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This is a slightly-mad science parody of Blendtec's popular webseries: "Will it Blend?" (*******www.willitblend****/). My take is "Will it Burn?" It asks the question many ask, but with a twist. Which is better, the Mac or the PC? I figure more than enough people tangle with the typical issues regarding that. I wanna see how well they handle high voltage (15,000 volt transformer) and fire!
5 Apr 2007
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Ever want to try some electrical mad-science at home? Be warned, there are some dangers involved. 'Splodey hot-dogs are the least of them. Demo includes both household electricity and a high voltage transformer. If you like it: Digg it!
28 Mar 2007
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How to use an AC adapter to power low voltage electronics. Great for PC fans
1 Jun 2007
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High Voltage
4 Jul 2007
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The best video covering Goku's Transformation to SSJ3 Using Linkin park's High Voltage Re-mix
27 Jul 2007
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The dog days of summer are here! And with them comes an increased use of air conditioners and an increased strain on our already aging power grid. The U.S. has nearly 500,000 miles of transmission lines carrying electricity to consumers. Many of them are more than 50 years old, a concern, as the “design-life” for many of the components – power transformers, circuit breakers, etc. is only 30 to 35 years on average. So what’s being done to make sure the lights stay on? Experts say it’s a combination of building new power plants, improving older ones and using advanced transmission technologies. High voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, for example, allows communities to tap into electricity generated miles and miles away. Case in point – the new Neptune Regional Transmission System takes power generated in Sayreville, New Jersey, transports it underneath the Atlantic Ocean, and ultimately delvers it to a substation 65 miles away on Long Island, so it can be used by residents in more than half a million homes. By taking electricity from sites with a large supply and delivering it efficiently and cheaply to areas with a large demand, experts say we can reduce the likelihood of blackouts. This is especially helpful, they say, in urban areas, which have growing populations and growing power use, but often lack the space needed to build new power plants. Currently, more than a dozen HVDC projects exist in the U.S. Produced for Siemens
24 Aug 2007
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I'll show you how to make one of those cool lightning globes with only $5 worth of parts. Just in time for Halloween!Also known as plasma globes, these work because the high voltage activates the gas inside the globe. Different gases give you different colors.
2 Oct 2007
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wow video dancing to high voltage
9 Oct 2007
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home made high voltage generator with modulabe frequency
2 Jan 2008
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Ann Summers 'hot lingerie' video featuring the electric six song Danger high voltage - very funny!
5 Mar 2008
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You can choose any voltage. You can include a battery even under water!
26 Mar 2008
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These kids are crazy. they play with high voltage wire. Insane
16 Apr 2008
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20 Apr 2008
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A demonstration on the generation of a high voltage spark by a step-up transformer having a 500-turn primary and 23000-turn secondary. The applied voltage is 300V and the generated voltage is ideally 23000/500 x 300V =13.8 kV but it is less practically. Demonstrated by Mustafa Daif with the assistance of Ali Taha and Yosri Idrees. © EduMation****
9 Feb 2009
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The tv/video screen comes alive through the cathode ray tube. For 'Energie!' photographic paper was exposed to an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of approx. 30.000 volts. This photographic paper was then arranged into a sequence and projected as a short film, creating new visual systems of electron organization.
7 Oct 2008
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From a mere technical point of view the TV/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. For ‘Energie!’ an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of 30.000 volts exposes multiple sheets of photographic paper which are then arranged in time to create new visual systems of electron organization. Even though the result is abstract it tells a universal story older than the world itself.
4 Sep 2008
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