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Visually announce the charm of the temple shrine in Fukuoka!
23 Aug 2017
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The KBV Cardinal Matrix is a visual representation about the key players in the industry. The matrix is designed considering the major strategic developments including Mergers & Acquisitions, product launches, partnership among others and the financial strength of the company in the considered years.
23 Aug 2017
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The KBV Cardinal Matrix is a visual representation about the key players in the industry. The matrix is designed considering the major strategic developments including Mergers & Acquisitions, product launches, partnership among others and the financial strength of the company in the considered years.
24 Aug 2017
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Recent work on new development of Ho Chi Minh City at District 4, we combine VFX and Flying drone to help enhance the quality of future development in architectural visualization.
26 Aug 2017
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Sinopsis: Tras lo sucedido en Capitán América: Civil War, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), también conocido como el Hombre hormiga, debe lidiar a la par con las consecuencias de sus acciones como superhéroe y como padre. Mientras él intenta equilibrar su vida familiar y sus responsabilidades como Ant-Man, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) y Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) necesitarán su ayuda para realizar una misión muy urgente. Scott tendrá, una vez más, que ponerse su traje y aprender a luchar junto a The Wasp para formar un equipo que logre destapar secretos de su pasado. Esta secuela de Ant-Man (2015) cuenta con guión del equipo formado por Andrew Barrer y Gabriel Ferrari. En esta segunda parte repite como director Peyton Reed (Di que sí, Abajo el amor). El reparto de actores está encabezado por Paul Rudd (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Si fuera fácil), Evangeline Lilly (El Hobbit: La batalla de los cinco ejércitos, En tierra hostil), Michael Douglas (Plan en Las Vegas, Wall Street 2: El dinero nunca duerme) y Michael Peña (Vacaciones, Corazones de acero), a quienes se suma Michelle Pfeiffer (Malavita, Asesinato en el Orient Express) como Janet Van Dyne. Al mando de los efectos visuales de la película está el ganador de un Oscar por Doctor Strange (2016), Stephane Ceretti.
29 Aug 2017
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We have noticed that we haven't published a video to test your skills or the possibilities of your brain for several days. In today's video we have prepared five interesting exercises for your amusement. They will allow you to check your visual memory, your ability to remember information and your logic. In addition, one of the exercises will let you know the true age of your brain. Are you ready?
1 Sep 2017
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Best of IndieCade 2016 - INFINIT-O: Dreams of Space Game Demo – Designer/Developer - Corazon Del Sol – IndieCade 2016 Visual Design Award Winner – Engineer - Archie Prakash - 3D Artist – Oscar David – IndieCade INFINIT-O: Dreams of Space is a video game that will be on display as part of the exhibition, Let Power Take A Female Form. The video game is a conceptual portrait on the life & influence of three generations of women artists, Eugenia Butler, Eugenia P. Butler, Corazon Del Sol. The central character is a pair of three legs that navigates a series of planetary vignettes, with theme elements that oscillate between absurd dreaminess and narrative vehicles that explore the archetypes of woman-hood. The player in Dreams scampers through the territory of a creative self, she attains material signifiers that raise her stature in the world, but she also holds power to destroy what she’s created for herself. Dreams embraces the absolute freedom to succeed creatively in respective cultural paradigms. Corazon Del Sol’s video game Dreams is a cross-generational didactic. The game was born by Del Sol’s dictation of a premise based on her grandmother’s life in which the female protagonist employs her status quo to defeat surrounding ‘bourgeois structures’ and ‘ultimately to self-destruct.
3 Sep 2017
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Speed Drawing Animation as a method for interactive learning for children. Is it possible? Sure it is! Research study said that children tend to learn & develop logics through their visual memory. 25SDA creates a funny interactive Speed Drawing Animation on how to save energy. Now, knowledge can be this fun!
4 Sep 2017
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An Illustration​ is a decoration interpretation or visual explanation of a text concept or process designed for integration in published media such as posters flyers magazines books teaching materials animations video games and films Learn the skills and tools you'll need to pursue a career in art and illustration and the jobs that you can get Shemaroo Institute of Film andTechnology​
6 Sep 2017
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The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile. - Plato. A subconscious mind can do wonders, if you learn to access and control it. Alpha state of mind is the doorway to access your subconscious mind. Learning to reach alpha state of mind conquer oneself and take advantage of it. 1 Lie down comfortably and stare at a point. Close your eyes. 2 Breathe deeply and slowly. Visualize that with every breath you take in, you take in positive energy and every breath you breathe out, you breathe out the unwanted negative energy from your body. Relaxation is very simple. You should let it go. Let go of all the worries, problems. Let your body be limp and muscles be relaxed. 3 Imagine a white angel light entering your body through your legs. As the light enters your body, your toes become much heavier and relaxed. Watch the light go to the other toe and getting it relaxed. Now this light moves up to your ankles, calf muscles and thighs. Your legs are completely relaxed now.
7 Sep 2017
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Types of Office Partitions Office partitions help you make the best use of space in your workplace They are easy to install and require minimum maintenance Glazed partitions • Glass partitions optimize space, distribute light and improve ventilation in the building • Logos and artwork can be added on glass to enhance visual appeal • Glazed partitions use aluminum framing sections as borders to prevent damage to glass • Customers can choose between curved, straight, single and double glazed glass Aluminum stud partitions • These partitions comprise of a mixture of aluminum and galvanized steel offering a monolithic finish • They can be polished and buffed giving a glossy texture • They are highly durable and stronger than glazed partitions Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Office Partition Manufacturers and Suppliers i e http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/partitions
8 Sep 2017
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Upstart artist King Tutt presents this infectious visual from MovieMic
11 Sep 2017
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