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*******www.infinitivisualiser**** Behind-the-scenes look at how and why the Infiniti visualiser was made. This short 4 minute video takes a rare behind-the-scenes look at how and why Infiniti made the Infiniti Visualiser and the four films. It provides a revealing insight into this exciting new brand and the fascinating production process which goes into creating CGI, from the initial storyboards and style frames to developing the end result of fully rendered, computer-generated graphics. This is essential viewing for anyone who wants to gain the inside track on what Infiniti are about and the individual facets of each car, as well as anyone who’s curious to see the computer wizardry which goes into creating such stunning CGI animation. Brought to you by Infiniti
5 Nov 2008
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16 Mar 2009
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Using the difference between amateur and professional golfers to explain dynamic visualisation. Create clear, sensual (using all your senses) and anchored goals to achieve success. Rather than visualising what you don't want, can't have and what can go wrong clearly, sensually anchor what you want. For more go to www.oneclearmessage****
3 Mar 2010
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Burt Goldman, The American Monk, answers one of the most common question on visualisation. For more information on Burt Goldman click here —>*******
3 May 2010
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3d Architectural Visualisations for planning or marketing of property and real estate developments. *******vh3d****/architectural-visualisation-showreel/
18 Jan 2013
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visualisation of yolanda adams "i believe", taken from the honey soundtrack. produced with noodles in water.
21 May 2007
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Design your own house or apartment hassle-free with extremly easy drawing of ground plans. The Complete Home Designer lets you perfectly visualise and present your project.
27 Jun 2007
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My visualisations for "Signs of life" piece of music by Nadine and Charlie electronica band.
3 Oct 2007
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GameEx is a graphical DirectX based front-end for MAME , Zinc, Daphne, PC Games, and all command line based emulators, along with being a complete Home Theatre PC solution, especially when gaming is a priority or important. It also makes a good CarPC frontend. The original goal was for it to be used on Windows XP Media Center and also Arcade Cabinets . It will run on any version of Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. You don't need Windows Media Center to run GameEx. It has support for Ultimarcs J-PAC and ArcadeVGA, LCD\VFD Displays, the MCE remote control, Gamepads, full Mouse control, Widescreen displays, Vertical (rotated) displays , volume control, Music playlists and a fully functional Jukebox including visualisations and support for ogg, mp3, wma, m4a and flac . Music can be played and controlled while playing games. Also features a Video Player including aspect control, resuming of videos at a later date, play all and play all randomly features Internet Radio tuner (asx, pl, m3u, wma), Picture and Slide show viewer, Ebook and Comic Book reader, CD Player and CD Ripper with Automatic lookup of CD title and track information from the Internet, News Reader (RSS 1 & 2), and should work with HotRod and X-Arcade, SlikStik/IPAC controllers. It has support for playing MAME and other emulator game videos (avi, mpg, mng) for the selected game while navigating the lists. GameEx also features a multi process based attract mode, that keeps launching different games. It supports multiple languages, and themes with built in theme editor including the ability to have animated backgrounds using avi or mpeg files. The application is highly configurable via the use of an included configuration tool with help and explanations for most settings, although GameEx can also be up and running within a few minutes. GameEx features a DVD Player (complete menu and chapter navigation) with support for FFDSHOW, a DVD's module allowing playing DVD's stored on your hard disk and an all formats Video Player both with automatic box art download. These features have an on screen display, have support for various aspect ratios, and can be controlled with a Gamepad, Arcade controls, remote control and keyboard (you can navigate a DVD's menu and chapters with all devices) The Video module can also play DVR-MS using FFDSHOW (on Windows XP). Videos and DVD's can also show at ArcadeVGA resolutions on an Arcade Monitor at the correct aspect ratios. NOTE: DVD Software, Codecs/FFDSHOW required. Snap shots can also be taken for all of your videos/movies, and this is now stable with version 4 and above. Registered users will also be able to use GameExtender GameExtender is like a networked LCD display for GameEx but for a real PC Display or TV, it can also be viewed through a web browser. **PLEASE NOTE: I did not create this video but is from *******www.gemeex**** And is here for ease of use for people to link from websites etc.**
7 Oct 2007
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25 Feb 2008
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Dans l'émission hebdomadaire Homecinema, Loïc Bartolini, désormais propulsé chroniqueur attitré, décortique soigneusement - ou presque - un film encore à l'affiche au cinéma. Attention, second degré requis pour visualiser ce qui va suivre...
28 Feb 2008
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Dans l'émission hebdomadaire Homecinema, Loïc Bartolini, désormais propulsé chroniqueur attitré, décortique soigneusement - ou presque - un film encore à l'affiche au cinéma. Attention, second degré requis pour visualiser ce qui va suivre...
8 Aug 2008
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Nude is visualised here by allocating the different instruments with a uniquely coloured moving spectrum. In keeping with the 'In Rainbows' theme, we assigned the 7 colours of the rainbow into 4 spectrums as follows... Red/Orange (Bass Drum) Yellow/Green (Bass Guitar) Blue: (Vocals, Guitars) Indigo/Violet (Snare Drum) For more info visit:
5 Apr 2008
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Spied these whilst flicking through LL Cool J's Platinum Workout Book. Trivia would have you believe LL stands for "Lady Loves" but it's actually "Lip Licking." Watch anyone of his music videos and you'll see what I mean. Hanging Running Mans are a really effective workout and they look pretty cool don't they? Tip - (1) Visualise your abs as a wet sponge (for the FiZZYCALLY challenged that won't be difficult - excuse me for being a bitch, LOL) and each pedal as a squeeze to get rid of the water. (2) If you can't afford a bridge use dip bars or the top of two chairs. *NB* Please consult a doctor before starting any new exercise programme.
5 Oct 2008
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*******www.eyeslightup**** With the secret tool of visualisation you can attract abundance for everything you want..... including, health, happiness, wealth and becoming the person you want to be. All of this can be yours. The Secret wealth law of attraction Oprah powerfulintentions. visualization
31 Jan 2009
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Hi! I am Dr K Chaudhry, developer of Horoscope Software, Janampatri - available free for online and offline use. You have been viewing over 500 video songs. I receive comments on two extremes. I am grateful to viewers who appreciated my humble attempt. I am grateful to others too who gifted me their valuable time. It may be my debatable personal opinion but I strongly feel that obscene abusive language should be avoided in comments. I never claimed to be a trained or professional singer. Nor is that required to upload videos on public sites. Today I am with you for the first time as an astrologer. 1st May 2008 is very close. I visualise 16 golden months from that date upto 09 September 2009 for you if you have Moon in Pisces in your birth chart. With Saturn in 6th house and Rahu in 11th Even the worst performance would be rewarded. Even a stone thrown at you would touch you as stroke of luck. I am experimenting with video recording methods. Complete feature shall be uploaded in a day. Thank you !
29 Apr 2008
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