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These are the links: Utorrent: *******utorrent****/download.php Movie Torrents: *******thepiratebay****/ search aXXo For VLC media player: *******videolan****/vlc/download-windows.html For The burner Program: *******savefile****/files/1213032 questions. Write a comment and ill get back to you. Estevandido07
21 May 2009
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awesome tck dance style :) if u have VLC player u can watch this video in slow motion and learn some moves
15 Nov 2008
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More Info & Links In this video we run you through 4 different methods of downloading a YouTube video and convert it to another file type (.mov in this case). 4 Methods 1. Convert online and download already converted file 2. Download the YouTube .flv (flash video) file then convert it 3. Use the FireFox Add-On 'Video DownloadHelper' to download .flv and convert it 4. (old school) Just watch any YouTube video and grab the file out of your temporary internet folder and convert it 1. Convert online using *******vixy**** and *******convertyoutube**** (as you'll see, vixy**** didn't want to play nice. It does work and is the most popular online convert and download site. So popular it is having trouble handling the load). This is perhaps the easiest way and doesn't require you to download any software, although both sites also do have a software version that makes this process more reliable. Other online conversion sites are: *******www***nvertdirect****/ *******media-convert****/ *******www.zamzar****/ (this one will email you the converted file) 2. Use a YouTube flv (flash video) download site and convert it with WinFF video converter (free software *******www.winff****/ ) YouTube flv (flash video) download sites *******keepvid****/ (I like this one) *******www.videodl****/ *******youtubia****/ *******www.techcrunch****/get-youtube-movie/ 3. Use the FireFox add-on Video DownloadHelper to download the .flv file and convert it with WinFF. Video DownloadHelper 3.0.2 ********addons.mozilla****/en-US/firefox/addon/3006 4. Just watch the YouTube in Internet Explorer and then grab the .flv (flash video) file from your temporary internet folder then convert it with WinFF. WinFF video converter (freeware) converts flv, wmv, avi, mov, etc *******www.winff****/ To play YouTube's flv files on your computer: VLC media player (Freeware) flv (plays just about every video file type) *******www.videolan****/vlc/ "VLC Media Player, play everything anywhere" *******www.benh****/techblog/2007/07/vlc-media-player-play-everything-anywhere/ **** There is also the RealPlayer option which will allow downloading of videos right from the browser. That will work too BUT I would NEVER have RealPlayer on my computer ... RealPlayer is "badware" (ie: spyware-lite) ***********/search?hl
24 May 2009
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Paul Potts, the winner of Britain's Got Talent makes his debut performance in the USA on the Today show. I am in no way associated with Paul Potts... just enjoyed the performance. Link to HD Video: *******www.mediafire****/?cozzznzedji Easiest to play it with VLC if your system is not configured for XVID and AC3 audio. BTW, I will kill spam comments and spam video replies, as well as pointless comments like "It's gay". If you don't like the vid, that's fine, but make a point in your comment.
8 Jan 2009
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* I highly recommend watching this video in high quality! A Final Fantasy X and X-2 music video I made in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. The song is the Japanese orchestra version of 1000 words. I also put in the True Ending cutscene from FFX-2 for a happy ending :) Original, full quality download: *******files.filefront****/1000+Words+True+Ending/;13087217;/fileinfo.html Original, full quality video plays with: • Quicktime 7 • VLC Media Player • Windows Media Player with Combined Community Codec Pack ...
31 Mar 2009
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The 1280*720 version is 60 FPS! Use VLC on old computer to avoid audio/video delay!" (ist net von mia) ( its not my amv!) (ne mojo)
7 May 2009
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Shot in AVCHD LIte 720p, Edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9. I saw a man's video using the ZS3 of panning across the garden plants, and it was very jerky, unacceptable. I decided to try my own tests, but tried changing the resampling setting on my video editor. These 720p HD videos hardly play when trying to view the AVCHD Lite files, using VLC player, which is supposed to be able to play them. And within the editing program, the preview video is so jerky I can't edit with any finesse at all. Have a new computer waiting for me to set it up. (My Alzheimer's caregiver duties zap the sort of energy needed to tackle a new geek thing like that.) So, about this test: The wmv file that Vegas produced looked fairly smooth when played on Windows Media Player. It was acceptable, I think. Now I wonder what YouTube will do to it. Also, does this computer's web video playback ability have anything to do with how it will ultimately play? I have cable, and an upgraded service at that. So we'll see. The other thing would be to see how the video is DVD'd (it would be compressed down to 480 on my DVD Architect program), and see how it would play on my 42" LCD played with an upconverting DVD player. I guess I could try playing the video directly on the TV set, played via the camera. What I am saying is...there are a lot of variables that determine quality of playback: the editing program, computer power for video playback, screen refresh rate, YouTube speed that day, and other things I can only imagine. Here, I tried changing the Smart Resample option from ON to Disabled. That may help...or not. It certainly helped with ghosted images on another video of mine.
