an heiress to probe her past-life memories and uncover the depths of her grandfather’s evil: a runaway conspiracy that threatens her and all her friends.
5 Sep 2008
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You only have to look at the growth of broadband and its progress with Internet technology. Now anyone can now view movies or video images easily over the Internet. It is said that just ten years before the Internet started to be used commercially, founder of Netscape, Jim Clark, predicted that "All channels will be made available on demand, and there will be an unlimited number of channels." This exactly what has happened today. Just look at the internet and with YouTube, Meta Cafe, Google Video and now VidEngage. Now look at MySpace, Facebook and Friendster. You get the picture. VidEngage is here.
26 Sep 2008
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The holograms can sense the touch! Or as they say, "free space interactivity"..In the future, holograms would be used widely for numerous uses. Communication, online-conferences.. this is just the 'Advent phase' of these holograms.
9 Nov 2008
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It's simple!
8 Jun 2010
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Scale a rendered image to a scaled plan in Photoshop. Your new file will be scaled and ready to plot on the desired format.
14 Jan 2009
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Virtual <b>underwater scene</b>. Sub sea environment.
14 Mar 2009
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http:www.jarivia****.ar marketing 3D extremo, realidad virtual para muestras de usos secundarios, visualización 3d, interactividad con el objeto antes de la compra, realidad aumentada, y mucho más, ofrece esta nueva forma de mostrar a sus clientes, sus productos, la realidad virtual en sus paginas web como complemento de su estrategia de marketing, es la forma mas fácil y económica de hacerle llegar a su cliente una muestra promocional, compruébelo desea mostrar sus productos en formato 3D para que sus clientes puedan CASI tocar sus productos? sistemas de realidad virtual para paginas web, orientada a marketing de productos tangibles, arquitectura o ingeniería
30 Mar 2009
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Starfleet Academy has perfected an innovative new way to deliver Star Trek-related information to you. Visit www.JoinStarfleetAcademy****/Discover to experience it for yourself.
5 May 2009
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SERIES START ON 6/1 ON VBS TV In this edition of Motherboard, VBS tours Electroboutique, the electronics production company cum roving cyber-art kiosk of Russia's leading non-pornographic artist, Alexei Shulgin. Shulgin hasn't been hip to the internet from its very beginning, but he's definitely been onboard since at least the Compuserve days. In the early 90s, he was one of the first artsy types to adopt the then-brand-new World Wide Web as a medium, creating web pages filled with maddening arrays of random-seeming pictures and text blocks and hidden links to games and secret files and similarly weird and frustrating link pages, as well as helping curate the work of his net-art contemporaries. Shulgin was also the organizer of the world's first international exhibition of people's computer desktops. These days his work has shifted slightly offline and into creating weird electronic fantasy objects such as the Super-IBR Real Virtuality goggles, which you wear to help make your actual-reality look like crappy VR. Shulgin also claims to have formed the world's first cyberpunk rock act when he started his MIDI cover band 386DX in 1998.
25 Mar 2011
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ZulaWorld**** is an online virtual environment that brings together the rich characters and learning from The Zula Patrol ® a Parents Choice Award-Winning TV series with a highly refined learning-through-play system.
8 Jun 2009
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To inquire about purchasing the international patent rights to this system contact the Law Offices of Pelletter McKelvey Pelletter at EXERGAMESTATIONGMAIL.COM
18 Aug 2009
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This demonstration video discusses and shows the features of the VR3 Dive Computer. This scuba diving computer is an open circuit computer with the optional upgrade to closed circuit. It has an easy to read font and only two buttons which makes it very user friendly. There are no lockouts due to decompression violations during or after a dive. It offers up to 60 hours of dive logging and up to 99 levels of decompression. One notable feature is the dive plan mode; you enter the gases, depth, and time, and the unit will calculate a list of deco stops. It is fully programmable with up to 10 gases which can be switched at any time during the dive. It also features a user changeable AA battery. This computer will meet any and all of your diving needs.
17 Sep 2009
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This demonstration video discusses and shows the features of the VRX Dive Computer. It has a large, easy to read color LCD screen with high resolution graphics. This diving computer is compatible with closed and open circuit systems and can monitor up to 3 cells. It can be used for air, nitrox, trimix, and heliox and is programmable for up to 10 gases. It has a large, easy to read color LCD screen with high resolution graphics. The VRX also has diver adjustable decompression, so there is no more hanging your computer off the side of the boat to decompress. It is user changeable from metric to imperial and vice versa. You´ll never have to worry about changing batteries either; it comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a charger that plugs into the wall. It is depth rated to 1000 feet.
22 Sep 2009
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omputer Generated Holographs in the Sojourn Trilogy by Robert P. Fitton
16 Sep 2009
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DE vs C.
15 Nov 2009
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