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To help those "tab-guitarists" take that step towards "musician". Its not hard if you can count. Really. Be sure to read the full instruction and tabs at
10 Mar 2008
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Just in time for March Madness, the voice of college basketball, legendary broadcaster Dick Vitale offers his take on the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament! More About NCAA March Madness 08 EA SPORTS will offer a downloadable 65-team NCAA Tournament bracket via Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation®Network, allowing online users to update their NCAA March Madness 08 videogame with accurate “Selection Sunday” brackets and seeding. Fans will be able to authentically simulate the entire 65-team bracket and play through the “virtual bracket” with their favorite team under the same conditions they’ll face in the weeks ahead. Featuring over 70 classic teams that make dream matchups a reality, and commentary from Dick Vitale, Brad Nessler, and sideline reporter Erin Andrews, NCAA March Madness 08 is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS2. For more information viewers can visit
14 Mar 2008
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4:56 Your body is your greatest asset! - Health Vitality! - You are the designer of your life - You are in charge! - Focus on win-win! - The key to synergy - Focus on your top priority! - Choose what matters most! - Be superconductive to life! - Be fearless! - Consciously decide to trust - Be superconductive rather than resisting - how to flow with life - go with the flow - engage! - How to succeed with projects - How to win! - How to trust - How to remove fears - How to get rid of hesitations
30 Apr 2008
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I was filmed for another movie the other day. This time Nerissa secretly filmed me with her Flip camera while I was being filmed for the documentary. This is a rare look inside my home as it's been transformed into a studio lot, and a rare peek of me being filmed for a movie. Enjoy! Joe Vitale
24 Apr 2008
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MLM legend Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter explains to internet marketing expert Phil Snelman why it's so vital to have a duplicatable system to market your MLM business.
29 Apr 2008
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2:37 offers information about a new Natural Health Drink for improved health, vitality, rejuvenation, total body detox! It's an organic superfood nutritional fruit drink calledZrii.
29 Apr 2008
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The View live a Tennents Vital Belfast + interview
18 May 2008
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vital remains dechristianized
3 Jun 2008
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Video Introduction of Joe Vitale at World Wellness - Austin. June 1, 2008. Created by TheVideoQueen
9 Jun 2008
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Kymco Vitality 2t with sport parts
6 Jul 2008
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Il videoclip è stato realizzato dagli studenti del 3° anno (a.a. 2005/2006) di Illustrazione dell' Istituto Europeo di Design di Torino con il coordinamento del Prof. Vincenzo Gioanola (già regista del video "Fight da Faida" di Frankie Hi Energy). Per realizzare il progetto e ottenere questo particolarissimo risultato, la canzone è stata suddivisa in battute e ognuno ha interpretato in modo istintivo la propria parte del brano. Ventitrè ragazzi hanno disegnato e inciso ogni singolo fotogramma della pellicola cinematografica, realizzando circa 7825 disegni. The video was made by third year students (2005-2006) in Illustration at the European School of Design, Turin, under the supervision of Prof. Vincenzo Gioanola ( "Fight da Faida" di Frankie Hi Energy). To create this work, 23 students designed and incised each photogram of the film, producing some 7825 designs. After dividing the song into verses, the students interpreted the part they were assigned. The piece “Linfa Vitale” is part of a new recording of the Turin rock band Avvolte Kristedha.
20 Jul 2008
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Another of Vital Signs beautiful tracks. The band that started the Pop revolution in Pakistan.
8 Aug 2008
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Recently heard about this incredible waterfall in of all places, Dupo, Illinois. Not knowing quite what to expect, I took my HV30 along just for some trial footage to see if anything was worth shooting. Imagine my surprise when I first laid eyes on this wonderful springfed waterfall. How I wished I had brought my tripod for better footage! Instead I used whatever I could find, including a big old rock to steady my camera but be warned most of this is handheld. But even shaky footage will serve the real story and purpose at hand. The spring and waterfall is in jeopardy of being destroyed. Here's the story: On the property at the base of the falls is a public place named "The Falling Springs Conservation Club." It's been there since the mid 1940's serving up great food, drink and of course, access to the falls. There's also a small runoff creek and a couple of fishing lakes stocked with large mouth bass, crappie, catfish and more. I'm told every Sunday in summer, they have a big outdoor barbeque, live music and a helluva good time. Everyone's welcome without an entrance charge. You only pay for what you eat and drink. It's been the source of many great memories over the years including a favorite biker destination. I went during the week when it was very quiet and had opportunity to talk candidly with the club manager. One of the things told me was that I was very lucky to visit when I did as they were about to shut down operations permanently. I was incredulous and asked why? She said that after some 60+ years of leasing the property from the private landowners, their club lease was expiring October 1, 2008 and it would not be renewed. This, because the property owners wanted to 'possibly' sell the land. In talking with her further, I learned the property at the top of the falls where the source spring is located, is owned by the Bussen Quarry Company. As we talked, obvious things began to fall into place (no pun intended.) A couple years ago Bussen began dynamiting the area above the falls for more mining access (and profits.) This action seriously threatened to destroy the spring source which fed the waterfall. The local historical society managed to get an injunction against Bussen and Co. to temporarily stop their dynamiting. Since informing the club their lease would not be renewed, the current property owners have been very tight lipped about their plans for the property. For me, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to at least suspect the property owners were approached by Bussen with "a money offer they couldn't refuse." Once Bussen owns the property above and below the falls, it will be very hard to stop them from doing anything they want... even if it means destroying one of the most beautiful, natural waterfalls in Illinois. When I came home, I thought of the video I'd taken and knew I had to do something. So I edited what I'd shot into this little presentation, without script, just building it as I went. While the resulting imagery isn't professional the message is vitally important. Through viral marketing on the internet maybe we have one last chance to still save the waterfall, it's spring source and the free, public access to it. But we don't have long. October 1 is looming near. We need immediate intervention! Please write, call, email or whatever you can do to let the State of Illinois know what a precious resource they're about to lose in te name of corporate profits. Email your firends and relatives. Even call your television stations and newspapers. Especially if they live in Illinois. To lose this precious year 'round, cold spring and it's wonderful 2 stage waterfall would be a tremendous loss to all of us. What can you do to help save Falling Springs? (One last note, although shot in Hi-def I chose to post in SD so this footage could be viewed without restriction. If you'd like to see it in HD, please contact me. Thanks for watching.)
14 Sep 2008
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1:03 Distant or remote spiritual Energy Healing. This distant healing or remote healing relies on vibrational power. If you need soul healing, mind healing, spiritual healing, energy healing, or physical healing of the body or any other kind of remote vibrational healing or healing prayers be sent your way please visit Vital Waves today. While there please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power.
29 Sep 2008
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The Vital Records PortaVault is perfect for organizing important papers, emergency preparedness, a filing system, disaster planning & safe storage for papers.
16 Oct 2008
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2:39 Network marketing tools are vital for the success of your MLM business. Which tools you use however can either lead to your MLM success or failure. There are hundreds of books, CD's, DVD's, web sites and various other training programs out there but how many of them really help people to real success in network marketing? When searching for network marketing tools that are going to really be of use it's important to find information that will teach you exactly what is required in order to give you and your team a truly duplicatable system that can easily be copied by everyone on your team. Watch and listen to MLM coach and mentor Sami Smidi as he interviews Phil Snelman, a 10 year veteran of MLM success. Phil explains to Sami why using Network Marketing Tools is so important when building a successful business.
24 Oct 2008
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