3 Sep 2009
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A little video i found on the internet which was pretty funny. www.youcanputanynay.justgotowned**** In March 2008, YouTube launched 'High Quality' versions of its videos. The new version offers the possibility of better video definition (480x360 pixels instead of the standard 320x240 pixels) for any video uploaded after this date. YouTube will decide which videos are capable of this improved quality based on the standard of the original upload. Users can choose "always show me higher quality when available" on their video quality settings page in their Asked why YouTube did not choose HD format, the site answered : "Our general philosophy is to make sure that as many people as possible can access YouTube and that videos start quickly and play smoothly. That's one reason why you don't see us racing to call this "Super Duper YouTube HD," because most people don't want to wait a long time for videos to play." As of November 2007 YouTube plays back videos limited in both size and quality. The size is limited to pixel dimensions of 320 by 240 and the quality is limited to a bitrate of around 314 kbit/s with a frame rate dependent on the uploaded video.[39]YouTube limits the playback size and quality by re-encoding the user's uploaded video at the time of upload. In 2006 YouTube permitted playback at higher quality, larger sizes, and in stereo, but some time after January 2007 YouTube applied quality reductions to new uploads.[40] YouTube's video playback technology is based on Macromedia's Flash Player 9 and uses the Sorenson Spark H.263 video codec. This technology allows the site to display videos with quality comparable to more established video playback technologies (such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer) that generally require the user to download and install a web browser plugin in order to view video. Flash also requires a plug-in, but Adobe considers the Flash 7 plug-in to be present on about 90% of online computers.[41] The video can also be played back with third-party media players such as GOM Player, gnash, VLC as well as some ffmpeg-based video players. YouTube converts videos into the Flash Video format after uploading.[42] The different files are stored in obscurely named subdomains, accessible either directly or through YouTube's get_video PHP script[dead link]. YouTube also converts content to other formats so that it can be viewed outside of the website. See below. YouTube officially accepts uploaded videos in .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, MPEG and .MP4, formats[43] Users can view videos in windowed mode or full screen mode and it is possible to switch modes during playback without reloading it due to the full-screen function of Adobe Flash Player 9. On September 14, 2007, Members of the VIDEOHelp**** forums discovered a method to allow high-quality video and stereo sound.[44] The method involved converting a video to the .flv format YouTube uses, and using a Hex Editor to extend the video's displayed playback time (usually to 10 or 11 minutes for non-Director accounts), thus "tricking" YouTube into believing that the file's bitrate was much lower than it actually was. Although load times significantly increased for videos, both video and sound quality was notably better than in comparable videos uploaded without the method. However, on February 4, 2008, following a maintenance period, YouTube took countermeasures against this method, and it is now impossible to upload high-quality videos[45]. This had no effect on any high-quality videos already uploaded to YouTube. Political candidates for the 2008 U.S. Presidential election have been using YouTube as an outlet for advertising their candidacies. Voters can view candidate statements and make videos supporting (or opposing) presidential candidates (e.g., videos for Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden).[12] [13] Third Party presidential candidates have also made extensive use of YouTube. Libertarian Steve Kubby's campaign debuted a short animated film, featuring the faces and voices of campaign contributors who financed its production, on YouTube on September 29th, 2007.[14] The U.S. media has often commented that YouTube played a significant role in the 2006 defeat of Republican Senator George Allen due to a video clip of him making allegedly racist remarks that was continuously replayed by YouTube viewers during the campaign.[15] [16] [17] [18] [19] Political commentators such as James Kotecki have also joined the YouTube world of politics. Many commentators make videos on YouTube critiquing a presidential candidate's YouTube videos, or simply using YouTube as a medium to get their opinions heard. Recently, French and Italian politicians, such as Antonio Di Pietro, have also been using the site as part of their campaigns. YouTube has also been used by former Australian Prime Minister John Howard in the lead up to the 2007 federal election.
