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more at: *******learnkpopdance****/ copyright of JYP. for dance learning purposes! lol it took me almost 2h to download this from suzys me2day (i guess its only normal speed if ur in korea) but i didnt wanna use the slightly lower quality version on utube :D and first time the beginning isnt mirrored, 2nd time its all mirrored. download: *******www.mediafire****/?mc51m9y5yux3mqu use VLC player if u wanna slow it down
8 Nov 2011
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go to *******learnkpopdance****/ to learn more kpop dances! new full version: ***********/watch?v=csGqCLHrr14 so.. what did i do (other than writing on it and making it fake-HD - cant be bothered with custom resolutions)? audio-cutting! i hate it when practice videos have shitty background audio, but.. they a different (older?) version of the song which is about 20 seconds shorter than the album version, so i had to cut it in 5 places. i tried my best and hope its not too noticeable. copyright of sment, original: ***********/watch?v=ovztfpWPo5M for learning purposes only! download: *******www.mediafire****/?ffgiq7kb12w0sa9 please use VLC player if you want to slow it: *******www.videolan****/vlc/ a list of all my mirrored shinee dances: replay dance mv: ***********/watch?v=WlvMciyh3bE replay camwhoring ver: ***********/watch?v=9dWrmeqbINs replay live ver: ***********/watch?v=ldKUOAvtbyI love like oxygen: ***********/watch?v=l6Cs_1-kVD0 amigo: ***********/watch?v=VQ2IqL9P8cM juliette: ***********/watch?v=xnCH8K3tZwg ring ding dong: ***********/watch?v=qQJSdkP9HWI ringdingdong taemin ver: ***********/watch?v=LhxHGaCmws0 jojo: ***********/watch?v=X4vl2d42vhk jojo taem ver: ***********/watch?v=0QDGsCT0Ayw lucifer practice ver: ***********/watch?v=0JEhBdAr6f4 lucifer full ver: ***********/watch?v=5WNfK77yA64 lucifer taem ver: ***********/watch?v=iiIlIrV19vU hello: ***********/watch?v=qFFockslM-Y hello fancam ver: ***********/watch?v=KII7Cv1LPTU
17 Nov 2011
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more at: *******learnkpopdance****/ for dance learning purposes only. How Dare You mirrored live dance compilation + tutorial: ***********/watch?v=SCzZnJYUxP0 download: *******www.mediafire****/?iq8ypjcx0b6z1cb use VLC player to slow it by how many times u want.. I changed the audio from the practice room background, but since I couldn't be bothered to figure out what's different with this version of Over, I changed the audio of that to the live version with the same length.. mirrored Shady Girl: ***********/watch?v=Ug0Cvi3RCFM
6 Dec 2011
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more at: *******learnkpopdance****/ copyright of Cube Ent. for dance learning purposes only. HD mirrored performance compilation: ***********/watch?v=1QRmtPBAo3M download: *******www.mediafire****/?75t5ngn2iob2p4d use VLC player if u wanna slow it down
25 Dec 2011
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learn more T-ara dances: *******learnkpopdance****/t-ara/ for dance learning purposes only. removed some closeups cuz a large part of the song/dance was repeated twice in the mv with different shots.. but damn its flashy, soooo many cuts, i almost got a headache watching it. also the mv keeps bein goin from synced to up to 1/3 of a second out of sync between frames, annoying. if ur editing a real mv u shood at least know how to sync stuff. download: *******www.mediafire****/?853cn55ca7821cg use VLC player if u wanna slow it down
14 Jan 2012
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learn more 2NE1 dances: *******learnkpopdance****/2ne1/ copyright of YG Entertainment. for dance learning purposes only. original: ***********/watch?v=fl19JYqW6MI download: *******www.mediafire****/?mfyvd44g6i371qa use VLC player to slow it down
20 Jan 2012
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learn more snsd dances: *******learnkpopdance****/girls-generation/ for dance learning purposes only. copyright of SM Entertainment & co. Monmon fixed the colors, and changed the audio, which I in return changed to the album version... and I mirrored it of course. To celebrate A LOT of views I added subs. Trans mostly by me, tho it's not 100% correct cuz some parts simply make no sense in the world ever. And it's so obvious that this was originally an English song, even the choreo was made after that, but then they failtranslated it into Korean (I hear them sing down down down and they go down but actually it's sposed to be da da da - all all all, and they sing no no no and do fitting handmoves but in Korean it's you you you) download: *******www.mediafire****/?g7982i3ajpm599c slow it as much as you like with VLC player: *******www.videolan****/vlc/
6 Feb 2012
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Piolo and Sam on a very ordinary day of manny Pacquiao and Oscar Dela hoya bout. Location is somewhere in US during the "Love me Again" tour. Stare closely at how Piolo made those remarkable reactions. Isnt that one of the 7 signs of know! I'll leave it up to you to judge.! Download the famous Piolo pascual sex video here ******* The Annotations on this video is purely satirical and was intended for comical fun. Persons involved are celebrities with their off cam reactions/emotions (apparantly there is a cam involved). We honestly love Piolo and will still adore him even if they come out of their closet like what Mark Feehily of Westlife, Lance bass of NSync, and Adam Lambert of 2009 American Idol finalist did. Piolo Pascual official website is available here *******www.piolojosepascual****/gallery/index.php Piolo has a new commercial airing for Bench Overhauled jeans, support him by purchasing/patronizing the product.... Obviously the cam owner is one of their crew, I wonder if he/she still works for them. Latest Diggs! more videos! Katrina Halili and Hayden kho *******hotfile****/links/5879759/132ecda/Katrina_and_hayden.flv.html Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho *******hotfile****/links/5873899/5ed18a2/Maricar_Reyes_and_Hayden_Kho.flv.html The above videos plays only on VLC player or if you have an FLV codec. codec to play video above is avail at *******www***decguide****/download_k-lite_codec_pack_full.htm
