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Pamela Anderson recently went through a big fashion malfunction amongst the presence of media persons and fans. Her boob slipped out of her dress on the runway during Vivian Westwood's Fall/ Winter 2009/2010 Fashion Show in Paris. Pamela was one of the models for Westwood's new collection. Looking shocked after her dress fell open both Pamela and Vivian take it all in good sport and laugh about the incident. This mishap certainly adds fuel to the fire! We must say we love how you do this so naturally ..oops or maybe you don't.
19 Jan 2010
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song hye kyo in bra adv - vivian
7 Dec 2006
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Viviane Castro danced without tapasexo at the Sambodromo in Rio for the carnival 2008. Please add this video, because it brings me higher at the search results. haha!
15 Nov 2008
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First of the group, girl next door turned sex bomb on stage. 21 year old Vivian, who dreams of jetting around the globe, is a fashion obsessed ...
4 Aug 2007
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Artist: Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) Title Song: Hao Yan Lei, Huai Yan Lei (Good Tears, Bad Tears (好眼泪坏眼泪) With English Translation & Pinyin Subtitles Many thanks to Jancie Chiang for the translation!!
11 Oct 2008
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Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady have reportedly welcomed their second child into the world.
7 Dec 2012
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Vintage Ladies Professional Wrestling. Visit: *******www.ProWW**** . Mildred Burke imported girls from around the world, and here we see Mexican pros as well as Lena Blair and Lola Kiss from England battling in Millie’s Gym in 10 classic professional women's wrestling matches. Also featured is Vivian Vachon, who has trouble against Millie’s girls in some very rare footage. These matches were transferred from silent Super 8mm film shot 30 to 40 years ago and now have been digitalized. The action is fierce and at times a little dirty. Walk backwards into time with these vintage matches. Vintage Ladies Professional Wrestling. Visit: *******www.ProWW****
28 Mar 2012
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Dirección: Pavel Giroud. Países: Cuba y España. Año: 2006. Duración: 90 min. Género: Drama. Interpretación: Mercedes Sampietro (Violeta), Iván Carreira (Samuel), Susana Tejera (Alicia), Carla Paneca (Nuria), Esther Cardoso (el televisor), Claudia Valdés (niña), José Ángel Egido (don Ramón). Guión: Arturo Infante. Producción: Camilo Vives, Jaume Roures y Delfina Catalá. Música: Ulises Hernández. Fotografía: Luis Najmías Jr. Montaje: Lester Hamlet. Dirección artística: Vivian del Valle. Estreno en España: 28 Diciembre 2007. SINOPSIS En La Habana de 1958 una familia compuesta por Alicia y su hijo Samuel, de diez años, regresa una vez más, después del último fracaso amoroso de la joven e insegura madre, a la casa de Violeta, la abuela materna del niño. Allí se encuentran con el rechazo de la maniática señora y muy pocos deseos de compartir su privacidad. Entre las contradicciones de madre y abuela, el niño trata de adaptarse, pero en esta ocasión comienzan a emerger las necesidades de su edad, transformando a Samuel, que pasa de la sumisión a una rebeldía que marcará para siempre su vida.
30 Dec 2011
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Sinopsis: A través de la fantasía la suerte se le presenta a un joven inconforme con su realidad, le propone cambiar su vida material y espiritual por la de otros más favorecidos económicamente. La aceptación o no de este nuevo rol pone en juego sus valores y sentimientos. Incluye el cuento La Encomienda Año: 2007 Duración: 80 min aprox País: Cuba / Color Género: Comedia Idioma: Español Formato: avi Dirección: Tony Lechuga Actores: Emmanuel Correa, Yaneisi Martín, Rolando Chiong Rivero, Michel Labarta Rigel González,Valia Valdés, Félix Beatón, Yanelis Mora,Tulio Martín,Lucia Chiong Rolando Chiong Esteves, Ana Vivian Mora, Orlando Sánchez (Landy).
28 Dec 2011
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Music + Random Fresh Prince Clips = Win
18 Mar 2012
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SNTV - Gisele Bundchen Introduces Daughter Vivian
8 Feb 2013
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Histoire du kuduro The roots of Kuduro can be traced to the late 80's when producers in Luanda, Angola started mixing African percussion samples with simple Calypso and Soca beats to create a style of music then known as "Batida". European and American electronic music had begun appearing at the largest open-air market in all of Africa, Roque Santeiro market, which attracted Angolan musicians and inspired them to incorporate their own musical styles.[3] An Angolan MC, Sebem, began toasting over the this and is thus credited with starting the genre. [4] The name itself is a word with a specific meaning to location in the Kimbundu language, which is native to the northern portion of Angola. It has a double meaning in that it also translates to "hard ass" or "stiff bottom" in Portuguese, which is the official language of Angola. Kuduro is also a type of dance where, typically (like Ragga, some forms of hiphop, and other afro-based musics) the female dancer protrudes her bottom and swings it sensuously to the rhythm of the hard-hitting Kuduro beat. As for the males, they pop-lock, breakdance and also move sensual. The kuduro dancing is similar to Dancehall dancing of Jamaica. It is mostly influenced by Zouk, Soca, and Rara (Haitian music genre) music genres. It also combines Western house and techno with traditional Angolan Kilapanga and Semba music[5] As Vivian Host points out in her article, despite the common assumption that "world music" from non-Western countries holds no commonalities with Western modern music, Angolan kuduro does contain "elements in common with punk, deep tribal house, and even Daft Punk."[6]It is thus the case that cultural boundaries and limitations within the musical spectrum are constantly shifting and being redefined. And though Angolan Kuduro reflects an understanding and, further, an interpretation of Western musical forms, the world music category that it fits under tends to reject the idea of Western musical imperialism.[6] The larger idea here is that advancements in technology and communications and the thrust of music through an electronic medium have made transcending cultural and sonic musical structures possible. According to Blentwell Podcasts, Kuduro is a "mixture of House, Hip Hop, and Ragga elements,"[7] which illustrates how this is at once an Angolan-local and global music. Indeed, this "musical cross-pollination"[6], as Vivian Host calls it, represents a local appropriation of global musical forms, such that the blending of different musics creates the music of a "new world."
13 Jan 2009
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