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Amazing Ping Pong volleys.
2 May 2008
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David Bailey of www.thebaileymethod**** demonstrates Tennis Footwork with Professional WTA players. Watch reaction, response and recovery from forehands, backhands, volleys, lobs and serves.
24 Nov 2008
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A beautiful volley from eric cantona to score in the FA cup final.
12 Apr 2008
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Imagenes salteadas del Argentina Open de Beach Volley de los años 98/99 y 99/2000.
4 May 2008
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Phil plays a little shirtless beach volley ball. While the guys do sound check in Sandusky OH. Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Jul 2008
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The dude on the left lost a bunch of volleys at a game of sting ping pong and when he finally won he got his revenge.
20 Jul 2008
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Goal miss after goal miss. These are the worst goal misses in football history. Open goal, shot, miss, awful, misses, header, volley, tap in, clearance, strike. www.champions365****
5 Aug 2008
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amazing ball skills by street fresstylers, freestyle, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Henry. Tricks, headers volleys, skill, keep up. www.champions365****
5 Aug 2008
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While you were catching the Olympic spirit, Michael Cyril Creighton was having his Best Night Ever! Dive in to the best moments from Sunday night television including Big Brother 10, I love Money, Pam: girl on the Loose, and Brooke Knows Best! So grab your volley ball and to the sand because these moments are hot! Olympic hot! Ok, maybe not Olympic hot at all, but pop culture hot at least.
9 Feb 2009
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‘Children of The Pyre’ is a compelling real-life. Self-narrative of 7 extraordinary children who make their living out of the dead at Manikarnika, the busiest cremation ground in India. Tempered by the heat of the pyre, strengthened in the face of adversities, crafted by the volley of abuses, watch these imps weave through the pyres and struggle through disdain to snatch their livelihoods. This film is a terrible saga of exploitation that celebrates the victory of innocence over the most harrowing realities of life.
15 Sep 2008
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Prior to the 2008 games, Hilton Hotels 'Be Hospitable Traveler' program offered a prep course on Chinese Etiquette. Featuring Beach Volley ball athletes Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal.
29 Aug 2008
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How about this for a powerful tennis serve. Some dude doesnt get the call he wanted on the previous volley and ended up serving the ball so hard it exploded on the ground.
1 Sep 2008
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This video is of one that hit my small town of Hermitage. At the time we were hunkering down on the corner of Meek and Elm street at my grandpa’s house in Sharon, PA My cousins team (The Sharon Tigers) Jr. Baseball team had just won the championships and we were over there for the party. It was a long time ago but I remember that the warning came across the screen and for the first time my Grandpa opened the shelter. He was never afraid of nothing, but something he later told us was different about this storm. Well we huddled in there and after a while came back up after the all clear was blown. Then another warning came across and we all went out on the porch. Right about then is when the hail started falling. I remember these things were the size of lumpy volley balls. I ran out to get one, being a kid and all, and my grand father ran out after me and threw me on the porch into the dads hands. He ended up taking a hail stone to the shoulder, but was fine. We road it out in the basement to see the town later destroyed. My dads old blue Dodge Ram van was crushed under ton of hail stones. I still got the local paper from that day, and George Bush Sr. himself is standing right in front of “Mike’s Corner Market”, just down from my grand dad’s house. Later we found the championship banner of my cousin inside his store. That was one hell of a storm. Broke the record for widest I believe, and almost they said because the first E.F. 6 on record.
18 Nov 2010
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Da Zona Volley, il Tg del volley veneto
23 Oct 2008
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The Volley Overhead Drill teaches you two important exercises for your tennis game: 1. Always move forward when hitting a volley. 2. Finish the volley completely before moving back for your overhead shot. Want to learn more? Visit EtcheberryExperience**** and find out how you can benefit from Pat Etcheberry’s tennis training videos.
19 Jan 2009
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Sigla della stagione 2008-09 di Zona Volley Tg
13 Nov 2008
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