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Argh, I wanna learn how to edit! I want to take up lessons! I want to have Adobe Premiere installed in my notebook! I only know how to use Endemol's Metacreator (thanks to PBB). Anyway, I experimented with Windows Moviemaker again and edited Vivian's shooting protocol drill this time. Like the editing I did with Arah's shooting protocol drill, this one's also frustrating because I don't know how to control the audio and I still don't know how to accurately trim the clips! I just learned the basics through the Help section. I wanna know more!
27 Oct 2010
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IMORTAL is an ABS-CBN TV mini-series about a deadly conflict between the werewolves and the vampires. During the Spanish period werewolves and vampires arrived in the Philippines from America and Europe respectively along with the European conquistadors coming from Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, & Mexico. In the latter half of the 19th century a book entitled "La Loba Negra" was written by Father Jose Burgos which tackled about the secret society of mestizo Mexican-Filipino werewolves, led by a high priestess who could transform herself into a black wolf, whose main aim was to topple down the vampiric rule of the Spaniards. After the fall of the Spanish rule, the mestizo Hispanic-Filipino vampires were hiding in the woods above the cliffs since then. But the silence had been broken after the deadly battle between Roman, the good leader of the hiding vampires whose goal was the attainment of peace, and Lyka, the vengeful leader of the modern society of werewolves whose husband, Noah, had been slained by an evil vampire. The battle cost the life of Lyka which made it impossible to attain peace and unity between the two groups of mortal enemies. The only hope for peace and unity now is the immortal love of Lia (Angel Locsin), the outcast orphan daughter of the werewolf Lyka and the mortal Noah, and Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz), the son of the vampire Roman and a mortal woman. But will love be enough to bring peace and unity or will it be enough to ignite a war? PANOORIN SA ABS-CBN PRIMETIME BIDA!!!
21 Nov 2010
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Pinoy Memories 24 - Tanduay ESQ premium rhum with Vivian Velez and the late Vic Vargas.
15 May 2009
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This request by DIDITHREYES2010 was the theme song in the 1976 movie "APAT ANG NAGING MISTER KO" starring Vivian Velez, Rez Cortez, Pol Salcedo, Johnny Delgado and Ramil Rodriguez.
24 Apr 2010
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Elwood Perez directed this 1977 trilogy about the lives of women working in a beerhouse. Produced by Regal Films the film stars Charito Solis , Eddie Gutierrez and an imprerssive cast headlined by Chanda Romero, Trixia Gomez, Vivian Velez and Cherie Gil. To read a review of Beerhouse, please visit sari-saringsinengpinoy.blogspot****
31 May 2010
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