6 Sep 2009
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To download MP3 or Video, just click the link, click download, than scroll down and wait some seconds. Download MP3 (Extended Version): *******tinyurl****/dklt8y Download Video: *******tinyurl****/d575uw Video type is MP4, it can be played in Quick Time and VLC Player. And in Media Player if you donwload a codec pack. Watch in Higher Quality: ***********/watch?v=VWJ9ZJAwSNM&fmt=18 If you like poker, check out my website: *******www.poker006****/ This is a Benny Benassi remix of Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Otherside. I just chopped the song a little and edited a video to suit the track. Just basic editing and turned out better than I thought but once I uploaded to youtube, the video quality didn't turn out so good. Not happy about that but nothing I can really do. The video is "Benny Benassi at energy 2000 festival" playing Illusion. I edited it in Cyberlink Power Director. Time to make: 1 hour. First, I edited the track to Red Hot Chilly Pepper's Video but didn't look great and thought it'll better with Benny Benassi in it. Studio albums * 2003 Hypnotica, as Benny Benassi Presents the Biz * 2004 Pumphonia, as Benassi Bros. * 2005 ...Phobia, as Benassi Bros. * 2008 Rock 'n' Rave, as Benny Benassi Remix albums * 2004 Re-Sfaction, as DJ Benny Benassi * 2006 Re-Sfaction 2, as DJ Benny Benassi Greatest Hits albums * 2005 Best of Benassi Bros., as Benassi Bros. * 2006 Best of Benassi Bros., as Benassi Bros. * 2006 Best of Benny Benassi, as Benny Benassi * 2007 The Best of Benny Benassi, as Benny Benassi Compilation albums * 2003 DJ Set 1, as Benny Benassi * 2004 Subliminal Sessions 6, as Benny Benassi * 2005 The Gallery: Live Sessions, as Benny Benassi (with Tall Paul) * 2005 Cooking for Pump-Kin: Phase One, as Benny Benassi * 2007 Cooking for Pump-Kin: Special Menu, as Benny Benassi Singles Benny Benassi * 2002 "Satisfaction" (with The Biz) * 2002 "Able to Love" (with Dhany) * 2003 "No Matter What You Do" (with The Biz) * 2004 "Love Is Gonna Save Us" (with The Biz) * 2005 "Stop Go" (with The Biz) * 2006 "Who's Your Daddy?" (with Naan) * 2008 "I Am Not Drunk" * 2008 "Come Fly Away" (with Channing) * 2008 "I'm a DJ" (with David Bowie) * 2008 "Still Alive (Remix)" (Mirror's Edge Soundtrack) Benassi Brothers * 2002 "Don't Touch Too Much" (with Paul French) * 2003 "I Love My Sex" (with Violeta) * 2003 "Illusion" (with Sandy) * 2004 "Hit My Heart" (with Dhany) * 2004 "Make Me Feel" (with Dhany) * 2004 "Memory of Love" (with Paul French) * 2005 "Every Single Day" (with Dhany) * 2005 "Rocket in the Sky" (with Dhany) * 2006 "Feel Alive" (with Sandy) Benny B./Benny Bee * 1992 "The Logical Song" (with David Srb, Enzo Persuader and Marchino Moratori) * 1998 "Stone Fox Chase/Funky Harmonica" * 1998 "Life Is Life" (with Larry Pignagnoli and Kevin Etienne) * 1999 "Waiting For You" (with Jennifer Bersola) * 2000 "Free World" (with Dhany) KMC * 1995 "Somebody To Touch Me" (with Dhany, Davide Riva and Larry Pignagnoli) * 1996 "Street Life" (with Dhany, Davide Riva and Larry Pignagnoli) * 2001 "I Feel So Fine" (with Dhany, Davide Riva and Larry Pignagnoli) * 2001 "Get Better" (with Sandy) Other aliases * 2000 "You'll Take Someone", as Blue Storm (with Igor Favretto and Nullo Cugini) * 2002 "Run To Me", as AL.BEN (with Dhany) * 2004 "I Want You To Come", as Bat67 * 2005 "Who's Knockin'?", as FB (with Ferry Corsten and Edun) Producer/Instrumentalist/Lyricist * 1996 J.K. - "Sweet Lady Night" * 2000 Dhany - "Shut Up" * 2005 Sandy Chambers - "Give It Time" * 2006 Dhany - "Miles Of Love" * 2007 Dhany - "Let It Go" Remixes * Britney Spears - "Womanizer" * Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown - "No Air" * Faithless - "Bombs" * Underdog Project - "Girls of Summer" * Oakenfold ft. Pharrell - "Sex 'N' Money" * Infadels - "Jagger 67" * David Guetta - "In love with myself" * The Bravery - "Unconditional" * Moby - "Beautiful" * Goldfrapp - "Ooh La La" * Fischerspooner - "Never Win" * Etienne de Crécy - "Someone like you" * Felix da Housecat - "Ready 2 wear" * Robbie Rivera - "Funk a faction" * Goldfrapp - "Strict Machine" * Outkast - "Ghettomusick" * Electric Six - "Dance commander" * Tomcraft - "Loneliness" * Alizée - "J'ai pas vingt ans (I'm Not Twenty)" * Sonique - "I'm alive" * Ann Lee - "No no no" * In-Grid - "Tu es Foutu (You Promised Me)" * In-Grid - "In-tango" * Gambafreaks - "Natural Woman" * Jean Michel Jarre - "Téo & Téa " * FOX TV - "24: The Soundtrack" * Public Enemy - "Bring The Noise" Music videos
6 Sep 2009
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Using a FREEWARE APP called Romeo and Bluetooth, you can control applications like PowerPoint, VLC, System functions, of course Front Row, and much more with plugins. I am using a Sony Ericsson T610.
