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A beautiful gift for your love COMO FOI LINDO AULO ALVARENGA
16 Mar 2017
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In this segment of Amsterdam's secrets of the city, we investigate the Marine Park along with Pension Homeland, and get to see a different perspective of the Oosterdok in this historic area once owned by the VOC and the Navy. Some interesting points of interest, alternative part of the city with some hidden features. This is part four of five shorts regarding the amazing Oosterdok. Join me on YouTube as Simon Amsterdam, or on Instagram as Amsterdam Report. Hope you like my video, comment and subscribe for more.
23 Feb 2017
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Join me as I continue my walk round the Oosterdok and in this small segment we see the Van Gogh house, The Scheepvaart Museum and the VOC Ship Amsterdam. Take a look at the Ship museum dock and the NEMO rooftop. We complete the loop back to central station by checking out the unique houseboat village and the Schrierstoren/Little Venice of Amsterdam. It's a fun series of five mini episodes, join me for a revealing walk round the Oosterdock to see a different side of the city, off the beaten path and revealing more hidden features and secrets of the city. Join me also on facebook as Amsterdam Report. Instagram as Amsterdam Report, and YouTube as Simon Amsterdam for more secrets of the city. Please like, support, comment, subscribe for more, and if you like, there are more films to come on a lot of interesting places and stories of Amsterdam.
23 Feb 2017
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1:25 One way we've made our work environment here at Clean Air Gardening more pleasant is buy painting our walls with No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint. This paint doesn't emit any fumes, ever, improving air quality.
28 Feb 2008
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0:56 Along with No VOC (volatile organic compound) walls, No VOC flooring is a green building feature we've employed here at CAG. Instead of installing flooring, we simply sealed our concrete floors with No VOC sealant.
25 Apr 2008
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Amazing new paint additive product for latex and oil paint that eliminates VOC emissions. Green Friendly Cure X Plss
7 Jun 2008
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Quando Voc
31 Oct 2008
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Street Shoe 275 is a tough and beautiful, low VOC, water-based hardwood floor finish made by Basic Coatings and available for the lowest price at
5 Oct 2010
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Shopping for “green” finish for pine can be tricky. For that I blame the labels on cans, where the terminology can be complicated and even down-right misleading. Unfortunately, finishing a piece of wood is nearly impossible to do without getting some exposure to VOCs and a variety of other chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our health. The challenge, then, becomes one of choosing a finish made with the least amount of hazardous chemicals, but still effective in creating a durable finish.
14 Mar 2012
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PRACTICE DEMO 1 IN E MINOR improve your guitar you have learnt LEFT-HAND guitar chords NOW so teach lefthand to write with a pen too like the chords it LEFTHAND> HARD gets FAST easy to brilliant RM1X KEYBOAD SEQUENCER REMIXER 7 TRAK 3 INSTRUMENT 2 RAIN 2 THUNDER 9 TRACKS FREE
13 May 2007
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American Idol, Season 8 January 14, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, vocal tips suggestions and training for singers: Kara Dioguardi, Brian Hettler, Von Smith, Jessica Furney, Jamar Rogers, Dennis Brigham, Daniel Gokey, Andrew Lang, Anoop Desai, Matt Breitzke, Lil Rounds, Dot Todman, Los Angeles, singing lessons, Vocal training, Ashley Anderson, Casey Carlson, Billy Vinson, Chris JOnes, Deandre Hopkins, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", Michael Castro, Matt Breitzke, Asia McClain, India Morrison, Daniel Gokey, Andrew Lang, Asa Barnes, Michael Nicewonder, Dennis Brigham, and more in Kansas City, Missouri. For more videos go to website -
18 Jan 2009
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Pimping my volvo
26 Mar 2009
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No comment any form of attention is a waste of time & money. Hence this cutclip voodoomusic celebration by The Laughing Rapper Whisk (Vliegenmepper) Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Feb 2010
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London Olympic Rap Melodique: Say Hello ! Roy Louis Version, Vocals : DENNIS LEGREE. Yet another mile on THE OLYMPIC MUSIC MARATHON. Roy Louis and Band has come up with an excellent version of the London Olympic Song SAY HELLO 2 YOUR GLOBAL VILLAGE. Clear Vocals and intonation by Dennis Legree from USA make this version unique. Come, take a walk with us on the next mile of THE OLYMPIC MUSIC MARATHON. THE OLYMPIC MUSIC MARATHON is a non-profit, non-commercial project. The concept is to deliver The OLYMPIC SONG / HYMN Celebrate Humanity in more than a hundred variations from different musicians from across the world. It’s about the true spirit and the basic tenets of the ancient Olympic Games that had it’s origin in Greece. The Olympic Song / Hymn ( Music and Lyrics ) has been created by the Winner of the THOMAS GOTTSCHALK JURY AWARD. If you are to ask Thomas who ?, well, he’s the TV-Show-Host. A German TV-Star. He is the Star who makes Stars ! Check it out on Google ! Roy Louis Band Roy Louis, CuraCao : Arrangement, Production, Bass, Guitars. Roy, an alumni of Berkely College of Music, Boston is a Musician, Arranger, Director, Producer, Bassist, Guitarist with a great creative track record. Elmer Louis, CuraCao : Percussion Roy’s brother Elmer is also an alumni of Berkely College of Music, Boston. Elmer is an extraordinary artist on percussion. Francesco Morales, Venezuela : Piano / Keyboards, Co-Production , Sound Engineering Vadim Caron, Ukraine : Sound Engineering Support Recorded at : NightStage World Music Media, Cologne COPYRIGHT Lyrics & Music : Lucius Alberts
30 May 2011
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6 Sep 2011
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11 Dec 2012
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