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*******www.cleanairgardening**** One way we've made our work environment here at Clean Air Gardening more pleasant is buy painting our walls with No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint. This paint doesn't emit any fumes, ever, improving air quality.
28 Feb 2008
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*******www.cleanairgardening****/ Along with No VOC (volatile organic compound) walls, No VOC flooring is a green building feature we've employed here at CAG. Instead of installing flooring, we simply sealed our concrete floors with No VOC sealant.
25 Apr 2008
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Street Shoe 275 is a tough and beautiful, low VOC, water-based hardwood floor finish made by Basic Coatings and available for the lowest price at *******www.floormechanics****/
5 Oct 2010
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Shopping for “green” finish for pine can be tricky. For that I blame the labels on cans, where the terminology can be complicated and even down-right misleading. Unfortunately, finishing a piece of wood is nearly impossible to do without getting some exposure to VOCs and a variety of other chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our health. The challenge, then, becomes one of choosing a finish made with the least amount of hazardous chemicals, but still effective in creating a durable finish.
14 Mar 2012
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6 Sep 2011
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Amazing new paint additive product for latex and oil paint that eliminates VOC emissions. Green Friendly Cure X Plss
7 Jun 2008
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