7 Sep 2009
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TOM & JERRY - DUCK DOCTOR download this video & run in VLC player if it not run in you tube player. get free mp3 only at:-we have the Different *******freemp3place.blogspot****/
25 Nov 2009
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You just can't impress Allison Blake. (FARGO!!) EDIT// 02/08/08: Because the tube totally screwed up the proportions, there's a large version uploaded here (45mo): *******www.megaupload****/fr/?d=BYHA3FTC View with VLC for non-horrible 4:3.
28 Nov 2009
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HD Video Mirrors: *******www.mediafire****/?zjoimnyw0yv *******www.megaupload****/?d=SV2QAPCU (need VLC or proper codecs to play) Sorry I had to swap audio... . . . . cs nuvoid spam spots de_inferno nuvo1d shizz wallbang hacks hax counter-strike 1.6
8 Dec 2009
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Antenna - Compro Vista E900F - H264+HE-AAC (1080i) - VLC media player - H264+AAC (1080i) - AviSynth - VirtualDub+NanDub - Divx+Mp3 (720p) - Youtube
20 Dec 2009
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BBC broadcast 6 songs in 1080i HD a month back and I downloaded the torrent from Dime. I didn't know how to convert it from it's TS file to a YouTube ready video, but finally got around to it this week. I hope that the BBC will let this video remain up, and someday broadcast the whole concert :). I will make the decision to rename my other videos from "HD" to either "SD" or "DVD" soon, to save confusion as to what quality the video really is. Track Listing ---------------- Creep The National Anthem 15 Step 2+2=5 Paranoid Android Everything In Its Right Place Torrent download (requires Dimeadozen registration). It is NOT A DVD, but a TS file, which can be watched via VLC Media Player. *******www.dimeadozen****/torrents-details.php?id=269328
14 Feb 2010
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Made aug 2005. My name is Kyriel Doku of the Everfrost Server. Due to some unfortunate bills and all that yada yada in Real Life, I had no money to pay for eq2! I was pretty bummed out because although the game is very bugged out and SOE is not very customer support happy... I still made a lot of good friends and have had some great memories.My original plan was to just quit the game all together. My bested buddy in the whole norrath world was pretty sad (at least i think he was! lol) and well, we shared an apartment in qeynos harbor at the time, we transferred all our house items to his alt's house so he could keep everything. Well, this wonderful buddy of mine also sent me the gift of game time [not you merick, but i do remember ur gift too!]But anyways, I made this video i believe in the span of 2 or 3 days working all day long on it. During the time that I was capturing footage, you will notice the majority of the footage is in qeynos harbor. This is because I recorded a lot of the footage on the very last day before my account cancelled. Then I continued to edit while I couldn't log on.I was pretty sad, and this video means a lot to me. Even though a lot of people say "This is just a game", it is still real people, real voices, real emotions and real fun. But anyways, Like i said my bestest bud sent me the free game and now I am still playing EQ2, still with my friends so... I'm not quite sayign goodbye anymore, but showing off my video, because in my opinion and a few others, i beleive this video is good. The name of the video is "Leaving on a Griffon" to the tune "Leaving on a jet plane"The quality has been reduced to fit in 10mb so at times it might not LOOK very nice. It is also in WMV format, best viewed in Windows Media Player, but also works in stuff like VLC player (just a little darker tho) Credit is given to all in the video, including the folks from SOE.I would also like to give a public thanks to Lexxina the guild leader of my EQ2 Family Heroes-Fate for hosting my video allowing all of you to watch. And, I want to thank Shide, for making my adverdisement signiture, as that is what probably brought you to this thread, unless you read the Fan Art forums Thanks again shide, its awsome
22 Mar 2010
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