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The clip visiting tommaso Part 2 from La notte (1961) Quite right I'd rather not see anyone I'm sick and tired of all the pretending But I was hoping you would come, of course You know, I see things in a clearer light now I regret that my presence spoiled so many evenings... your delightful home It's your home, too, you know You appreciate many things when you're all alone You realize that so much remains to be done I wonder if I've ever done anything really useful I lacked the courage to probe deeply Probably I never had enough intelligence, anyway If that's true, I'd better pack up writing at once You're joking Occasional self-criticism helps to raise morale You bought it? I was going to bring you a copy I've not only bought it, I've begun to read it Fifty pages so far I hope I'll finish it The bath episode is exceptional Unless morphine has warped my judgement, it's your best With morphine things seem different It must be the morphine. Do you really like the book? I do You'll end up a great success Yes, I'll come to a bad end The advantage of premature death: you escape success
27 Oct 2011
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