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Kika Tech brings fast communication and interchanging way through massive emoji Keyboard apps, predictive GIFs, trending stickers. Check out the different type of kika emojis keyboard at our website
5 Oct 2017
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samson & gert about pornadiction (its in dutch). samson en gert over pornoverslaving.
16 Oct 2017
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THIS is a full description of the hour and timed not in mans maths but GODS MATHS easily understood the LORD clearly said with his own words that no one knows the hour or the time other then the father not even him only the father knows: next cosmos salvation blessing healing perfection will come about that is the purpose also to why now i been born also as a human being in order to accomplish it and telling you the truth it has come about accomplished already but you all will not know until you all do now to explain this i am just a normal human being you might say how do you know the hour and time then? when JESUS CHRIST said only the father knows well he did not say the father will not reveal it to someone as he did to me to reveal to all just like JESUS CHRIST dwells in out hearts well GOD the trinity dwells in my heart not just his son so the father in my heart revealed it to me to reveal to all I AM 1 WITH THE TRINITY GOD because people miss treated me before not excepting me as a Christian or the work i do been excepted as the word of GOD this is GOD'S way of letting you all know that i am a Christian also a child of GOD like other Christians are and all i do like the work he gives me is off GOD INSPIRED BY HIM. So as then so there is no confusion to the video above when i say things relating to like the father of all is here now i mean GOD is here now dwelling in my heart and singing this song by my voice so when i say things like like GOD will return that is me speaking to back GOD up and he is returned in my heart right here just like actors will play the part of others but i am one with the trinity GOD because the 3 in 1 GOD chose my body to dwell in but i myself am just a person OK
21 Sep 2017
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SMSJOSh is the cheapest Bulk SMS providers in Hyderabad with reliable Gateways and APIs. Promote your brand and services through promotional bulk SMS. Send information through the web based bulk SMS. Use Voice call for invitation purpose. Missed call alerts for business.
23 Sep 2017
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Germany Trade & Invest presents its short film about Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution, the so called Energiewende (energy transition). Voices from science, industry, and politics outline the achievements made so far, next steps, and the opportunities the energy transition offers.
24 Sep 2017
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iPhone X Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice and even a glance. With iPhone X, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future. Available 3 .11 Watch the keynote Watch the film Design and Display It’s all screen. Design and Display Face ID True Depth Camera Dual 12 MP Cameras A 11 Bionic Wireless Charging
26 Sep 2017
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With Integrated Speech Analytics to yield higher revenue conversion and Data Analytics to build recommendation engines for Advisors, Intelenet is setting new benchmarks for travel process transformation. We provide End to End Solution Provider for some of the leading travel companies in the world across all areas of long term relationships as Voice like Telesales, Customer Service, Escalations and Support Helpdesk as well as Data/Back Office Operations like Fulfillment, Contract Loading and F&A.
27 Sep 2017
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Carlos Dias Voice Over - Audio Producer Participation on the International Festival of Ibn Battuta 2nd Edition from 9-12 November 2017 Tangier Morocco
28 Sep 2017
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Brand Explainers is a leading and well established explainer video company giving your brand a story to connect with your audience and a voice to put forth your brand story. We are a one in many video production companies.
5 Oct 2017
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bollywood mimicry by beautiful girl. very wonderful acting and reaction on voice, hindi india
8 Oct 2017
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A choir does drum voices while one man is doing the moves.
14 May 2006
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The most amazing voices in Holliwood.
20 Jun 2006
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