21 Apr 2012
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On Nick's Avatar facebook page they've posted "Hi everyone, we're having some technical difficulties with the speed of the trailer and are taking it down. We'll be posting the correct version later tonight. Thanks!", so ripped once again... here is the correct 1:43min trailer. MP4 available for download: *******www.mediafire****/?4ed4c868ewdavzc (Best viewed with VLC Player) MP3 of trailer audio: *******www.mediafire****/?cbj8ra224mju5bf Here it is! The official trailer released at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con! Highest resolution Nickelodeon had on their servers! ;)
21 May 2012
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1 Scene - VLC Player + Site - ***********/user/CheekyTubeTV (NUDE DOWNLOAD) *******rapidshare****/files/282098334/TNA10.mpg
24 May 2012
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Cookin' Bananas son: Mucho Muchacho y Cookin' Soul Booking: bookcookinbananas gmail**** descarga el mp3 gratis en *******www.CookinSoul**** * Cookin' Bananas - "Aqui te pillo aqui temazo" REMIX Con Juan Solo, Tote King, Lirico y Mbaka * Video grabado y editado por LPGprod *******www.lpgprod**** con la colaboración de Impe Corp y Dear prods. * Las tomas de Cookin' Soul, Mucho Muchacho y Mbaka en directo corresponden al festival RAP EN VLC en Sala La 3 Valencia, Noviembre 2011. Las escenas con Juan Solo, Tote King y Lírico fueron grabadas en Valencia. * "Aqui te pillo aqui temazo" original: ***********/watch?v=Fzzo-zz7Jjg&feature=related
22 Jun 2012
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learn more kpop dances: *******learnkpopdance****/ for dance learning purposes only. copyright of starship entertainment & co. see.. the practice video came! just as i predicted! :D (sistar19s practice also came on a thursday after their comeback stages...) im not surely how much sense the intro makes but thats the song from them that i actually do like so i tried to do something... :D download: *******www.mediafire****/?1lzb8t9pm46tn4y use VLC player if u wanna slow it down
24 Aug 2012
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Claims of being the "ultimate" may be a bit premature for UMPlayer, but it's a solid, focused alternative to VLC.
31 Aug 2012
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Note: In order to create an Apple ID, you need not to have any apple device such as iPhone, iPod or iPad. 1. Open iTunes (Start - All Programs - iTunes - iTunes) 2. Move to iTunes Store 3. Search for a free apps from the search box (vlc) 4. Click on the free button near the apps 5. In the popup dialog box, click on the Create New Account button 6. In the next screen click on continue button 7. In the next screen, check the agreement check box and click on the continue button 8. Enter your Email ID 9. Enter a password (Should be 8 or more characters and should have at least one capital letter in it) 10. Type the same password again to verify it. 11. Select a question, it is useful in case you forget your password 12. Type the answer for the above question (You should remember this answer) 13. Select your date of birth 14. If you want to receive mails from Apple regarding products then you leave the check box checked else uncheck it. 15. Click on the continue button 16. In the next screen select the payment option NONE (For free account) 17. Enter your address and click on continue (Apple sends a mail to your email account to verify the email address) 18. Next open your Email account 19. Click on the mail sent by Apple with the subject "iTunes Store Account Verification" 20. Check the link "Verify Now" 21. It will take you to the Apple ID verification page, there type your Email ID and password and click on Verify Address button 22. Open up iTunes and look for any free app (VLC) and click on the Free button 23. In the new windows enter the Apple id and the password and click on the Get button 24. To authorize your Apple ID to the iTunes go to Store -- Authorize This Computer 25. Enter the username and password after that click on the Authorize button
4 Oct 2012
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this video will show you how to make a video step by step in the Windows Movie Maker software. HELP: To export a video to upload to Youtube, you need the right file type, you cannot upload a WMM file type, you need to export it. To do that, Open up the project file in Windows Movie Maker, then press Ctrl + P or go to File - Export Project... then save it to my computer and then follow the steps. Then open up the file with the .wmv file type and it should play in VLC or be up-loadable to Youtube. Thanks. Also, some filetypes are not supported in WMM. The supported formats are found ***********/kb/308464 Video files: .asf, .avi, .wmv Movie files: MPEG1, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2 Audio files: .wav, .snd, .au, .aif, .aifc, .aiff Windows Media files: .asf, .wm, .wma, .wmv Still images: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif MP3 format audio: .mp3 If your file is not one of these supported types, try using a free converter either by download or software. Just search 'media converter' in Google.
26 Oct 2012
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แยกเสียงร้องได้*ห้ามนำไปจำหน่าย*เสียงภาพอาจจะไม่เนียนเพราะทำขึ้นเอง*วิธีเปิด MV คาราโอเกะจาก GOM Player และ VLC media player สำหรับท่านที่ไม่รู้จะแยกเสียงยังไง ตามลิ้ง ***********/watch?v=nXLtymVAcpw&
17 Dec 2012
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