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19 Aug 2010
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Into Tomorrow was at the Game Developers Conference broadcasting from the Intel booth. Dave Graveline interviews Steve Isbell from 360 Virtual Ventures and talks about the Virtusphere and augmented reality. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Mar 2010
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WATCH MORE AT: ******* Except for lasers, no future technology has fallen as tragically short of society's expectations as virtual reality. While the media promised us a limitless array of holodecks and BCIs and full-body simulations to divert the masses' attention from their own dismal fealty to the corporate-cyborgian over-state, all we ended up with were clunky, 8-bit goggles that ruined your neck and The Sims. Fortunately while the rest of us were griping about blowing $15 for three minutes of geometric-induced nausea at Dave & Busters, a pair of Russian brothers were holed up in their lab actually doing something about the situation. The Virtusphere is glorious result of their decades-long attempt to push VR forward. You still have to wear the goggles and headphones, but this time you're in a giant, human-sized hamster ball that rolls in place. Also, they're this close to locking down smell. WATCH MORE AT: *******delllounge****/
16 Jul 2009
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How to visit a future building and walk in Virtual Reality. A fully immersive experience with Virtusphere and 3DVIA Virtools software. This is a prototype.TYou can also run in virtual reality, take up the virtual challenge on *******share-vplusr.3ds****/en/your-turn/ and create your 3D avatar with two pictures of you.
23 Mar 2008
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