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Find us for Brazilian Portuguese Voice Overs Artists. You can choose your favorite voice over artists at affordable prices. We work with a studio that is equipped with professional equipment and software for editing & synchronization. For more information feel free to get in touch with us.
28 Apr 2017
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Dragonball Z featuring the Pulp Fiction in crazy and funny voice over.
11 Apr 2006
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Ever wonder what the guy who does all the movie trailer voice overs looks like? Now you know, Dateline did an exclusive on him. He makes some serious money.
27 Jul 2006
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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Cashman of Cashman Commercials as he discusses "Finding The Music in Copy". By taking a musical approach to copy you'll have a better understanding of the music hidden in scripts.
8 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Julie Williams of Voice-overs**** as she explores "Coloring Words". By learning how to color your words you'll be able to authentically sell a product or service with your voice.
8 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Bob Bergen as he guides you on "Preparing to Record a Commercial Voice Over Demo". Learn how to choose materials, build in variety, and promote your commercial voice over demo once it has been produced.
9 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Debbie Munro as she explores "Tips and Tricks for Auditioning". Debbie encourages you to use each audition as an opportunity and to have fun while you practice.
9 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Bettye Zoller as she discusses "Making the Most of Your Message". Bettye reminds us that the voice over biz is about more than just having a great voice, it's about branding, marketing and serving your clients.
11 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Joan Baker with guest Rudy Gaskins as they discuss "The Myth of Rejection". Discover a new philosophy on how you can regard auditions, react positively to rejection, and embrace each audition as a learning experience and opportunity for growth.
21 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Graue as he shares "How To Make an A-List Demo". Find out what happens behind closed studio doors and get the cold hard facts on what matters, what doesn't and how to grab the attention of prospective clients.
25 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Deborah Sale Butler as she teaches you how to "Sounding Clean While Speaking Naturally". Deborah enlightens us on how to become aware of your speech, discover how it affects your voice over career, and learn how to acquire a range of speech skills.
31 Jul 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Rodney Saulsberry as he teaches you how to "Promote Yourself: Voice Over Strategies". As instructed in Rodney's book "You Can Bank on Your Voice", learn how to advertise yourself with the saturation method and get your name on the client's brain.
15 Aug 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Elaine Clark as she lectures on "Acting In The White Spaces". The script is the roadmap for the actor to navigate. Learn how read the words and act in the white spaces that connect the words, sentences and paragraphs to tell a cohesive story to connect with your audience.
17 Aug 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert David Bourgeois of Voice Coaches as he talks about "Making Your Art Your Business". As a voice actor, you are a small business owner, a realization that is critical to your success; it's not just about your voice.
21 Aug 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Dan Lenard as he talks about the Basics of Building a Home Recording Studio. Learn how to professionally and economically build your own home recording studio with Master VO straight from his voice over dojo.
9 Oct 2007
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Join expert Julie Williams as she shares the results from a survey that reveals data specific to how clients feel about being approached by voice over talent, where they go to hire voice talent and how often they receive promotional materials.
5 Dec 2007
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